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November 4, 2015 12:11 pm

Brooklyn Jewish Man Attacked by Assailant Yelling ‘I am Tired of the Jews’

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Another Jewish man was assaulted while being subject to antisemitic insults on Wednesday morning in Crown Heights, Brooklyn just hours after an off-duty volunteer for the Hatzalah EMS service was stabbed in the back nearby.

According to local blog, the 49-year-old man was assaulted on his way to synagogue around 6:00 a.m. His attacker slapped the man’s cell phone out of his hands, and then punched him in the face, saying, “I am tired of the Jews.”

A neighbor who heard the commotion and ran outside to inspect the situation said he heard the attacker shouting about how he was “fed up with the Jews.”

Hatzalah rescue workers treated the man on site, saying he suffered a bloodied nose.

Cellphone video footage seen by showed police handcuffing a man who admitted to having slapped the cellphone out of his victim’s hands because he was “tired of all the Jews.”

The attack happened just a few hours after an off-duty Hatzalah volunteer was stabbed in the back in Crown Heights by an assailant who fled the scene. Police have yet to announce any suspects.

Zaki Tamir, Chairman of the Board of the local Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, told The Algemeiner on Tuesday, “People have to be very vigilant; there are no coincidences here. There are a lot of people who hate us, and the haters are going to use every excuse they can to come after Jews.”

“I don’t know if it is a hate crime or mugging, but it’s hard to imagine it is an isolated incident,” he said.

Police were treating both incidents as possible hate crimes.

Antisemitic attacks in New York — the city with the largest Jewish community in the world — were up 21 percent in 2014, according to the Anti-Defamation League. State Senator Michael Gianaris  noted the rise in antisemitism in a press release on Monday for legislation meant to punish companies or individuals boycotting Israel.

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  • Lauren Goldman

    ‘Police were treating both incidents as possible hate crimes.’ Being physically assaulted by something saying it “is fed up with the Jews” should pretty much pass muster on the requirements for a hate crime.

    When I lived in the Fairfax (predominantly Jewish) neighborhood in Los Angeles, an earthquake made a school in another part of the city unsafe. Those who were transferred to our local schools immediately began strong-arming kids for their lunch money and stealing their leather coats at knife-point. The community’s response was to enroll the children in martial arts classes. It was heart-warming when boys with payes were found carrying nunchucks (of course, the police confiscated them). Having all Jewish children taught martial arts/close quarter combat would be a good step in ensuring their safety. Krav Maga is probably the best, and when they reach high school, instruct them in the military version. No weapon is needed but the result could be the same. We need to do whatever is necessary for our safety; no question, no hesitation, no mercy (none is shown us, none is due them).

  • Wm. J. Levy

    It’s a hate crime pure and simple.

    It’s Jews and the weakest Jews who don’t fight back. The type that the Nazis loved to kill and they did that so well.

    They murdered Meir Kahana and the Jews did nothing.

    It’s time to start fighting back and the assailants are always the Arabs and the blacks.

    They get away with it because they can. Have 100,000 Jews march in the streets carrying weapons and warning their attackers to beware and see what happens.

    • Jack Fuller

      The difference between the poor guy in this story and Kahane is that Meir Kahane was a racist, a bigot and a violent nutcase.

  • I too am sick of the Jews being blamed for all that is wrong in this World. I too am sick of the Jews being scapegoated for our own inability to rein in those whose Intolerance speaks louder than our Human concerns. I too am sick of the Jews being under constant attack, as a buttress to our own existence in a World now filled with fear. Never has the refrain been more exemplified than this day when:

    They came for us because the Jews kept fighting back!

  • Amy O.

    William, you are not the first person I have heard say such this. The first time I was truly shocked because I could not understand how anyone could think such irrational thoughts. Unfortunately, hatred is very consuming, and it will eventually end up hurting you more than your choice to try to hurt others, because you are accountable for what you do, we all are accountable, as you will eventually discover. I am sory to hear such things from anyone, let alone the world wide repeats of the filth that was spewed in the pre-Nazi and Nazi Europe. I never thought the world would follow such a path again. I am ashamed of you. I am not a Jew .

  • G-d stands with Israel, always. Meantime I agree that self-defence is also very necessary: if muslims know that some Jews carry forearms (legally) they may simply be less quick to stab people in the back. Their own proverb says, ‘Trust in allah but tether your camel’. Jews trust fully in G-d, but taking some precautions is not against His will.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Jews without guns or other means of self defense are going to be always victims.
    BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES! When attacked, react instantly and destroy the attacker. No calls, no wailing, counter attack for ultimate results.

  • I’m tired of

  • sifter

    “William” failed to mention Zionist Control of tsunamis,earthquakes, Trump’s flyaway hair, and, last but not least, the Cubs perpetual failure to enter the World Series. Uber is also a Zio-German plot to crush the Rothchild-dominated taxi business. Finally, he should’ve included the Soros-Netanyahu cell phone scheme to induce myopia in a generation of Right thinking White Nationalists.

    Hopefully his new meds will correct these oversights.

    • John Ilanga

      Our distaste for Rothschild and Rockefeller and other Anti- Semites has nothing to do with most Jews. Prescott Bush and other Non-Jewish business men financed and traded with Hitler.
      They financed the railway lines to Auscwitz and got wealth off the slave labour of the inmates. Unfortunately Rothschild and Rockefeller financed them. Rockefeller sold the Nazis special oil
      they needed to fly their warplanes, which then murdered 100000
      British civilians.

    • HE WAS TIRED OF THE JEWS! What would you expect? NOT to knock the cell phone out of his hands? He had to do something! What would you expect; that he NOT retaliate on an inanimate object? A person is able to retaliate so, he didn’t want the possible repercussions of being attacked so he attacked his amulet, with chips manufactured by the Zionist entity! Could a Jew survive W/O cell phone? It’s a slow painful death of detachment.

  • Tiki


    The premise is that G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. You can look it up in the Bible. There are those that are having a very hard time accepting that fact.
    Virginia is right on mark. The Moslems hate the Jews & the Christians alike. It’s just that the number of Jews is smaller.The Jews are an easier target because of our smaller numbers the irrationality of anti-Semitism and the idea that if every Jew & Israel is destroyed [G-d promised us this would never happen] then there would be no evidence for Judaism left in the world. That way Islam or Christianity can claim they are the 1st & only religion. All this is a RELIGIOUS war dressed up as a political war. This relious war will end when the Messiah comes and all religions will recognize G-d and Judaism. May he come speedily in our days.

  • Ellen

    This is a reply to both Virginia and William.

    This horrific attacks against Jews are being done by Arabs and Muslims who hate Jews and want us eliminated. It is NOT the same type of terrorism as that which brought down the World Trade Center etc. Unfortunately, Islam teaches that they will first eliminate the “Saturday” people, aka Jews, and then the “Sunday” people, aka Christians.

    Those who are denying this are really sticking their heads in the sand

    William-Your anti-semitism and hatred is not even original. I strongly suggest that you stop using anything invented or perfected by members of this group that are out to dominate the world ( hey, why stop at the mid-East. You realize that means you need to get rid of the following: ( list is incomplete)

    Jewish inventions:

    Israeli inventions

    BTW the UBS flash drive, WAZE and Get taxi are all Israeli. So are major parts of the iphone. Don’t switch to another brand because a huge amount of work on intel is done in Israel! –so I think YOU should boycott all these inventions because maybe the Jews are reading your computer and learning your secrets. –but don’t forget to trash the computer, too many parts done by Jews!

    • John Ilanga

      In fact John Van Neumann a Hungarian Jew who fled the Nazis designed and built the first commercial Computer. The most modern personal Computer still uses the Van Neumann Architecture. So all you Anti Semites how about being honest and throw away your computers.

    • Shira

      You realize that listing things Israel has invented is not a good way to defend Israel against accusations of human rights violations, right?

    • If we allow for the anti-Semitism of those who use it to consume them, let it be! If however, it gains a momentum as was seen during The Holocaust period, we too must be watchful because that Train waiting outside will also load us ‘christians’ on board.

    • Jack Fuller

      There was no description of the suspect in the news story. It sounds to me that you’re trying to stir up hatred against Muslims by making bigoted, ignorant remarks. Shame on you.

  • rulierose

    here’s my advice: get yourselves some guns. I’m so not kidding. it is absolutely ridiculous that Jews worldwide are treated like sitting ducks for any lunatic hater or jihadi to kill.

    defend yourselves, my brothers and sisters. nobody else is going to do it for us.

    • Shira

      Or, how about, let’s encourage de-escalation for everyone? Jews in Israel carrying weapons have killed other Jews because everyone is too ready to commit violence. No thank you.

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  • Virginia Narvaez

    We have been doing our best to inform the American citizens that the attacks against the Jewish people in Israel is not just limited there but these terrorist attacks are against all of us regardless of where we live.The terrorist will continue with their one true purpose and that is to have the Jew’s blood spill. It about time for America and the rest of the world to wake up for you may be next on the terrorist.Not even to the Christians are safe we have to stand together and stop the incitement against Jews. Terrorist are terrorist they are not moderate by any means.

    • You’re a payed hack from Israel First’s , there is no great com-piracy against Jews living in Israel or the US . To the contrary there is a Stealth policy of Control and Domination by Zionist Jews to Destroy any opposition to their Domination of Mideast Region.

      • Thomas Schwartz

        Says the paid hack from Hamas. It amazes me that anyone actually believes the tripe you spout.

      • Tal

        Pay attention to this brothers and sisters. Look at how detached from reality this guy is. Using his idiotic ideas as justification to murder and harm Jews.

        He is so obsessed he even spends his free time looking through Jewish websites.

        Rather than seeing us as people he tries to justify his murderous rage by laboring labeling us as conspirators with some grand secret plan that of course he is on to because he is so intelligent. Utter inanity

        Turn to Rabbi Kahane for the right answers.

        • moshe ben yonah

          Turn to Rabbi Kahane indeed!

          “Every Jew a .22” (though a bit difficult in NY)

          As to how the US is a sanctuary for Jews, the historian R. Ken Spiro summed it up:

          “American Jews are like the man who jumps off the Empire State building and half way down says, ‘so far, so good’.”

      • Phil

        William, it’s obvious that you haven’t been taking your medicine.

      • SBS

        “An elderly Jewish man is sitting on a park bench reading Reverend Farrakhan’s newspaper. His best friend walks by, sees the paper, and stops — in shock.

        ‘What are you doing reading that crappy newspaper?’ he says incredulously.

        ‘Better, you should be reading the Jewish Magazine!’

        The elderly man replies, ‘The Jewish Magazine has these sad and disturbing stories about intermarriage, anti-Semitism, problems in Israel — all kinds of troubles of the Jewish people. I like to read about good news.

        In Farrakhan’s paper, he says the Jews have all the money … the Jews control the banks… the Jews control the press … the Jews control Hollywood…the Jews are going to steal Iran oil. With this anti-semite newspaper I get to read about good news!’ “

        • Jack Fuller

          LOL, good joke! Where did you hear that from?

      • Observer

        Please remove anti-Semitic comments (such as William’s) from the site.

        • No! Leave such comments alone! They show the depth of irrelevance attached to the bigotry billy boy sheds! It is better to allow light to shine on this hatred rather than allow it to germinate in closed off spaces. They will only fester and the pus will infect other’s.

      • rbockman

        No William, you’re wrong, Virginia isn’t a paid hack, I’m a paid hack and we Jews really don’t have time for the stealth policy of control and domination, we already have that tied up, but with Passover coming in the spring we need to stock up on virgin maiden blood to make our matza and do you know how hard it is to find non-Jewish virgins these days, if only you’d keep your young daughters home and off the streets a little longer.

        • Shira

          Hard to find Jewish virgins these days too.

      • Jay

        William, you seem to have a lot of hate. Blaming the victims. The last thing anyone wants to do is to control Arab terrorists. Time to look at self improvement rather than looking for a scapegoat. Truth and peace cousin.

      • linda spector

        William i rest my case

      • Ilya

        William: Sick, sick, sick!

      • SeeGG

        William, you’re the hack. Virginia didn’t say there’s a conspiracy. Those terrorists act out of ignorance, paranoia, violence, and hate. It sounds like you’re consumed by hatred yourself. Why are you trolling these pages? I thinking you’re looking to start arguments and perpetuate myths about Jews. Virginia, you are absolutely correct. We must stand together – Jews, Christians, along with all other peaceful people – to condemn this hideous infection of hate and incitement to violence everywhere in the world.

      • NMPK

        William you need to take your medication.

      • Golum

        All of you good people got to Willi ahead of me …and since I am not allowed to curse this “Shtik drek” here…let me just say:
        “Hundert hayzer zol er hobn, in yeder hoyz a hundert tsimern, in yeder tsimer tsvonsik betn un kadukhes zol im varfn fin eyn bet in der tsveyter!!!”

      • Ariella

        Perhaps we shouldn’t gang up on William…oh, no, we should. Moron’s aren’t a protected class; I learned that in law school. I need to find out more about this “com-piracy”. Is it a group of pirates? Maybe comrade pirates? Hey, I like that. But seriously, who cares what goyim think? I don’t. And, as a convert, let me tell you that for many Christians (which I assume dear William is) the only place for Jews is on the cross – dead or dying. So again, who cares what they think?

      • Sam Omekara

        This William sickens me. He needs some good education. He reasons like a cretin to rehearse the ancient slander of Zionist conspiracy.
        Jews have contributed more to world civilization than any other group. Islamic hordes and medieval Christianity led by Rome have left in their trails blood, tears, and destruction. Nazi Germany represented the nadir of human depravity. Yet, the Jews have always rebuild the world.
        Out of every generation, persons like William will rise to destroy the Jew , but the Jew will surely outlive them.
        The nation Israel is eternal. Israel will continue to be the light unto the nations.

      • You are a bigot, ill informed racist and ignorant billy boy! You have been so steeped in the idiocy of your intolerance’s, you are beginning to believe all the anti-Jewish nonsense. Keep up the work bro! We hear you and can dismiss your irrelevance! You have no Credibility! You are Unjustified!

    • dante

      thanks, Virginia>>> I, also, stand with the Jews.

      I do not understand how, in a few years, many people seem to have forgotten the Bible and history and tradition. one hears such amazing stupidity, e.g. the Jews stole the Muslim’s land…the Jews are strangers in the Land of Israel? and, how exactly did the Muslims acquire title to the Promised Land?

      so, amnesia and stupidity are part of it. but, one sees generous helpings of hatred and savagery added to them. I am not referring only to the KKK or the nazis: some people who think of themselves as enlightened, noble, virtuous, humanitarian, etc. do, without embarrassment, associate themselves with the genocidal regimes in gaza and tehran and unabashedly support barbarous attacks upon Jews. (or, sometimes, one hears tentative exception expressed…but, only as a preface to the fully emphatic condemnation of the Jews.