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October 28, 2015 7:34 am

German Intelligence Agencies Sound Alarm Over Islamist Extremism, Antisemitism Entering Country With Flood of Refugees

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German intelligence agencies are worried about refugees who are coming into Germany while harboring antisemitic views. Photo: UN Refugee Agency.

German intelligence agencies are worried about refugees entering Germany who harbor antisemitic views. Photo: UN Refugee Agency.

German intelligence agencies have compiled a report outlining concerns over the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants holding radical anti-Jewish views, the UK’s Daily Mail reported on Monday.

A security document obtained by the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reads, “We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab antisemitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples as well as a different societal and legal understanding.”

According to the document, Germany’s security agencies will “not be in the position to solve these imported security problems” or subsequent reactions from the German public. The agencies fear that the integration of migrants into society “is no longer possible” because so many of them already live in isolated communities across the country.

An estimated 1 million refugees are expected to enter Germany this year, many of whom are fleeing the ongoing bloody civil war in Syria and dangerous conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Daily Mail. The publication also reported a spike in violent incidents at registration centers across Germany while Bloomberg noted that the steady flow of refugees is already straining government agencies and local authorities responsible for housing and caring for them.

The Jerusalem Post quoted a senior security official saying the high influx of immigrants will lead to instability in Germany. The source explained, “Mainstream civil society is radicalizing because the majority don’t want migration and they are being forced by the political elite.” 

Four major security agencies in Germany — the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Federal Intelligence Service, the Federal Police and Federal Criminal Police Office — expressed similar concerns about the flood of immigrants. Additionally, leaders of Germany’s Jewish community met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss their worry about the incoming refugees instigating and inciting to antisemitism, Bloomberg reported.

Representatives of the Central Council of Jews in Germany told Merkel that many refugees “come from countries in which Israel is viewed as the enemy” and that “these prejudices are often projected onto Jews in general,” the chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union party said in a statement Tuesday. While CDU leaders said they would tackle the issue of antisemitism “resolutely,” Merkel warned Germans that they should not expect a quick solution to the problem.

“We can’t flip a switch just like that,” she said at a news conference in Berlin. “We have to proceed step-by-step.”

The chancellor is seeking to persuade Turkey and Western Balkan countries to take in some of the refugees coming to Germany, Bloomberg said.

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  • Hannah

    Well if they’re really concerned why don’t they throw them out instead of taking them in?

  • jeremy

    Why don’t any news sources say this is Obama’s fault?

    If it were any other President in this case Regime, no one would shut up about, all pundits all the time would be taking about it.

    If it were a Republican forget it.

    Obama, and I can prove this, comes form a very specific Euro-style leftist view. Which couches classical superstitious Euro-antisemitism with new left words, that evil freaks like Obama and most of the rest of the leftist world has fallen for.

    And good Christians are our friends.

    Everything Obama has done in his foreign policy is completely informed by this new leftist anti-Semitic world view. Everyone from Brzezinskky to Samantha Powers (both Catholics) and Obama faves, have called for the US attacking and destroying Israel, while for everyone else they are isolationist in the end.

    They see the fact that 50% of the Jews of Israel come from the Pale of Settlement of eastern Europe with even them over 50% Levant DNA, pray in the oldest Semitic language, and the ramaining 50% of their DNA from Southern Europe, the same as the other Byzantine people who ran away after Omar murdered millions because Mohamed had a dream with a woman’s head on a flying horse which decided to hitch for a moment in Jerusalem, though Jerusalem is not mentioned. The other 50% of the Jews in Israel are a part of the disolution of the Ottoman Empire when European Arabist bigots made over 21 Arab countries, didn’t consult the Jewish populations, and all Jews in all 21 of those countries were killed. Also even the other 50%, Poland and Ukraine and Lithuania are only in terms of skin they were never the colonialist group of Europeans the whole antiIsrael narrative is evil beyond compare, and they fought many wars with the Ottoman caliphate such as the Ottoman/Polish and Otttoman/Russian wars. Samantha Power the evil anti-Semite (not an exxaggeration I don’t know of a high level russian or even egyptian official calling on taking over Israel as that truly evil piece of garbage had) comes from a people the Irish more involved with the Eurocentric behaviours of slavery and colonialism as lapdogs of the British, than anyone from the Pale of Settlememnt, I’m sure some leftist Jew will make a new history book bestseller for the masses proving that all things bad Europe had done were actually done from the Jew’s shtetls of triliionaires.
    Hagel too has an obsession with the Jews, another Christian with an obsession with the Jews, and their secret power. as does Obama’s antisemitic superstitious preacher.

    There would not have been an ISIS if Obama didn’t have this euroecentric antisemitism couched in Leftspeak sold by the “victim” minorities as useful idiot, everything Obama has done in his foreign policy has been because of this one foolish group of ideas. Which is now leading to the death of Western European Jewry, for no crime, again, and not just again the millionth again. And is not good for civility Christianity either. But is an actual real, violent death sentence for any humble real, not the new fake jews who have no fear, because they are the biggest antisemites, Jews, who will get murdered in the most barbarric ways in the streetss and are , and the media or world willl nary lift a brow.