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November 10, 2015 6:47 pm

Britons See Israel as Key Mideast Ally; Only 1 in 9 Support Boycott

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A pro-Israel rally in the U.K. Photo: Screenshot.

A pro-Israel rally in the U.K. Photo: Screenshot.

The majority of Britons see Israel as the UK’s premier ally among many of the dominant countries in the Middle East, a new poll by the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre revealed on Tuesday.

Some 52% of respondents said they saw Israel as a British ally, above Saudi Arabia (40%), Turkey (39%), Qatar (29%) and certainly Iran (6%). A full 59% of respondents believed Iran posted a threat to Israel and the UK.

Additionally, nearly half of respondents said they felt boycott or divestment from Israel, or sanctions on the Jewish state, were deleterious to both Israelis and Palestinians because the Palestinian economy relies on a robust Israeli economy at its side.

Some 43% of respondents agreed with the statement that they did not boycott products from Israel and could not understand why anybody would given everything else going on in the world. Only about 12% of respondents signaled that they boycotted Israeli goods.

The poll, called British Attitudes Toward Israel, also asked respondents questions about media coverage of Israel.

Some 62% of respondents said they felt the British media did not provide enough background or context when reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, and a strong majority of 70% said they felt the media chooses the most dramatic pictures even if they do not reflect the true story.

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  • Rick

    Just another reason why the UK should leave the EU ASAP!

  • Joseph Feld

    This sounds like an accurate reflection of what I see here in London. Human rights is a key issue in Britain and over the years, Iran, Saudi and other Islamist states have consistently abused women and non-Muslims. There is strong feeling against the hundreds of thousands of Syrians and other refugees demanding housing and benefits while abusing Syrian and other Christians. Today more Brits than before see the BBC as the Biased Broadcastig Corporation.

  • Why Did Beb Gurion order the Killing of President Kenndy !

    • Dan

      Well, apparently there’s one person who believes that (you). Now your job is to go convince anyone else.

      But I have to ask; do you really think that poorly of Jews that this idea is even worth considering?

      • Florres

        I don’t know why Anti-Semites use Kennedy for their evil lies, well at least that anti-Semite.

        US military aid to Israel, is a 100% Kennedy invention.

        RFK was even murdered for it. Prior to that the US even for a brief period boycotted arms to Israel.

        But antii-semitism was always free-form sh-t hurling seeign what sticks, and always will be. Until some rightous person kills them for trturing and genocide of a small and great people for no real reason for thousands of years, even using the left and all holy books, there should be well over a billion Jews by now, and Jews should have protected land in every European and Islamic country. Especially Judea.

    • Philip Lackmaker

      Because, unlike you he had a sense of humour .

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    This is the first highly positive article coming out of Britain that demonstrates strong connection to us that I have read in years! I am pleasantly surprised and moved by the outcome of the poll cited in this article. I think that we here in Israel just want to be respected as a nation among other nations in addition to the fact that we are the only democracy in the Middle East and wish to be an ally with the countries that comprise the Free World. The last paragraph in the article points out that the majority of the Brits are aware of the bias and the slant in the British media–that goes a long way to recognising the true situation in which Israel finds itself in the Middle East. This article made my day!