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October 25, 2015 3:13 pm

In Final Interview, Egyptian Playwright Says Israel Is Not An Enemy Country

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In the last interview he gave before his death, Egyptian Playwright Ali Salem said that Israel is not an enemy country. Photo: Screenshot.

In the last interview he gave before his death, Egyptian Playwright Ali Salem said that Israel is not an enemy country. Photo: Screenshot.

In a televised interview just days before his death, a renowned Egyptian playwright stressed that Israel is not an enemy state, and expressed hope that his country’s political leadership would cease to be ashamed of the peace treaty signed between the two states, according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Asked whether, under the current circumstances, Israel deserved to be called a friend, Ali Salem responded, “Israel is not an enemy state,” and even if it were truly an “evil nation,” it is not foolish enough to allow a neighboring country, like Egypt, “to be torn to pieces, to become all screwed up, and be ruled by gangs and by ISIS.”

“[Israel] would never allow it,” stated Salem. “A strong Egypt is in Israel’s best interest.”

When presented with the allegation that Israel “welcomes” the Syrian Civil War, Salem responded that the tragedy of the Syrian people is the sole responsibility of the Syrian regime, and not of Israel. In fact, Salem added, “The only Syrians who can get a full 8 hours of sleep every night are the ones living in the Golan Heights,” since Israeli control has protected them from the Assad regime’s “bombs and the killings.”

Salem also pointed to the ancient relationship between the Egyptian and Hebrew peoples, saying that he had never seen another people who loved the Egyptians as much as the Jews.

On Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel he said: “We did not commit a crime [by making peace with Israel.] Anwar Sadat did not commit a crime.”

Pressed by his host on the feasibility of persuading the Egyptian people that Israel is a friend and terror group Hamas an enemy, Salem responded, “Israel does not pose a threat to the national security of Egypt on any level.”

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  • To Peter!
    Forget the past! Europe suffered much from drug addicted Vikings who want to impose hegemony over the Christian world, the Hebrew men and over the Arab world and to day over China. Does the Nordic lands as Norway of to day who does cowardly abuse their own children’s sexually and mentally to become unseen solders in civil cloths recruiting naïve defenseless people worldwide into becoming political activists a problem of the Hebrew men or of the Arab world, or of the Chinese men? No! Get it right! Peter!

  • Only the creative mind knows the truth! Stability and harmony among man comes first to be able to move on in a world of complex toward peace and economical innovation in cooperation with countries of peace and culture as China, India and Israel. Under the new era of the rising Global marked economy which did create space for man to interfere in other countries intern affairs as in Egypt and in China. Those two countries of human culture and civilization did succeed to protect they countries from been brought into chaotic civil war!Only the cultivated mind knows the cause of events and therefore by evidence of culture this article could be born!

  • Peter

    Egypt suffered enough from its needless wars with the Jews. It was criminal to tie the economy, social life, political life and the fortunes of Egypt to war against the Jews. Rightly or wrongly, Egypt joined a pan-Arab effort to destroy the Jewish state when it was formed. The effort failed but Egypt remained hostage to the same stupid policy that, more than anything else, punished the people of Egypt.

    For decades, every failure in Egypt was blamed on the Jews. Egypt is a great country, a leader of the Arab world, of the Muslim world, and of Africa. Egypt needs to realise its potential. That won’t happen by devoting Egypt’s resources to destroying another country, especially one with which we can have normal relations. And, there is increasing awareness in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world that we face real threats from some who wish to impose hegemony over us.

    The Jews don’t want war with Egypt. By every indication, they want good relations. We paid a very high price for fantasies, dreams and delusions.

  • jeremy

    If I was capable of emotion, this would make me – cry.

    I hope he is influential.

    As goes Egypt so go the Arab countries.

    That was the evil of the mideast to begin with, due to oil Britain and therefore its lapdog the US always favored the Gulf, which in 1820 the British armed and made Wahabist against Egypt.

    If there were no Britain, and oil Wahabism would not have won. Without oil Egypt is the main Arab cultural country. But it invented following the oil an offshoot of the British created Gulf Wahabism called the Iqhwan, or Muslim Brotherhood. The British created the Wahabists after the were scared that Ali Mohamed had defeated the Beys of the Mamalouks and all other rivals in Egypt, along with heretical salfi sects.

    see a pattern? Today Europe prefers the salafi terrorist sects still to al-Sisi.

  • Zmira Cohen

    Clearly this Egyptian playwright , the late Mr Ali Salem, was a refined human being.
    May his memory be for a blessing.
    Perhaps the Algemeiner could run a series of articles about his works , so that English speaking readers could become acquainted with his literary contributions , to civilized society.
    Have his plays been translated into English?
    Perhaps there are others like him in Middle East lands, about whom one should be aware & whose works could be popularized.