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October 25, 2015 2:02 pm

Victim of Rock and Stabbing Attack Describes Chilling Confrontation With Terrorists

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Israel Ben-Aharon, who was wounded in a rock and stabbing attack in Gush Etzion on Sunday morning. Photo: Screenshot.

Israel Ben-Aharon, who was wounded in a rock and stabbing attack in Gush Etzion on Sunday morning. Photo: Screenshot.

The Israeli wounded in a rock-throwing and stabbing attack in Gush Etzion on Sunday morning recounted his ordeal to reporters from his Jerusalem hospital bed several hours later, the Israeli news website nrg reported.

Israel Ben-Aharon, 58, was brought to the Hadassah Medical Center/Ein Karem in moderate condition, after being treated on the scene by Magen David Adom paramedics for stab wounds to his upper body and blows to his head and face.

Shedding light on partially mistaken details reported earlier in the day by the Hebrew press, Ben-Aharon gave a literal and figurative blow-by-blow of the two-pronged attack, which took place in Gush Etzion, near the settlement of Metzad. Just before 10 a.m., Ben-Aharon was driving towards Metzad, when a tow-truck purposely blocked his way. “Suddenly I saw this terrorist running towards me,” he said, describing the event as best as he could under the circumstances.

And then he threw a rock on my front windshield. So I drove in reverse, but then he came up on my left side and threw a rock right in my face. He then tried to come up to me on the right, so I tried to escape, but I had difficulty doing so. And then he came up and started to stab me. I managed to keep the knife at bay for a moment to try and lift myself up from my seat to reach my gun, and [that’s when] he stabbed me in the chest. I hit him hard on the arm… while cocking [my gun]. I managed to hurt him, and he lay on the ground. I was in shock. My stomach hurt. I didn’t realize he had managed to stab me, but I didn’t want to lose consciousness. Then I saw him lying on the floor, and I shot him twice in the legs so he wouldn’t move.

The attack in question is still being investigated by security services. Two terrorists were purportedly involved, and both fled in the direction of the nearby Arab village of Si’ir. The IDF was looking into whether a Palestinian who was admitted to a Hebron hospital shortly after the attack is the one shot by Ben-Aharon.

Ben-Aharon’s encounter – part of a surge in Palestinian violence over the past several weeks – was followed a few hours later by an incident in which a female terrorist tried to stab a policeman at the Tzalbanit checkpoint in Hebron, near the Cave of the Patriachs. She was shot — and seriously wounded – by troops at the checkpoint, before managing to stab any of them.

Around the same time on Sunday afternoon, a man boarded a bus near Kibbutz Gesher in northern Israel, shouting that he wanted to become a “shahid” (martyr). Alerted to the incident, Tiberias police officers intercepted the bus and arrested the man, who had a knife, a kippah and an Israeli ID card in his possession. An investigation is under way to determine if the card belongs to him or was stolen.

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  • I think that it was during Operation Desert Storm that the commander of the American forces addressed his troops as follows:

    Your enemy believes that when a Moslem dies in battle he is rewarded by the attentions of 72 black-eyed virgins.

    Your task is to get them to meet as often and quickly as possible.

  • I made Aliyah in 1954 and the first time that I worked a nightshift in a kibbutz field I was given a sandwhich in one hand and a Stengun in the other. In 1958 I drilled for oil in Israel within sight of Gaza. We had 12 Israeli soldiers manning two machine guns guarding us.
    Nothing much has changed since then.

    Over the years I became involved in streetfights and attacks, took up shooting, boxing and judo. I learned that men respect confrontation and are not keen to repeat getting a hiding. But that is between normal people, not religious fanatics. I doubt whether one can talk or reason with a Moslem who is hellbent on getting his share of 72 black-eyed virgins, especially if his whole family, society and clergy approve.

  • Good for you, Mr Ben-Aharon … I am praying that all Israelis, when attacked, will keep as cool as you did and emerge from the attacks alive.

  • Tony Trenton

    We are in WW 3 This is not just a local Muslim / Infidel confrontation.

    The fake PA are born and bred to revere Death and Martyrdom instead of Life and Liberty!!!

    Their Mothers who chose Where, When and with whom to be impregnated. Are purposely breeding psychopaths to commit these atrocities and must be held accountable and punished.

    They rejoice at their children’s deaths and the atrocities committed by their Offspring.


    This intafada is supported by the international Arab Muslims around the world

    This is triggered by the imminent loss of their Muslim POTUS.

    When OBummer has left office and cannot intimidate us .

    We will clean house !!!

    The fake PA that Arafat invented 50 years ago. To antagonize Israel into military conflict are running scared.

    They need to start an international incident that will rally the surrounding Arab, Muslim nations before OBummer leaves office.

    They want their predicted ‘WAR of BLOOD’. With their Mahdi leading them to a glorious victory over the Infidels !!!

  • Robert Shorin

    Just because I feel like fighting fire with fire, and demolishing Isis, does not mean that the power of a military retaliation will work. In fact, experience has proven that military action increases hostility and military reaction, back and forth, repetitively, resulting in the weakening and ultimate demise of both sides. Peace can only come about via peaceful means — diplomacy, and the relentless willingness to engage in peace negotiations.

    • Noel Eliscu

      Diplomacy and more talking will only increase the amount of criminal acts. Diplomacy only works from a position of strength.

    • HamanSlayer

      You might be correct, Robert Shorin,(definitely not “right”) but once you are beheaded or stabbed it makes it difficult to exercise diplomacy or to negotiate. It is also difficult to negotiate with someone who has just murdered your wife, or son, or your elderly father — promises to do more of the same, and is lauded as a hero by those with whom you want to make peace.

  • sunith premanand y

    Shalom we are Praying for israel yahrushalem idf Israel must accept as YAHSHUA MESSAIAH.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I live in Ramot Bet, Jerusalem. Ben-Aharoon’s description of his harrowing experience is u like even a nightmare I might have had when I lived in Chicago, the city of my birth. Killings happened there; murders were executed there. Yet unmitigated, raw, steely hatred of the magnitude described in this article I cannot recall in the sixty years I lived in the metropolitan Chicago area. Yes, there was hate there. As a teacher I encountered it addressed even toward me on occasion. Nonetheless, the ugly head of anti-Semitism unleashed at Ben-Aharon is beyond the empirical experience in my life. Davka, it makes me all the more determined to stay my ground in this my homeland.