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November 5, 2015 8:30 am

Survey Reveals 80% of Israeli Kids Traumatized by Terror-Attack Videos, 64% Afraid to Leave Homes

avatar by David Daoud

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A survey has shown that 80% of Israeli children have experienced some form of trauma as a result of seeing videos of terrorist attacks. PHOTO: Rishon LeTzion Municipality.

The scene of a recent terror attack in Israel, caught on video. Photo: Rishon LeZion Municipality.

A new survey revealed that 80 percent of Israeli children who have seen footage of terror attacks are left traumatized, Israeli news website Walla reported on Wednesday.

The poll was conducted by Nielsen among a cross-section of parents, who reported on how their children have been affected by watching videos of stabbing and other attacks on TV news reports and online.

According to Walla, since the recent surge of Palestinian violence against Israelis began a few weeks ago, the public has been bombarded by regular replays of every attack — caught on security and cellphone cameras.

According to the report, the survey shows that children exposed to such videos are 1.5 times more likely to experience some form of trauma.

It also revealed that 64% of children who have watched such videos are afraid to leave their homes.

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  • Alice

    There used to be a lot of school violence in Jewish schools in ISrael and the victims of these school violence perpetrated by JEwish Israelis suffer from fear. Perhaps Hashem is punishing those who bully others through our enemies.

  • Mickey Oberman

    If Israel were overrun by rats and the children were afraid to leave their homes what would the country do if there were no pied piper?

    Yes. It would immediately set out to exterminate the rats.

    Well, there still is no pied piper and the vermin are rapidly multiplying and traumatizing Israel’s children.

    Will Israel now sit back and do nothing? Or will it rescue its most precious possessions from the fear that is enveloping them?

    • marcia klein

      Good analogy. We’re trying to end it but it’s almost impossible.

  • Evelyn Hayes

    That’s because the minister of defense is too busy destroying shuls and imprisoning Jewish patriots and not arresting those inciting minors to stab and kill. Take over the schools. How many of these youth went to UNESCO, UNWRA summer camps. Well the Weather Underground which supported Obama blew up Federal buildings and joined tge Gaza flotilla. Well?

  • Elisheva

    We all are being affected by what we see and read everyday. No surprise there. My grandson lives in the US and is affected by these videos. I live in Israel and look more carefully everyday at cars that are passing me as I walk on the street. I refuse to let the Terrorists stop me from walking. Where I am the playgrounds are still being built and used. Life goes on and we will survive and thrive.

  • carl

    That’s the purpose of terrorism – to strike fear into the hearts of ordinary people trying to go about their daily lives. Yet the media still insists on showing only the “body count” statistics with little or no context, once again portraying Israel largely as the aggressor and minimizing Arab terrorism.

    • marcia klein

      You’re absolutely right. They just don’t get it…They can kill (G-d forbid) hundreds of us and we’ll still be here. They’re subhuman and should be treated accordingly.