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October 29, 2015 5:12 pm

British Media Slammed for Failing to Report on Parliament Member’s ‘Jewish Money’ Remarks

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British Member of Parliament Gerald Kaufman. Photo: Wikipedia.

British Member of Parliament Gerald Kaufman. Photo: Wikipedia.

The political correspondent for the UK Jewish Chronicle noted the lack of British media coverage of the antisemitic diatribe elaborated by longtime Manchester Gorton Member of Parliament Sir Gerard Kaufman.

Marcus Dysch wrote on Twitter, “apparently no coverage of an MP’s antisemitic comments outside the Jewish media.”

Kaufman, who is Jewish, came under fire by Jewish groups and some conservatives following comments he made at a Palestine Return Centre meeting on Tuesday, stating that Jewish money, donations and media were behind what he said were the narrow pro-Israel policies of the ruling Conservative party, and accusing Israel of fabricating many of the recent stabbing attacks in which Palestinian assailants were killed.

The comments were published by blogger David Collier, who said he was sickened by both Kaufman’s statements, as well as the antisemitism of supporters who followed Kaufman at the meeting.

One British media outlet that covered the story was The Spectator, which accused the seasoned MP of drawing on “every last trope in the book: a Jewish-controlled media; a wealthy cabal of Jews buying off the political establishment; blood-thirsty Jews jumping at every opportunity to murder the innocent. Some felt that all that was missing was a reference to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

The Spectator called on the newly minted Labor chief Jeremy Corbyn, whose own associations with known antisemites as well as Hamas and Hezbollah have raised a few eyebrows, to condemn Kaufman’s comments and demand his immediate resignation.

The UK-based Palestine Return Centre, which has apparent links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, distanced itself from Kaufman’s remarks. “Sir Gerald said what was on his mind. We did not have any control over what he said. We have often had events with Sir Gerald, but we have never had him saying anything like this. We do not tolerate antisemitism whatsoever,” a PRC spokesperson told the Jewish Chronicle

According to the International Business Times, a Labour spokesperson responded, saying, “The views as reported do not reflect the views of the party.”

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  • jakob wasi

    What a tempest in a teapot. Kaufman has the right to say what did. You know there’s something like freedom of speech. It exists but not when you criticise Israel or have something good to say of Palestinians. Will the ‘Algemeiner’ have the courage to denounce the IDF soldier who threatened to gas Palestinians, and was caught on video saying it?
    For the puffed up breasts Zionists, here’s a little bit of truth…the so-called Irgun freedom fighter Abraham Stern didn’t blink an eyelid in in his admiration of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco. Many may say he’s a hero for his opposition of British rule in Palestine, but he was willing to ally himself with Hitler after ‘krystalnacht’. Hardly a credit for the Jews. And who says Hamas is terrorist, only Israel and the US, the more especially since it stole Zionist and US thunder by being democratically elected by Gazans to form a government. A fact so quickly buried in the gasbag oratory of Netenyahu aand the White House.
    As Kant observed the Zionist rulers have turned into the opposite of what Israel stands for as a democracy, and weighs in emulating authoritarian if not totalitarian dictators. Quote what you like from the Torah but the truth will out. And dump the childish denouncing of poor MP Kaufman

    • HaroldT

      When so many outstanding Jews were murdered by Europe’s Nazi’s, how could G.D allow your parents to survive to give birth to Quisling Jews like you?

  • Jerusalem Observer

    Kaufman should be excomunicatred by his Shul. The United Synagogue St John’s Wood orthodox – he is not כשר!!!

  • Sam Harris

    I have a long time dear friend who is a left wing Jew. Good friend but mentally blocked.

  • jeremy

    He’s doing it to be accepted. The only way you allowed to be a public Jew in Britain is if you are the worst outspoken anti-Semite. That pasty, disgust worthy, schmatta for Jihad, or a billionaire.

    Theyve trickled anti-Semitism down to the left as bad as it was in any other trick, all to abuse power by abusing a small people, as they always had.

  • how can they call the jewish people monkeys. dont they have mirrors to see them self.they are the worst looking people.they look worst than monkeys.

  • duPont

    Personally, I think all people elected to government legislative positions should be mentally tested for degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, dementia, etc. Kaufman is either diseased or in need of a psychiatrist!

  • Herewith reply for you.

    • Dr Z

      It disproves the thinking that all Jews are smart.

  • I thought this might be interesting for you.

    Pauline Benjamin

  • I was interested to read Sir Gerald Kaufman’s letter, because my then late husband, Cyril Benjamin and I met him in the UK on a holiday, where we were staying on the Coast, at the same time as Sir Gerald’s sister, whose name I have forgotten. I remember Sir Gerald was a Labour party supporter, whereas Cyril and I on the contrary were Conservatives. We had several politically motivated arguments due to our differences of opinions. Cyril and I emigrated to Australia, where I live now, on the Gold Coast of Queensland, whereas our daughter Janet lives in New Zealand.

    With kind regards

    Pauline Benjamin

    • jeremy

      So interesting a psychotic anti-Semite lying about the poor among the most persecuted people in human history, so so interesting.

  • June Grant

    It will be interesting to see if Mr. Corbyn does indeed censure Kaufmann for his antisemitic remarks, and how long it takes him to do so.

  • lee balch

    Gerald Kaufman MP Is I am sure a decent kind caring constituency MP. Who in my recolections has never failed to appease his inflated politicians ego. He has by virtue of his birth a unique ability to deride and castigate Israel for the benifit of Israel’s enemy’s The shame is he is championed by the left and paraded by political Islam as a valued token of truth simply by his well worn badge of Jewishness. The fact that the British press did not carry this as a news item is simple and revealing . Firstly any seasoned observer of British politics knows that Gerald Kaufmans virulent anti semitism is not news!Further by not discussing it the press are able to dodge the bullet of the left’s craving for political Islams embrace. Which hopefully will end in the usual train wreck of lefty idealisim meets Political Islam. And the issue of Sharia. Honour killing. and of course the core teachings of Islam ie Jews and christians are the product of Appes and monkeys. Kaufan is irelavant but what he reveals about the left is ilumanating.

  • I’m so very glad & grateful that the world’s Jews have so much money, so much media influence and so much influence that they can skew every country’s perceptions to the favourable to them (& unfavourable to the poor arabs, esp. those in Judea & Samaria). When will Israel begin to exploit all this money, these media & this influence to guarantee a worldview favourable to Jews, Israel & Zionism?

  • Horatio Tremoine

    he/s a KaPo

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Of course he is Jewish! Some of the worst anti-Semites are Jews(as we all know by now).Kaufman has been making anti-Israel statements for years.He and Jeremy Corbyn now make a fine pair in the Labour Party.Corbyn can now point to Kaufman and claim : “See,I am not an anti-Semite – there’s a Jew in my party that agrees with me!”In reality,Kaufman is a washed-out British politician trying to get back into the political limelight by making these ridiculous statements.It goes without saying that it is Kaufman who is “fabricating” stories about Israel and not the other way around.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Only a Jew could cry for Palestine and that’s what makes Kaufman so easy to hate.

    There is a defective gene in these people who won’t fight their haters but embrace them and let them kill them to their heart’s delight.

    If I was in England I would discommunicate this race hater and step over his prostrated body like they did to Spinoza.

  • steven L

    British and western media are all part of the Goebbels Media Circus (GMC).
    Kaufman a typical antisemitic Jew.

  • Isaac Semaya

    Attention Mr. Kaufman. WHO WERE THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED YOUR FELLOW BRITS A FEW YEARS BACK? If you forgot, THEY WERE YOUR COUNTRYMEN WHO WERE MUSLIM. You say that your fellow Jews who live in Israel are responsible got the Arabs KNIFING JEWS IN ISRAEL. When did you start to believe the ARAB LIES???????????? It would be interesting to hear why you wear a shirt that calls for JUSTICE IN PALESTINE. WHAT ABOUST JUSTICE FOR ISRAEL???????????????? It is unfortunate that you like many in Europe believe the LIES being told by the Arabs. It must be that you are one of the people in the world who have started to believe these lies because the Arabs have learned from Hitler. Continue to lie and the public will believe you if you tell the lie over and over again. Mr Kaufman welcome to the NAZI world. Are you saying Kadish for Hitler and the Mufti??????????

  • Accept the Arab Peace Plan of 2002 , and guys like this have no Audience !

  • Mickey Oberman

    Waddaya know! A British Kapo. The lowest of the low.

    Like all Kapos and so many Brits he grovels and stoops to bus the gluteus maximus of his Islamic overlords.

  • Gerald Kaufman. Gertrude Stein. No difference. An antisemitic Jew is an antisemitic Jew is an antisemitic Jew.

  • enufizenuf

    Whenever “Jewish money” is mentioned the remark should be immediately countees by ‘Arab money is 100 times greater.’

  • Ephraim

    The rise of antisemitism in Britain is breathtaking in its evil. That makes the letter, signed by JK Rowling, among many others, all the more significant. Does that letter receive any public support at all?

  • Michael Mayben

    It’s an appalling shame when a Jewish member of Parliament, Gerand Kaufman, goes on an antisemitic rant against Israel regarding Palistinian terrorist knife attacks as fabricated even though video evidence proves him wrong.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    To be blunt, if a great many Jews in England – like my cousins the Rosenthals now Rodwells, is it really Christians duty to do what Jews will not do – deal with Jew hating and Israel bashing Jews

  • Kerry M. Berger

    The remarks from the UK-based Palestine Return Centre come across as hypocritical considering that both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood along with the PA have long resorted to anti-semitic tropes of the worst sort. The entire Palestinian Liberation Organization was modeled after the German Nazi fascist Government. That the English retort with lies only reemphasizes the fact that the UK has long been a hotbed of anti-Jewish and Israeli sentiment and that the bigotry is systemic in nature when a self-denying Jewish Parliamentarian comes out and makes irresponsible and offensive hate speech.

  • dante

    gerald kaufman is one sick dude, a pathetic clown who, to get to the point, blames his family and the Jewish people for his frustration about his appearance, his sexuality, his deformed personality, his personal unpopularity, his miserable, friendless childhood.

    desperate for acceptance outside the Jewish community, gerald would do anything or say anything. however, gerald probably knows that, though he might find some palliatives, nothing will relieve him of the pain of being gerald…it’s gerald. and, he lugs that gerald with himself wherever he goes. gerald probably knows that but he is not honest enough to acknowledge it. were he to do so, where would that leave him?

  • Mike P.

    Just another self-hating Jew…what else is new…wish he would move to Saudi Arabia, Istanbul or Syria.

  • jeremy

    “The views as reported do not reflect the views of the party.”

    Yes they do.