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October 28, 2015 1:55 pm

Report: Israel, Russia Coordinating Military Activity Over Syria, Golan Heights

avatar by David Daoud

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Israeli-Russian military coordination in the Golan Heights has reached "advanced levels." PHOTO: Israelis in Russia.

The Israeli and Russian flags. Photo: Israelis in Russia.

The Russian military and Israel Defense Forces are coordinating activities on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, the pro-Western Lebanese daily An-Nahar reported on Tuesday.

The report said this coordination has “reached a very advanced level,” noting that Moscow’s airstrikes near the Israeli border with Syria are the first of their kind since the 1970’s, and possibly the first such operations in the region not hostile to the Jewish state.

This directly contradicts a report in Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency on Tuesday, according to which Russia’s military activity near Syria’s border with Israel constituted a warning to Israel — not coordination.

Determining the veracity of the conflicting reports is relevant in the context of recent meetings held in Moscow between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin — along with senior military officials from both countries — during which the Israeli delegation told its Russian counterparts not to intervene in the event of IDF operations in Syria against Hezbollah or retaliation for fire from regime or rebel forces.

Israel has said that Russia agreed, and that military coordination between them was necessary in order to avoid unwitting aerial clashes.

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  • What the Iranian leaders say is one thing, what the Iranian people in the streets says is another thing! People in the streets of Iran knows their leader political game, the majority of the Iranian people are friendly to Hebrew men. Israel which has growing Russian population knows Russian minds, culture nostalgia. Russians are friend of China; China is a land of cultural peace among man! Russia a great culture with China is the best thing for Israeli the Hebrew men to become a good friend with Iran which will help to create peace in the entire region in the near future in cooperation with Egypt. Egypt a great nation will move on to stabilize friendship between the Arab world and Israel which Israel must make compromise to make peace with the Palestinian people. By doing so! USA will not provoke China!!!! As I said! China is a land of peace! I’m not the only one to say it! If the conflict in the Middle – East becomes worse, for example USA sending ground solders troop to Syria, will be a big mistake as USA did in Iraq and Vietnam! In this case USA is a criminal sabotage of war crimes, as USA was called by their own solders been war criminals been send to Iraq, who did manipulate their own solders send to dead for nothing at all. Russia – Putin was mind attacked by USA – EU – NATO using Ukraine as a cover up had the same experience as Israel – Netanyahu been mind attacked by the USA white House administration under staged fake events play games which became a theater TV news show. Of course Putin and Netanyahu will cooperate not only about Syria back on track to normal life, but cooperate on the security of Israel and Russia which is good for the security of China and the rest of the world where USA must change their politics not to interferes in other counties intern affairs! USA must change their politics because the world did change! War between big nations will solve nothing at all! Just as it did happen in the 2WW where Europe lost their spiritual cultural brightness, whatever will happen, China will remind China! As Russia and the Hebrew men will remind. It is about time for politicians worldwide to move toward peace seen the truth! Putin of Russia is right! Russia is not a country of domination! Russia is a culture which did influence other countries by beauty, as China. China is a beautiful country, by their people minds which will remind beautiful no matter what! There are no killing crimes among man happening in China as it does happen in USA! It is the fact that China is a land of peace! I hope this kind of peace will happen in the Middle East. Peace is achieved by the people who do accept the task of peace! The tack of peace is a difficult one! The task of peace is that men accept life as it is in a beautiful space for hope for better future which is the task of all the people.