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October 27, 2015 12:43 pm

Palestinian Media Watchdog: ‘Abbas Should Be Imprisoned for Murder’ (INTERVIEW)

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Memes from Fatah's Facebook page. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Memes from Fatah’s Facebook page. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

The international perception of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is that he is weak and ineffectual, said Itamar Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an organization that researches Palestinian society through its press and educational curricula.

But in fact, “Everyone in [Abbas’] orbit lauds Palestinians who commit violence against Israelis and Jews as heroes,” Marcus told the The Algemeiner on Monday.

Marcus was responding to general questions about “incitement” — a buzzword ringing throughout the Knesset halls and corridors of Capitol Hill – as well as more specific ones pertaining to individual posts on Palestinian social media pages.

As a result of the persistent calls to violence cropping up on social media, Israeli legal group Shurat HaDin on Monday filed a class-action suit in the U.S. against Facebook after garnering some 20,000 signatures from concerned users who were shocked to see violent antisemitism circulating with no regulation.

Marcus brought up the October 3 murder of Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi and Aharon Bennett, in the Old City of Jerusalem, to illustrate the way in which these kinds of stabbing attacks are being encouraged and glorified. Bennett’s wife Adele and their 2-year-old son were also wounded in the assault.

Muhannad Halabi, the perpetrator of the attack, was egged on by Arab passers-by and shop-keepers as he attacked any identifiable Jews. Though Israeli security forces shot him dead in the middle of the lethal attack, he was posthumously rewarded by having a street named after him, being granted an honorary law degree, delivered “holy soil” from the Al-Aqsa Mosque to his burial site, and referred to as a “heroic martyr.”

In spite of what Marcus sees as both tacit approval and formal support from Abbas for deeds such as Halabi’s, the P.A. president nevertheless continues to portray himself as a victim of Israeli aggression.

“His message to the world, in English, is that he wants peace,” said Marcus, whose reports have been used by lawmakers in the U.S. and in Europe to put conditions on Palestinian aid.

Another monitor of the duplicity practiced by the P.A. is the anonymous pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon, who recently exposed “blood libel” cartoons posted to the Facebook pages of self-described U.N. staff (predominantly teachers) during the current wave of Palestinian violence. This week, the website juxtaposed two memes from a Facebook page associated with Abbas’ ruling Fatah party, one in English and one in Arabic, conveying opposite messages.

The English meme, posted on Sunday, shows Abbas with an outstretched hand alongside the headline: “Abbas looking for peace; Israel inciting further violence.” The text below it reads, “President Abbas has made political efforts to try and restore peace. The world can see the efforts made by him and his party with no positive response from Israel. It’s about time the international community gets behind President Abbas in order to resolve this conflict and push for peace in Palestine Jerusalem [sic].”

But the Arabic meme, posted last Friday, depicts a man whose face is covered in the Palestinian headdress throwing a rock along with a photo inlay of a knife-wielding terrorist and the words “Jerusalem’s rage” underneath as a caption.

Elder of Ziyon asks: “Which one do you believe?”

Beliefs aside, given the recent surge in rock-throwing, stabbing and vehicle attacks against Israelis that began in mid-September, it is clear which one more closely reflects the current reality.

Singing completely different tunes in English and Arabic is nothing new to Palestinian leaders, Marcus said, pointing to Abbas’ predecessor, the late PLO chief Yasser Arafat, “who was a master at the tactic.”

“But don’t take my word for it,” said Marcus. “His own bodyguard said as much to the BBC last year.”

Marcus was referring to an April 2014 interview with BBC Arabic Television, in which Arafat’s bodyguard and lifetime loyalist Muhammad Dayeh – who “suckled love for Arafat from my mother’s milk” – described the art of lying for political reasons.

Asked whether he had witnessed this kind of deception first-hand from his boss and idol, Dayeh replied: “Yes. For example, whenever [a terror attack] was carried out in Tel Aviv, Arafat would go out and say [he condemned it] — of course, after being pressured, first and foremost [by Egyptian] President Mubarak. He would call… and tell him: ‘Brother Arafat, go and condemn it; they’ll screw you.’ [Arafat] would tell him: ‘But Mr. President, I have martyrs. [Israel] destroyed us; they massacred us.’ [Mubarak] would tell him: ‘Brother Arafat, go and condemn [it]. They’ll screw you.’ Brother Arafat would go and condemn it in his special way [by announcing]: ‘I am against killing civilians,’ and that wasn’t true.”

The same goes for Abbas, Marcus told The Algemeiner. “We have documented how he and his leadership have continually called for violence and turned killers into heroes – all the while professing Palestinian victimhood. His role in perpetrating the slaughter of innocent people is no different from that of dispatchers on the ground, who physically supply terrorists with weapons and drive them to the scenes of their crimes.”

Abbas “should be imprisoned for murder,” Marcus said.

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  • David Barrett

    Of course he should stand trial ; he is a despicable person, a liar ,probably a thief [ where has all the monies gone?] and talks with a forked tongue! Add to that that he is s Holocaust denier , he IMO is the last person I would wish to negotiate with.
    We know that he will soon be gone – maybe now is the time to force this option and start dealing with it

  • RobiMac

    There are a lot of people in high positions who need to be in prison. Hillary and Barack not even being the least.

  • jack gross

    unfortunately zionists and jews worldwide are up against the (admitted) muslim obama. he has never missed an opportunity to thwart jews and judaism, zion and zionism.
    ok, it’s hard to believe, and harder to bear, when seeing is believing. so see it for yourself right here, and sue me i i have misled anyone. (i assure you i have not).

    now do you see what we’re REALLY up against, and WHY?!

  • DockyWocky

    Mahmoud Abbas has amply proven he is an untrustworthy devil who really should be treated just like the Syrian general who once ran the Syrian A-bomb program.

    Why they keep dealing with this creep is beyond me – maybe because he is predictable and they would rather deal with the devil they know rather than a new devil.

    Regardless, Abbas is never going to do anything that breaks out of the old Arab intransigence mold, so maybe it might possibly do something new if he disappears some day and nobody knows what happened to him.

  • Myron Slater

    I agree, Abbs should be imprisoned for murder. He should not be believed! His only objective, is murder of Jews.

  • Barry

    What would anyone expect from Arafat who had the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini’ as his mentor.
    Only those ignorant of the culture and history would fall for their lies.

  • E PLuribus Wombat

    No, he should be shot on sight as a terrorist.

  • marlene

    Absolutely. And with him in prison should be every leader who fails to hold him accountable for his genocide!

  • G M Ben-Nathan

    It is quite clear that Jews have read very little about Arab culture. Jews and Israelis need to get with it.

    Earliest Western sources (E.A. Finn, Palestine Peasantry: written in the 1850’s, published 1923) describe a culture where lying is endemic. The more important the individual in the culture, the greater the lies he is expected to tell.

    It all seems very strange to us with Western values. But it is true. And nothing has changed in the culture.

    Unfortunate as it is for deal-making of any kind, the culture of lying generally works well for Israel. Why ? The Arabs generally BELIEVE their own lies. And in this, hitherto at least, lies their downfall!

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    Mahmud ‘Abbas should be imprisoned for raising a generation of young people as potential murderers .

  • Remember what the Pakistani president told president Reagan: mulims may lie when it serves their purpose.

  • steven L

    The Western world and Muslims must be reminded that in 1948 850,000 Jews were expelled from their ancestral homes and all their wealth and belonging stolen by Muslims. Many Muslim countries committed ETHNIC CLEANSING, soon after the Western Holocaust, unpunished, and now dare to accuse Israel.
    The hypocritical West and their Muslim lackeys fundamentally lack any ounce of ETHICS.
    Israel has NO lesson to receive from anyone.

  • Historian

    Yes Abbas should be put in prison.
    He is responsible for many Jews and Christians being murdered.
    The illegal Palestinians are animals.

  • Fred

    Taqiya is a powerful word and deed used a lot to dazzle those stupid Western. These devious tactics are swallowed hook line and sinker by the Western media, transposed onto the public is no wonder Israel is demonised. The media is supported by Arab interests so the truth & honesty go by the wayside. Arab deviousness has unfortunately even pervaded the UN turning it into a cesspool of lies & distortions.

  • Carl

    It is remarkable that the world chooses to overlook such obvious duplicity. How is it possible not to see the incitement to violence and glorification of terrorists? Yet so many otherwise intelligent leaders believe ridiculous platitudes of “peace” in English, knowing full well the opposite is being said in Arabic.

  • brenrod

    shouldnt the shopkeepers and passers by who cheered on the murders be executed for collaborating in the anti semitic murder of Jews. It is absurd that jews in israel tolerate the existence of anti semite jew killers in the Jewish homeland. Alll anti semites should be deported whether israeli or not and all who egg on a murder of Jews should be executed.

  • Who Stole the Land of Israel? r1

    Why do the anti-Zionists feel that a thousand-year old claim by Arabs who were never ruled by Palestinian Arabs has legitimacy, while a 1,900-year claim by Jews to the land should be rejected as absurd?

    So let us see if we have this straight. The anti-Zionists claim that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel because before Israel was re-created in 1948, Israel re-assumed its sovereignty on May 15, 1948, but it was reconstituted in 1920 under international law and treaties, with the British as trustee for the Jews to promote Jewish immigration, until the Jews comprise a majority. It had been almost 1,900 years since the last time that the Jewish people exercised sovereignty over the Land of Israel. And the anti-Zionists claim that it is absurd to argue that anyone still has rights to land that was last governed with sovereignty 1,900 years ago. They forget to mention that Jews were always residing in Israel and in varying population census.
    And on what basis do they argue that the Arabs have some legitimate claim to these same lands? On the basis of the claim that the various Arab-Muslims rulers last exercised sovereignty as an occupier over that land 1,000 years ago.

    Are you all with me? 1,900 year-old-claims by the Jews are inadmissible. Thousand-year-old of numerous rulers, that the Arab-Muslim claims trump them and are indisputable.
    Now let us emphasize that even the thousand-year-old Arab claim is not the same thing as a claim on behalf of Palestinian [sic] Arabs. After all, the last time that Palestinian Arabs held sovereignty or control over the lands of “Palestine” was … never. There has never been a Palestinian Arab state in Palestine. Ever.

    It is true that various Arab rulers once exercised its occupation and control over parts or all of historic Palestine – Israel. There were small Nomadic kingdoms in the south of “Palestine” already in late Biblical days, and they were important military and political allies of the Jews, who exercised sovereignty for over 1,000 years back then in the Land of Israel, which extended all the way to Mesopotamia. After the rise of Islam, historic “Palestine” was for a time indeed part of a larger numerous ruling Arab-Muslim kingdoms or caliphate. But that ended in 1071 CE, when Palestine came under the rule of the Seljuk Turks and shortly afterwards by the Crusaders for about 200 years.

    That was the last time Palestine had an Arab-Muslim ruler. After that, it was always ruled by a long series of Ottomans, Mamluks, other Turks, Crusaders, British, and — briefly — French. And in any case, why does the fact that Palestine once was occupied by a larger Arab-Muslim empire make it any more “Arab” than the fact that it also was once part of larger Roman, Greek, Persian, Turkish, or British empires? Now it is true that historic Palestine probably once had a population majority who were Arab Muslims and Christians, but today it has a population majority who are Jews.

    So if population majorities are what determine legitimacy of sovereignty, Israel is at least as legitimate as any other country.
    So why exactly do the anti-Zionists claim that a thousand-year old claim by various Arab-Muslims who were never ruled by Palestinian Arabs has any legitimacy, while a 1,900-year legitimate claim by Jews to its own historical ancestral land should be rejected as absurd, even though the Supreme Allied Powers after WWI had signed a treaty that guaranteed Palestine as the land for the Jewish National Home (The British in violation of international law and treaties reallocated about 80% of Jewish land east of the Jordan River to the new Arab state of Transjordan, which received its independence in 1946). These terms were confirmed by the 1920 treaty of Sevres and Lausanne, including the 1919 Faisal Weitzman Agreement. (The Supreme Allied Powers also allocated over 5 million square miles to the Arabs). These treaties were incorporated by the 52 members of the League of Nations, which set-up the Mandate for Palestine to reconstitute the Jewish sovereignty in the land. After the British abandoned its obligation to the Mandate for Palestine. The United Nations recognized that the terms of the treaty of Jewish majority has been reached and granted Israel sovereignty in 1947?

    The anti-Zionists say it is because the thousand-year-old Arab deceptive claim is more recent than the older legitimate Jewish claim. But if national claims to lands become more legitimate when they are more recent, then surely the most legitimate of all is that of the remaining indigenous Jews of Israel have absolute right to the lands of Israel, also because it is the most recent!

    The other claim by the anti-Zionists is that Jews have no rights to the lands of Israel (historic Palestine) because they moved there from some other places. Now never mind that there was actually always a Jewish habitation living in the lands of Israel even when it was under the sovereignty of Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamluks, Turks, French or British.

    Does the fact that Jews moved to the land of Israel from other places disqualify them from exercising sovereignty there? The claim would be absurd enough even if we were to ignore that fact; that most “Palestinian Arabs” also moved to Palestine from neighboring countries, starting in the late nineteenth century. But more generally, does the fact that peoples that move from one locality to another deprive it of its claims to its legitimate sovereignty in its new abode? Does this fact necessitate the conclusion that they need to pack up and leave, as the anti-Zionists insist?

    If it does, then it goes without saying that the Americans and Canadians must lead the way and show the Israelis the light, by returning all lands that they seized from the Indians and the Mexicans to their original owners and going back to whence they came. For that matter, the Mexicans of Spanish ancestry also need to leave. The Anglo-Saxons, meaning the English, will be invited to turn the British Isles over to their rightful original Celtic and Druid owners, while they return to their own ancestral Saxon homeland in northern Germany and Denmark. The Danes of course will be asked to move aside, in fact to move back to their Norwegian and Swedish homelands, to make room for the returning Anglo-Saxons.

    But that is just a beginning. The Spanish will be called upon to leave the Iberian Peninsula that they wrongfully occupy, and return it to the Celt Iberians. (The Muslims occupied Spain for about 700 years, through the late 1400’s, how come they are not demanding Spain as their land). Similarly the Portuguese occupiers will leave their lands and return them to the Lusitanian’s. The Magyars will go back where they came from and leave Hungary to its true owners. The Australians and New Zealanders obviously will have to end their occupations of lands that do not belong to them. The Thais will leave Thailand. The Bulgarians will return to their Volga homeland and abandon occupied Bulgaria. Anyone speaking Spanish will be expected to end his or her forced occupation of Latin America. It goes without saying that the French will lose almost all their lands to their rightful owners. The Turks will go back to Mongolia and leave Anatolia altogether, returning it to the Greeks. The Germans will go back to Got land. The Italians will return the boot to the Etruscans and Greeks.

    Ah, but that leaves the Arabs. First, all of northern Africa, from Mauritania to Egypt and Sudan, will have to be immediately abandoned by the illegal Arab occupiers and squatters, and returned to their lawful original Berber, Punic, Greek, and Vandal owners. Occupied Syria and Lebanon must be released at once from the cruel occupation of the Arab imperialist aggressors. Iraq must be returned to the Assyrians and Chaldeans. Southern Arabia must be returned to the Abyssinians. The Arabs may retain control of the central portion of the Arabian Peninsula as their homeland. But not the oil fields.

    Oh, and the Palestinian Arabs infiltrators, usurpers and squatters will of course have to return the lands they are illegally and wrongfully occupying, turning them over to their legal and rightful owners, which would of course be the Jews, who are the only remaining indigenous people!

    YJ Draiman