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November 9, 2015 5:11 pm

London Mayor Dismisses Israel Boycotters as Left-Wing Corduroy Jacket-Wearing Academics (VIDEO)

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Mayor of London Boris Johnson talks BDS to Channel 4 News.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson talks BDS to Channel 4 News.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson told reporters in Tel Aviv on Monday that a boycott of Israel in Britain would be “completely crazy,” the UK Jewish News reported.

This comes mere weeks after 343 British academic professionals took out an advertisement in the Guardian calling for an academic boycott and divestment from Israel.

But, Johnson said, there was a misunderstanding in Israel about the scope of the boycott, which he said was only supported only by a “few lefty academics” in “corduroy jackets.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing a corduroy jacket, I hasten to say,” he quipped, but added that those left-wing academics have “no real standing in the matter” and are highly unlikely to be influential in Britain.

Johnson questioned in front of reporters the logic of disregarding one of the Middle East’s only democracies.

“I cannot think of anything more foolish than to say that you want to have any kind of divestment or sanctions or, whatever, or boycott against a country that when all is said and done is the only democracy of the region. Is the only place that has in my view a pluralist, open society. Why boycott Israel?” Johnson told London-based Channel 4 news.


Among those who signed the ad in the Guardian earlier this month were academics from Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of Economics. Additionally, some non-academic activists — like Roger Waters of Pink Floyd-fame — have used celebrity status to promote an Israel boycott over claims of human rights abuses against the Palestinians.

But, certainly the boycott did not figure in Johnson’s agenda of deepening trade ties between his city and Tel Aviv, where he was set to address an audience of 300 on just that issue.

Meanwhile, Johnson and his Tel Aviv counterpart, Ron Huldai, announced a major festival celebrating the White City in London in 2016. 

Watch a video of Johnson’s comments below:

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  • schm0e

    “…left-wing academics have ‘no real standing in the matter’…”

    Nor in any other. Would that a politician in the US would have the courage to say so.

  • Paul Cerar

    Mayor Boris Johnson is a gentleman, and was too polite to tell the truth and call these boycotters terrorist-sympathizing left-wing fascists!

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Philip Morris

    Good old Boris – spot-on this time! The lefty sandal-wearing loons need to be sent packing. As if any but half-baked students listened to them.

  • John Connelly

    When academics call for a boycott of only one country and it happens to be the only Jewish country in the world, you do have to wonder how they face themselves in the mirror every day. I’m sure they would be horrified to think they were being antisemitic. China oppressing Tibetans – no boycott. Russians in Ukraine – no boycott. Executions of gay people across the Middle East (except Israel) – no boycott. Mugabe – no boycott. US and UK bombing Afghanistan, Iraq or Waziristan – no boycott. No, let’s all pile into Israel. After all, that tiny nation of 8 million people can’t fight back – they’re too busy protecting themselves against 500 million Arabs and Iranians.

    • Raoul Schur

      Brilliantly said.

    • Florres

      You left out Azerbizian is occupied by Armenia, never discussed, Saudi Arabia occupies and built a wall financed by the US on miles and miles of Yemeni land, and killed over a million non-Sunni (and Iran moved in) in unreported genocidal actions,

      You left out China occupies Vietnamese land, in a major way!!!

      You left out Kurdistan, not recognized or protested for by anyone.

      You left out that the Druse state of the 1930s was wiped out by Islamic terrorists, and replaced by Jordan and Syria.

      You left out Iranian and Syrian occupation of Christian Lebanon.

      You left out Dominican Republic stole land from Haiti, and is whiter skinned.

      You left out, I have about 500 HONESTLY more, so I’ll stop.

      And unlike the fake people invented by self-hating Jews and the anti-Semites they serve, and commit genocides for, who never had a state or were anything to anyone, good or bad, the Druse really had a state, and were persecuted unlike the Nazis you evil evil people have idolized, who were always the persecuter.

      “palestinians” have always been genocidal evil, and reinforced antisemitism because it was already in their nature, being uniquely colonialist and evil.

  • Malcolm Jackson

    Well said Boris, and like the haircut.

  • Staffan Berg

    Interesting and quite disturbing with this new politically correct antisemisits. Are those corduroy people leftwingers? I guess they have some yellow stars ready to be put on some products…

  • Aaron

    I already suspected it! I wasted so much money on corduroy blazers with nice elbow patches from Ralph Lauren, and my girlfriend told me it looks too 1970s grandpa, radical leftist condescender.

    Darn waste of money, the evil fraud Noam Chomsky schmattas appropriated the corduroy blazer, dam them, waste of 100 bucks on 2 (on sale).

    Nothing inherently wrong with them if they fit right, a little tight, just the association with the evil hard totalitarian, anti-semitic Left child molesters.

  • In my opinion:
    Maybe those left wing corduroy wearing academics took as an example the German academics,doctors,lawyers,judges of seventy some years ago who ended up collaborating,with Hitler’s regime and its political objectives.

    The Nazi regime in Germany had a large support base among the “teaching class”,once it had been shown that having such views was”safe” and without any academic repercussions,free speech is of course free speech and a fundamental right in a free society.The “left” universities and their academics have become a frightening bunch of “politically correct thinkers” and their ideology has almost become a new religion.(just like their parents, the old left and right parties in Europe)

    This is always how antisemitism starts.It takes many disguises but the motives are clear for all to see.
    These academics cannot hide their mental greed for recognition and their comments and political stance are nothing but a poor attempt at moral masturbation.

    • Fraide

      The so called intellects are nothing but pompous, arrogant, ignorant asses. Oxford etc. are an ilk of their own. They may be book smart but no common sense or humility.

  • And he’s a Zionist Lackey !

    • Eve

      And you’re an idiot!