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October 28, 2015 9:43 am

Walmart Caves to Arab-American Pressure, Removes IDF Halloween Costume From Racks

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The IDF Halloween costume that was pulled from Walmart stores. Photo: Amazon.com screenshot.

The IDF Halloween costume that was pulled from Walmart stores. Photo: Amazon.com screenshot.

BreakingIsraelNews.com/JNS.org – Under pressure from Arab-American groups and anti-Israel consumers on social media, the giant retail chain Walmart has stopped selling an IDF soldier’s Halloween costume for kids.

Walmart first came under fire for selling the costume IDF uniform, which comes with a toy Uzi gun, on Twitter and the company’s Facebook page. Users claimed that the costume was offensive to Arab Americans and Palestinian Americans and demanded a boycott of Walmart. One customer wrote on Walmart’s website, “Might as well sell a Hitler outfit for children as well!”

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee President Samer Khalaf said in a statement, “The Israeli forces are responsible for the continued death and occupation of the Palestinian people. Such a symbol of fear, violence, and a long history of dispossession should not be used for entertainment purposes.”

Walmart subsequently removed the IDF costume from its stores, but the costume is still available on Amazon.

Additionally, Walmart removed a “Sheikh Fagin” nose that was also criticized by Arab Americans.

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  • Halloween costumes are supposed to describe negative characters and people, why should the Tsahal (IDF) costume be sold amongst costumes of negative characters or people ? It is absurd ! Thank to the anti-israelis to fight against the sell of costumes of Tsahal for Halloween ! For the first time of their sad life, they’re right (even if they do that for the wrong reasons)

    • martin

      would you consider super hero to be negative characters?

  • For the first time of my whole life I 100% agree with anti-Israelis ! Walmart should remove Tsahal costumes ! It sells it for the Halloween event, a day where children wear costumes of vampires, witches, ghosts, killers, psycho monsters, etc… This is not a place for Tsahal… so the Tsahal costumes should be completely removed ! I know names who could fit better to the day : Ma’hmud Abbas, Khaled Meshaal, Ismail ‘Hanieh, Yasser Arafat, the ayatollah Khomeiny, the ayatollah Khamanei, and Barack Obama ! We should ask Walmart to sell their disquises in place of Tsahal ones !

  • shloime

    presumably these “arab-americans” and “palestinian-americans” (who knew there was a difference?) won’t object to “arab terrorist” costumes.

  • jeremy

    It shows how absolute evil they both are.
    First the Muslim Brotherhood front groups: The British uniform represents 300 years of killing Arabs. And you have never lobbied against that. Which also proves this is just anti-Semitism, the whole left-Speak evil antisemitic fraud dies very quickly, and is just hating the worst victims of European persecution.

    Right now American and British supplied jets are being used by Wahabists to clear whole towns in Yemen killing tens of thousands civilians a week, due to their not being Sunni. One bombing raid by a wahabist F16 murdered (ON PURPOSE, THEY ARE CLEARING THE AREA FOR SUNNI RESETTLEMENT) killed 148 children. No one reports it , because the whole world is an antisemitic leftist Jew lie. Saudi Arabia has been stealing non-Sunni land since the 1820s. And built a big racist fence to protect the land it stole from non-Sunnis. Sauudi Arabia long before the British empowered the wahabists, had murdered every last Jew, and Zoroastrian to the last one.

    Walmart: You fell for evil.

    And yes you might as well a Hitler costume, as the nazi advised you. Israel is the army to defend against the worst persecution man had ever seen, that is against the Jews.

    Islam is an early Euroope-like Colonialist enterprise, and they say so. It is called an Ummah.