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November 1, 2015 10:47 pm

Greek Newspaper Prints Shylock Caricature of Former Finance Minister

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'Ta Nea' Greek newspaper prints antisemitic caricature of former finance minister. Photo: Screenshot

‘Greek newspaper Ta Nea prints antisemitic caricature of former finance minister. Photo: Screenshot

The head of the Greek Jewish community, Moses Constantinis, deplored on Sunday a cartoon of the country’s former finance minister depicting him as a Jewish money lender and published by the Athens daily Ta Nea.

“We consider the use of religious racist stereotypes to stigmatize current events as not only unacceptable and despicable, but especially dangerous, as it refers to religious hatred and perpetuates prejudices that should not have a place in today’s society,” read the letter, which was published on the Greek Central Board of Jewish Communities website.

In the cartoon, a caricature of former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is seen wearing a skullcap and fondling some gold coins, with sacks of change and a scale on his desk.

According to antisemitism watchdog blog, The New Antisemite, the cartoon was published in response to recent backlash against Varoufakis over interviews conducted in Italy and Signapore that paid him upwards of $31,000 since he left office. Some Greek officials called it “extremely serious and unprecedented,” according to another Greek newspaper, Kethimarini.

The former Greek finance minister resigned earlier this year after the the Greek bailout referendum.

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    Please do not use links from the Greek blog ‘Against Antisemitism” ( It is a “Trojan horse” who collaborates with Greek anti-Israel leftists and anarchists.

  • Shimon

    “unprecedented”? I think not.

  • David Levavi

    The Turks and the Greeks deserve each other.

    • Florres

      Ignorant over generalization.

  • Jeff

    This is Europe, whether its Greece, England, Spain, Italy Sweden… where unabated anti-Antisemitism has flourished for centuries now combined with a massive Islamic population and new invasion of Islamic immigrants it is unworthy to host a precious Jewish population. One cannot escape the massive spiritual blindness European leaders exhibit in their actions, policies and speech against the Jewish people and Israel. For those opposed to this blind hatred being called spiritual then any reason they find for this fails IMO.

  • Florres

    The problem isn’t that they depicted a Jew. Some ultra-sensitive people may still be sensitive. But it is that only in hate. It is because he failed. It is genocidal hate, and nothing more.

    My question if he had succeeded, would that Christian get depicted as a medeival Jew? Of course not. It is an old European law, “place all bad on the Jew”, some old European laws began. If he were a hero, he would been depicted with a cross, and his enemy with a Jewish yarmulke.