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October 25, 2015 6:11 am

Washington Post, Huffington Post, New York Times All Whitewash the Genocidal Mufti (VIDEO)

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The Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, meets with Adolf Hitler in 1941. Photo: German Federal Archives via Wikimedia Commons.

The Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, meets with Adolf Hitler in 1941. Photo: German Federal Archives via Wikimedia Commons.

It is sort of amazing.

Twenty-four hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu withdrew his remarks about the Mufti of Jerusalem and clarified them with specific citations of the Mufti’s importance to the Nazi’s efforts to destroy all of European Jewry, major media are ignoring his later statements — and doing so while whitewashing a Jew-hating war criminal.

At the Washington Post, an article by Ishaan Tharoor says that the Mufti had little to do with the Holocaust, and his alliance with Nazi Germany had nothing to do with antisemitism but with his antipathy towards Great Britain:

While a convenient ideological scarecrow, it totally obscures the real forces that drew someone like Husseini into the Nazi orbit around World War II.

At the time, Palestine was under British mandate, a colonial context that Palestinians feared would lead to their dispossession. The British were themselves well aware of Arab grievances in the face of Jewish migration.

…The mufti’s meeting with Hitler was really about Husseini’s own desire to secure national status for his people and be recognized as a future Arab leader.

So simple! Just a convenience. Nothing about the Mufti’s virulent antisemitism, nothing about his role in pogroms against Jews in 1920, 1921 and 1929, nothing about his explicitly antisemitic broadcasts or his role in the deaths of hundreds of Jewish children who would have been able to escape Europe if it wasn’t for the Mufti.

(Tharoor’s bias shines through when he describes the Peel Commission plan, which would have given the Jewish state a tiny, indefensible sliver of land on the coast and in the north, as it “would give the new Jewish state most of the coastline and the country’s most fertile agricultural lands.”)

This is a disgraceful whitewash. But not the only one.

The New York Times wrote a major editorial for Friday’s paper slamming Bibi for his original, flawed speech – and without mentioning his later words on that topic two days previous, for which they have no retort.

The claim by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel that a Palestinian persuaded Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jews of Europe is outrageous.

It is outrageous because the Holocaust is far too terrible a crime to be exploited for political ends, especially in the state linked so closely to the tragedy of the Jewish people. It is outrageous because the only apparent purpose is to demonize the Palestinians and the current leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and to give the impression that their resistance is based solely on a longstanding hatred of the Jews, and not on their occupation by Israel or any other grievance. And it comes at a time of renewed tension in Israel, with a wave of lone-wolf attacks on Jews by knife-wielding Palestinians.

Yet there is a clear line between Haj Amin Husseini’s incitement to kill Jews in the 1920s, based on his lies that Jews were planning to take over the Al Aqsa Mosque, and Mahmoud Abbas’ words last month that the blood of Palestinians to “defend” the Al Aqsa Mosque from the hated Jews with their “filthy feet” was “holy.”

Just as Jews were murdered in the 1920s based on the lies pushed by the Mufti, so are Jews in 2015 being murdered directly because of the lies and incitement by Mahmoud Abbas and others.

The only way to make this line clearer would be to note that Mahmoud Abbas considers the genocidal Mufti to be a hero.

But the only incitement that the NYT can find is not Abbas’ words but rather Netanyahu’s pointing out the nearly perfect analogy between the Mufti and Abbas.

This editorial is knowingly trying to cover up Netanyahu’s main point by disparaging his earlier statement – and by extension, whitewashing the Mufti’s crimes.

The Huffington Post also seized on the Netanyahu speech and the criticism of it without mentioning his later, perfectly accurate comments. Even though that wasn’t the focus of the article – a smarmy putdown of members of Congress who were against Palestinian incitement of the type that the Mufti excelled at – the overall effect is to make the readers think that the Mufti was not nearly as bad as Netanyahu made him out to be.

To criticize Bibi’s speech without mentioning his correction, and without doing a fact check of the Mufti’s crimes, is irresponsible and shows a deep bias on the part of the media.

The Mufti may not have influenced Hitler to murder millions of Jews, but he was an enthusiastic cheerleader for the effort which was consistent with his actions in British Mandate Palestine. And any attempt to downplay that fact is at least as bad as Bibi’s initial accusations were.

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  • Fred

    So, the New York Sturmer is castigating Bibi and becomes an apologist for the Mufti. How droll. The Mufti & Hitler have tea & scones discussing those pesky Jews in Berlin. The Mufti visiting Auschwitz discussing the flower arrangements with Himmler whilst Jews are being gassed.
    The New York Times 1941 discourages the United States to allow entry to Jewish refugees. What Bibi has spoken was the truth a worlds has been complicit to the mass murder of Jews. Is this not enough. Does the New York Time want a continuance in Israel ????

  • Carl

    Even after Netanyahu recanted his original statement, the press continue attacking as if nothing changed. Yet Abbas and his henchmen incite murder and celebrate murderers over and over and over again, with barely a word by the international press. I don’t get it.

  • David Goshen

    There is no mmention of the Mufti’s 2 unsuccessful attempts to carry out a revolt againts the British or Holocast against Jews in Iraq and Iran He was being persued by the British to capture him as a War Criminal.He managed with the assistance of the Italian Embasies in the Middle East to get to Nazi Germany.In Germany he organized units of Muslims to join the SS which were to serve in the execution of the Holocast of Jews in Europe.He used his special relations with Hitler to rather carry ou a Holocast of Jews than allowg them to leave Germany because he feared they would reach Palestine!What more does one nned to know about the Mufti to convince one he had an influence on the execution of the Holocast.

  • Dante

    I hope these newspapers have gone a step too far, far enough tu sue them, like Associated press and Liberatión

  • steven L

    “They” all belong to the Goebbels Media Circus.

  • judith grayson

    the media cleaves to supportive interpretations of every despot, tyrant, fascist which emboldens them still further.the arabs favorite form of communication, the big lie and even little continual lying, is disseminated with extra hugs and their mantras picked up by one source after another. why does the media do this? it’s just easier that way. easier than being a journalist. easier to curse the darkness enveloping the western democracies and bray it’s all the fault of the choos.

  • Hugo Stahlie

    The problem with Netanyahu is that he first makes shocking statements such as the one about the Mufti and about the end of the two state solution before the last general elections and later has to rectify.

  • Edward Paul Campbell

    People will persist in submitting revisionist propaganda for the eyes and ears of the uncritically accepting sheep. Many’s a good theory, or narrative, destroyed by a few inconvenient truths.

  • vic bogan

    These above mentioned are guilty of coverup of the facts that the so called Grand Mufti was in fact a Criminal $as are the British who reinstated this Nazi loving conspirator as Grand Mufti after WW2.

  • I am 73 years old. I had the incalculable advantage of growing up in a house where newspapers were read. Of those, the NYT and the WaPo were known as untrustworthy, with skewed reporting. (If we read anything in them, on any topic, we used to read other papers to see if any of them reported it and how.)Poor HuffPo is very new, but clearly ‘monkey see, monkey do’: pity it chose such very bad examples to imitate.

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    You should be defending BIbi to the utmost degree and not being apologetic for his comments on the Mufti. The current leadership of the Palestinian movement has been very much influenced by the Nazis. If not the early mentoring of the Mufti and his adoration by Abbas and others, we can look to the training of Arafat and others by Otto Skorzeny in Egypt. Mein Kampf is the best selling secular book in the Arab world. Bibi does not have to apologize for anything.

    Hitler would have been happy to have found a home for the Jews anywhere except Israel. Remember the Zanzibar Plan to send 4 million European Jews to the tiny island off Africa’s coast. Cut Bibi some slack and put the hatred of our people where it belongs on the backs of many, not just Hitler. Thus said, it was still Hitler that accepted and performed the Final Solution and should carry 99% of the guilt.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    When Cohen won the Washington Post in a card game and the NY Times was owned by Jews all these Jews were ashamed of being Jews.

    What a shame that Jews have to be ashamed of who they are and what they have accomplished.

    For Shame on your houses.

  • harri

    what percent of these socialist rags are jihadi religion owned?