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November 8, 2015 12:13 pm

Actress Mayim Bialik Tweets Support for Howard Stern’s Latest Attack on ‘Antisemite’ Roger Waters

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern once against blasted Roger Waters, saying he "comes off like an antisemite." Photo:

SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern once against blasted Roger Waters, saying he “comes off like an antisemite.” Photo:

Jewish actress Mayim Bialik had words of praise for radio giant Howard Stern who once again blasted Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters for his vocal anti-Israel activism.

“@HowardStern, lets discuss our shared unfashionable views on israel. Name a time. Much respect,” Bialik tweeted on Sunday.

She was responding to comments made by Stern on his Sirius XM satellite show last week. “For some reason, it’s become very important to Roger to tell artists where to perform,” Stern said on November 3rd. “There’s so many countries with histories of abuse and slavery, but he’s very focused on Israel. To me, he comes off like an antisemite.”

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Stern noted that defending Israel “isn’t fashionable,” but urged his listeners to not be “fooled” by Waters and his anti-Israel sentiments. He said: “It is a tremendous distraction for Arab leaders to say, ‘Let’s get the Jews, let’s get Israel, it’s all their fault.’ As long as their poor people are focused on Israel they don’t wake up and realize who is stealing their money. Their lives aren’t getting any better from all this crap.”

Things turned sour between Stern and Waters after the radio host discovered that the former Pink Floyd bassist is a strong Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) proponent, and also pressures musicians not to perform in Israel. In October, during a radio broadcast, Stern slammed Waters for his stance on Israel saying, “What is with Roger Waters and the Jews? Israel has a tiny little country and it bugs the sh*t out of Roger Waters.”

Waters responded by calling Stern an “a**hole” in an interview with Rolling Stone this month. The rocker claimed his opinions have nothing to do with Israelis, Jews or Judaism, and that he would “never dream of attacking them.”

Last week on his show, Stern announced he would not respond to Waters with similar name-calling. “I’m not going to call him an a**hole,” Stern said. “It’s what he believes. I just think he’s wrong.”

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  • Larry Fulmer

    I was a big Pink Floyd/Roger Waters fan until Waters becomes vocal with his BDS, and don’t play in Israel folks, then back pedals, claiming his misunderstood.hey Roger, even
    R hear of the Holocaust.Ever been to Aushwitz? Ever hear of Adolf Hitller, eh, Rog?
    Are there any antisemites in the theatre tonight? Get HIM up against the Wall!!!

    Keep up the voices Howard, Adam, Mayim, Eagles of Death, and the like. We have been persecuted for ages!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    A good shot in the head goes a long way to making anti-Jews, I don’t use that 19th century made up word by an Austrian anti-Jew named Willhelm Marr, so lets stop using that word).

    I’ve always felt that Jews use the word anti-Semite because there is no Jew word in it.

    We are indeed idiots and weak and our haters know this.


  • Suzanna Deutsch

    Mazel Tov to Howard Stern and Mayim Bialik! I hope other Jewish celebrities will join them!!

  • Yoav Naor

    Roger Waters grand children are Jewish…I hope that when they grow up that they move to Israel join the IDF and serve in Judea and Samaria…And later build their future life in Judea and Samaria…AMEN……

  • Sal Zerilli

    Too bad Israel has been in need of criticism for decades and its finally just now coming into fruition. Israeli people are just as bad as Arab people in believing somehow they are some special sect of humans that God put here to be extra special. At what point does it take an American to begin to ask questions about their sanity as a country? Even our own religious nuts don’t find it acceptable that one race or group of people are better than another in most cases.

    • Neeelbaby

      Res Ipsa Loquitor! The religious nuts in Judaism just want to live their lives in peace. The Christians expelled, burned, beheaded, boiled in oil the Jews and heretics since the foundation and evolution of Christianity. The Muslims in the 21st century live and believe as they always have: “death to the infidels”. Jews and many Christians today just want to live in peace and Muslims arre making this impossible, not only in the Middle East but also in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    • Eve

      No point in presenting facts to an ignoramus like you. You clearly know nothing about Israel or the people who live there.

    • Florres

      Israel has received more criticism than anyone for decades. You use ignorance to sell your lies.

      Again, the evidence is undeniable, Israel has received massive disproportionate criticism for decades and decades.

      And beffore modern Judea the Jews were the most criticized people on earth for hundreds of years before that, no thousands.

      His claim could only come from such a brainwashed, ruthless genocidal mind. Also again the evil evil creep is provably blatantly lying.

    • Sal,

      It seems that you have not read Genesis 12:2-3. It is where The Lord God blesses Abram and his descendants through his wife Sarai, Gen.12:4-5 (Hagar was not in the picture)

      The reverse of this statement is, the rest of the world has not been blessed. Jew hatred is a spiritually demonic mindset. Throughout history nations and leaders have tried to eliminate the Jewish people through pogroms, resettlements and wholesale murder.
      Elsewhere God said Israel will survive and all nations will be indentured to Israel. Prophecy is history written in advance. It is what separates The Jews and Israel from every other nation on the face of the earth. And no, I’m not Jewish, but I do know what side wins.

  • Florres

    Best written show on TV.
    Also I loooove Parsons, and he just did an ad for Intel Skylake, completely designed and developed by us in Judea, which someone as bright as Parsons absoolutely knew..

    Though he would probably play innocent of knowing that, like many of our quiet supporters.

  • Bob jCkson

    Stern is an antifloydian.

  • Art frank

    Waters is a Jew hating scumbag

  • Haim Elie Malka

    I wish I had Waters’ views towards The Jewish people before I invested in the Pink Floyd albums I bought before I became aware of his views. I also would like to know how much money with the Jewish people and because of the Jewish people? He is the Ass Whole, not you Howard. I wish more people would speak out like you against this Anti-Semite.

  • Francis Figliola

    Waters doesn’t “come of as an anti semite”. No. He IS an antisemite POS!

  • I’ll gladly call Waters and anti-Semitic a**hole. He attacks the only country in the Middle East with freedom of religion, speech, the press, and democracy.

  • Livin’ Out Loud

    Many people hadn’t realized that Roger Waters is an anti-semite. Sadly, he’s been using his toxic words to pollute the air for many years. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t like much of anything or anyone, except the drugs that propelled him to write his songs. His Jewish boyfriend must have left him or someone Jewish fired him once..or of course, just plain jealousy :). His comment of never wanting to attack the Jews. shows his illness. He has written bad and ugly things about us for many years. Can we please not listen to his music, shows or support him in any way. He’s obviously a very angry, hurt individual, who lives by throwing hate around. Hope you all have a healthy and beautiful holiday season…Happy Chanukah, Happy Christmas and more…✌?️

  • ART

    Let’s boycott Waters and other people who boycott Israel. Time for American Jews to wake up and act politically. BDS hardly even bothers with distinctions anymore basically calling for the boycott of all Jews

    • scooter kohler

      hard to say what it is that created his hate for the Jewish people, but it has to be something. It would be interesting to find outwhat it was

  • enufizenuf

    If Howard Stern won’t, I’ll call him an asshole. Several high placed friends in the entertainment world have said that it is commonplace for Waters to use the terms ‘dirty Jew’ or ‘dirty kike,’ so his motivations are pathological, not political. The guy’s a real piece of crap. No Jewish owner of any performance venue should ever rent to him.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Go Howard, and yay for Mayim. Given Waters’ rabid antagonism toward Israel, and his broader dislike of Jews, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of wiggle room for him in the anti-Semitism department.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Roger Waters is SCUM !

  • Don

    No need for the quotation marks. Roger Waters does, in fact, hate Jews. He’s turned into a real life Pink in the 3rd act of The Wall.

  • John Donley

    Rather than engage in the name calling between these high profile celebrities I would comment on the professional integrity of Mr Waters. He is an esteemed musician, composer and lyricist. Much of his recent fame and the majority of his financial success have come from his endless promotion of the 1979 album, “The Wall”. His public’s insatiable appetite for this dark study of a twisted mind still resonates after more than thirty-five years. He is such a public figure now involved in the politics of the world that no one would stop to think of him as having plagiarized some of the lyrics that are on that album. Whole verses appear exactly as they were written by someone else. He has been lying to every one for all these years. Perhaps he should temper his public advocacy for politics until he cleans up his own house. Howard, this is not meant as advocacy either for or against your public disagreement with Mr. Waters; This is just a story from the past.

    • scooter kohler

      sit on the fence if you want to. just lije the swiss did in WWII and the catholic church as well during the holocaust. it doesn’tnreally help anyone – but oh well

      • John Donley

        I’ve commented before in other venues about how I feel about Roger Waters and his anti Israeli government stance and his headlining of the BDS movement. One was on a Rolling Stone thread during his squabble with Alan Parson’s concert stop in Tel Aviv. I said that music crossing borders is a much more positive and humanistic action than Waters stance on restriction and isolation. I also clearly stated that Waters was and is a plagiarist and liar, therefore negating any moral authority he was projecting.

    • Jedidiah Mazel

      In other words, he’s a one hit wonder. He flogs ONE album that’s older than much of the listening audience. He’s the equivalent of any number of washed up 80s hair bands that play state fairs and Indian casinos.

      If not for his hate campaign, he would probably be invisible.

      • John Donley

        Roger Waters plagiarized verse on “The Wall” and has lied about it for thirty five years. He is not a one hit wonder on par with 80’s hair bands, but a musical genius within his own genre. His Achille’s heel lies in his pomposity and moral rectitude when his most famous work was born of a lie.