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November 2, 2015 11:35 am

The New York Times Reveals Racism in Slamming Israel for Same

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Office of The New York Times, in New York City. Photo: WikiCommons.

The New York Times accused Israel of not doing enough to help African refugees. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The New York Times had one of its regular Sunday articles slamming Israel for some reason or another. This one was because Israel is accused of not doing enough to help the tens of thousands of African refugees who have been flooding into the country.

As the continuing refugee crisis in Europe demonstrates, Israel is not alone in trying to deter refugees. But according to a report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, it has the distinction of having one of the lowest asylum acceptance rates in the Western world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once warned that the arrival of African people poses a demographic risk to Israel: “If we don’t stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state.”

For context: Israel now hosts about one tenth of one percent of all worldwide refugees and displaced persons.. And those are the ones that the NYT feels compelled to write a photo essay on.

It is true, Israel accepts far fewer refugees as citizens than Germany or France. But Israel is a tiny country and if it would accept a significant number of immigrants it would not be able to handle the numbers that would follow.

If Denmark and Tunisia would magically switch places, Denmark would be building a fence and putting the refugees in camps as well rather than let the country be overrun with people who would outnumber the Danes if given the chance.

Yet as the Times tries to paint Israel as vaguely racist for not allowing these Africans to stay in the country, it engages in its own racism.

Look at this sentence again: “one of the lowest asylum acceptance rates in the Western world.” Why should Israel be compared only to the Western world? Why is it not considered a possibility for the refugees from Darfur and Ethiopia to become refugees in non-Western countries?

I count about 18 countries that are within the radius of distance from Eritrea to Israel.

The distance from Eritrea to Israel. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

The distance from Eritrea to Israel. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Why is it so absurd to ask that Saudi Arabia or Oman or the UAE take in some of their fellow Muslim refugees from the Sudan, or for Egypt or Jordan  to accept Christians from Eritrea? Other African countries are poor, to be sure, but why is it so absurd to expect some of them to take in more of these refugees who share far more in common with them than most Israelis?

To The New York Times, non-Western nations cannot be expected to act with kindness and mercy and charity. That is something expected from Israel, not from Egypt or Libya. .

No one is happy with how Israel is forced to act to discourage more refugees. But given that Israel is the only Western nation in the area, it cannot be a magnet for millions of people.

The reason the trip to Israel is dangerous is because of the countries in between. Yet how much space has the Times spent on those who were murdered and raped and kidnapped en route and the culpability of the nations in which these occurred?

No, those nations aren’t “Western” and therefore are not expected to engage in normal moral codes. No reason for the “newspaper of record” to bother writing about that — they are savages and expected to act that way.

Of every country within the shaded area in this map, only Israel is expected to treat these people with respect.

There is a story there. But it is not one that The New York Times seems interested in covering.

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  • David

    Let’s not forget that Israel has ALREADY taken in huge numbers of refugees, probably more than any other country as a percentage of native population, since its founding. And those refugees who ended up in Israel came from many, many nations of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the middle East that tried to to murder them or subjugate them to such a degree that they had to flee to Israel.

  • Ellenl

    Why should anyone accept African refugees who are migrating for an improvement in lifestyle, particularly a country under siege due to incitement from the US, in particular? Citizens of a country should have no RIGHT to migrate; they should apply to enter just like everyone else. What a ridiculous statement by the NY Times and so obviously biased, malicious and manipulative.

    • This is the NYT. Whatever do you expect?.

  • GymMom

    Just a minor point – Israel is *not* a western country. Jews are indigenous to Israel, we are Middle Eastern, regardless of how long we lived in diaspora.

    We share many more values with the West than with the tyrannical states surrounding us in the Middle East, but the distinction is important.

  • E Mincey

    Israel isn’t accepting refugees? So? What the New York Times thinks about that is merely an op-ed and certainly not newsworthy. The real story is much bigger. This is an example of raciist creep and bias.

  • z

    And? The jew-baiting CIA-propaganda trolls at the NYT and the other CIA-propaganda outlets are nothing new. This has been going on for decades. So when are we going to see an organized public campaign by our so-called “Jewish leaders” (paid CIA stooges) against the CIA fasci/nazis — the fascist gov mafia and fasci corporations that sponsor them? Answer: NEVER!

    Though these blog entries and letter writings are a valiant effort, they are a waste of time and border on the insane. As long as you participate in their system, you’re part of the problem. The system cannot be changed. It can only be shunned/boycotted until it is drained of all credibility and participation, and is no more.

    • Lane Singer

      The New York Times is owned by Saudis. As despicable as the CIA is, it’s not responsible for every criminal act on the planet.