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October 30, 2015 12:43 pm

Jewish Human Rights Group Ad in Guardian Compares Boycott of Israel to Nazi Boycott of Jews

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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The JHRW advertisement published in the 'Guardian' on Friday. Photo: Screenshot

The JHRW advertisement published in the ‘Guardian’ on Friday. Photo: Screenshot

The UK-based group Jewish Human Rights Watch placed an ad in the Guardian on Friday calling on British universities to distance themselves from another ad earlier this week calling for an academic boycott of Israel.

Jewish Human Rights Watch said their ad “educates the Boycotters on how their call for a boycott of Jewish academics and outright support for the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is sheathed anti-Semitism,” in a press release on Friday coinciding with the ad’s publication. The group said BDS was partly responsible for the apparent rise in antisemitism in Britain.

“We call upon the named universities involved in this hoodwinked attempt at anti-Semitism, to dissociate themselves from these so-called academics. We urge the universities to see the truth,” the group said.

This latest effort is part of the group’s longer campaign against the BDS movement in England. Earlier this year, the group petitioned the High Court of Justice to review a local government’s decision to boycott Israeli goods — specifically those produced in the West Bank.

Some 343 British academic professionals signed the ad earlier this week calling for divestment from Israeli academia in solidarity with Palestinian national aims. Some were from prestigious institutions like Oxford and Cambridge.

You can read the text of the full JHRW advertisement, printed in the Guardian, below:

Starting in April 1933, German academics actively colluded in the dismissal of their own Jewish colleagues, under the Nazi Law for the Re-Establishment of the Professional Civil Service.

So did the activists of the National Socialist Students’ League which, long before the Nazis came to power, organised boycotts of, and disturbances in, lectures given by Jewish academics.

In many universities, up to one third of the faculty were purged in this way.

Those responsible included philosophers of worldwide renown such as Martin Heidegger at Heidelberg University, and also many junior scholars who spotted opportunities to advance their own careers.

In light of this background, it is disturbing that 350 British academics would support attempts to boycott all academic institutions in the Jewish state.

Those institutions are not responsible for government policies, any more than Cambridge, Oxford, LSE or UCL are responsible for the policies of David Cameron.

Few of these academics have called for boycotts of the institutions of other nations either: their relentless focus is on the institutions of the Jewish state.

Therefore we call upon British universities to show responsibility and immediately disassociate themselves from this deplorable gesture, which damages their institutions and goes against the fundamental idea that universities should be promoting: Learning – free from antisemitic boycotts.

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  • How stupid are these British professors? They are young people who know little of the long-term history of Palestine and Israel. They are ignorantly focusing on the past 8 weeks, and interpreting that wrong as well.When is Cameron going to make a statement that this idiotic boycott idea of Israel is total ignorance? We have to watch out for the Brit leaders. In the 40’s they strongly favored the hateful Arabs. They are not and never were supporters of Israel. In addition, the entire world would suffer if this “boycott” idea came about. Why? They would obtain none of the ingenious products invented by tiny Israel. The Brits think their professors are bright? Israel publishes more top-tier journal articles per capita than ANY nation in the world. So Cambridge and Oxford, take that! Now Britain’s immature, misguided little students and “child” professors are acting like ignorant Nazis.

  • Tondaleia

    Sheathed antisemitism? More like bare fanged antisemitism.

  • 25% of all innovations come from a tiny nation called ISRAEL population 8 millions.
    o.oo5 % innovation comes from a close to 2 billion muslims
    why are you boycotting a nation that we all round the world benefit from theirs discoveries and make our lives better
    Anti-semitism = disease I say check yourself and behave accordingly

  • G M Ben-Nathan

    A couple of years ago, I attended a British Trade Union meeting held at the London School of Economics.
    They were advocating a Boycott of Israel.
    The meeting did not know there was an Israel supporter in it.
    At question-time after the speaker had finished, I asked him,
    rather disingenuously:
    “Obviously there MUST be a difference, this is Britain after all and we fought a War to safeguard values, but, bearing in mind Nazis patrolled Jewish shops in the 1930’s, how EXACTLY does the boycott you recommend DIFFER ?
    Stunned silence. No answer. Consternation!

  • Fred

    The 343 ( sounds like coffee beans ) so called scholars should brush up on the Nuremberg Anti Jewish boycott laws, promoted by Hitler & supported by the German people no dissent. Now, supposed “Academics “promote the same vile law against the Jewish state on the behest of Arab squatters. BDS should be Build, Develop & Support Israel. The only learning beacon in the bleak Middle East.

  • steven L

    Guardian and BBC both belong to the Goebbels Media Circus.

  • marta mikey frid

    The tragedy is that these evil doers are the so-called educators of our kids… and once the young internalize an idea it is very hard to discard it. Nothing like maintaining consistency, and proving ourselves right for ever after. No wonder ‘The Humanities’ are experiencing a severe crisis in the Universities.

  • Ephraim

    Hurrah! At last someone sees the BDS for what it is, blatant and total antisemitism.

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    It should be noted that Waters when asked about the BDS movement and their pressure on Israel versus putting pressure on the Palestinians had a simple answer. Israel has institutions, a government and an economy the Palestinians have nothing. So, they can only try to influence Israel and cannot influence in any way the Palestinians. I believe that this answer would be mirrored by most academics and others in the BDS movement. Of course this is a bogus answer. The Palestinians are totally dependent on the West in particular Europe for everything. They do not have reciprical trade so Europe would not be harmed by holding back funding to the PA or to HAMAS.

  • David Blacher

    It should also be noted that the 1 April 1933 laws also called for (required) the boycott of Jewish businesses, which were to be prominently marked with a star of David. One would think that to have title, “Academic,” the minimum requirement would be to have a modicum of literacy in history.

  • Alan Cahn

    Just look at the demographics of England with the reality that the labor government has a rascist leader that could become Prime Minister.
    When was the last time that the Queen visited England?
    What two countries were responcible for the division of the Ottoman empire…England and France.
    What country could have saved millions of Jews from the Shoah nut letting them into Palestine?
    In the 19th century what country would not allow Jews in?
    Your efforts are coomendable.. .
    Those educational institutions are a bastion of Islamic hatred as well as the politicians that fare pry to the same Muslim hatred.

  • barney Wainer

    well said and well placed

  • Myron Slater

    British universities must take notice of the ad from JHRW, read it and act in a responsible manner, upholding the academic excellence they are well known for.

  • Mickey Oberman

    In the not too distant future when the UK becomes an Islamic possession these heroic “academics” will undoubtedly be among the first kaffirs to have their useless heads removed with a dull knife.

  • Alas

    Nazis used to drink milk too. Is anyone that drinks milk also a nazi?