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November 10, 2015 3:05 pm

Thousands March Against Racism and Antisemitism in Poland, Carry Signs Saying ‘Hug a Jew’

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Warsaw. Illustrative photo: Facebook.

Warsaw. Illustrative photo: Facebook.

Thousands of Poles took part in an anti-racism protest in Warsaw on Sunday, and many held signs saying “Hug a Jew,” in both Polish and English, Israeli news site nrg reported on Tuesday.

Speaking from Warsaw’s infamous Umschlagplatz, Amnesty International organizer Agata Kwiatoń told reporters, “Seventy-seven years ago hundreds of thousands of Jews were deported to the death camp of Treblinka from this very spot.”

“They were murdered because of their religion and origin. Others were threatened with exile,” she said, according to Radio Poland.

The anti-racism protest mostly focused on criticism of what demonstrators perceive as growing Polish nationalism and hostility toward Syrian migrants and other foreigners. Some right-wing politicians have criticized Poland’s plan to accept 7,000 Syrian refugees over the next two years.

Polish President Andrzej Duda recently faced criticism for scheduling the swearing-in of the new Polish parliament the same day this month as an EU summit on migration, raising doubts as to whether Poland would even be represented.

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  • Michelle Wayne

    After what happen in Paris and this is just a beggining I’m sure it will spread becose some stupid people have allowed this to happen there is no guarantee it will not happen in Poland, big mistake allowing this mass of people that 80%is not genuine refugees and how many thousands are members of Muslim terrorist organization??? It will show in blood !!!

  • Sue

    Some of the posters here are never satisfied with anything! There is no reason to blame young Poles for the actions of their ancestors 70 years ago. Let’s judge them by their words and actions, not by their ancestry. No, we don’t need a “hug’ but it is obvious that the marchers meant well. We have enough enemies, so let’s not reject our friends!

  • sean

    all my comments are inappropriate?

  • sean

    The line of Slavic nations, from Finland down to Transylvania, each have less than 1% muslims. This despite some belonging to the open-borders EU, and despite some bordering muslim countries. I can only speculate about why this is, but I’m convinced it is significant, and that this refugee/terrorist crisis will result in pushing the EU over the edge and resulting in the eventual expulsion of muslims from Europe.

    Bringing someone of such contrast and conflict with you, into your home, is not a lasting situation. It’s doomed from the beginning. The only hope I can see in this is that the leftists of Europe who want such conflict, should be run out with them.

  • Barry

    From a friend who is a Polish Christian American, whose parents were prisoners in Nazi concentration camps for three years. My friend was born after the War in a DP camp:

    I wish the article had mentioned that the deportation had been done by the Germans rather than the Poles. Otherwise the implication is that the death camps were Polish death camps — a frequent assumption.


    • Harry Kahn

      The deportation was done by the Germans -that is correct-but the had plenty of help from many of the people of Poland- I was a teenager when I left germany and I was there still on crystalnacht and beyond,;

    • HaroldT

      The tragic facts are that many Jews were shot by Poles, burn to death in synagogues and some even murdered when they returned to Poland to prevent them claiming back the homes taken over by Poles.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    It should have been thousands of Jews marching in strength instead of thousands of Poles marching with “Hug a Jew” signs that could just as easily have been “Kill A Jew” signs.

    Jews for thousands of years have been murdered by these people, tortured, raped and accused of everything under the sun since the Catholic church unleashed its hatred of the Jews.

    The Poles still occupy Jewish homes throughout Poland and Jews will never get back their rightful property.

    I wish there was a God who would take vengance on these people.

    • sean

      A boolean search on biblegateway . com for “I will repay” –

      reveals the words of Jahovah, over and over again, concerning how He will punish everyone throughout history, for their cruelty to the Jews. Some will receive “double for their iniquity.”

      Whether you want to believe Him or not is up to you. Personally, I am more interested in His patience, grace and mercy.

    • Wm. J. Levy. You sure do not know history especially the history of Poland and the historical reality that it was always a safe haven for Jews. You will have to work very hard to find any incident of Jewish persecution in Poland under a POLISH GOVERNMENT. Dumb insane posts like yours need to be taken for what they are–senseless perpetuation of lies and slander against the vast majority of Poles. Yes Poles occupy homes that once had Jewish owners, you should also mention that the Jews who owned those homes were murdered by the Nazi army not the Poles. In 1922 Jews were refugees all over central Europe. Poland not only took in over 600,000 of them, they gave them the full rights any Polish citizen had. I wonder if you have hair aches at night because your brain is twisting in your sleep.

    • Isaac

      I’m a Jew and I live in Poland and I am surrounded by Polish friends. How dare you speak about my friends in this way. You are ignorant of Poland and you need to learn.

    • Leopold Galicki

      I am Polish Jew. One of the main circumstances which contributed to the tragedy of the Polish Jews was your country’s silence in the front of all these terrible things which lready in 1930s took place in Nazi Germany. And USA waited to declare the state of war with Germany until itself was attacked by Japan. Historically, shame on your country.

      You are right that there was and is morre or less antisemitisme in Poland. You have it also, more or less, in your country.

      Regarding the Jewish homes left in Poland. Are you yourself one which can claim your familiy’s home in Poland? Or do you want that th Jews WHO were killed in Auschwitz, Tremblinka, etc.. raise and come up from ashes and claim their homes? Or are you attempting to be my advocate?

  • xyz

    Dear Polish activists,

    thank you a lot, but I do not feel the desire of being hugged to promote your cause.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Poland is a deeply Catholic country. Syrian Muslims are deeply anti-Christian. In refugee camps Muslims have to be separated for their own safety. Why should Poland and other Christian countries have to accept thouands of anti-Christian Muslims? Saudi and the Gulf Emirates refuse to accept any Syrian refugees, while Germany agrees to accept as many as 800,000 this year alone.

    • DockyWocky

      It is all part of a grand conspiracy to load Western countries with thousands of whack-jobs who don’t belong anywhere in the West.

      Who’s idea was it to allow this mass invasion?

      • sean

        The same leftist who brought millions of Pakistanis to England and Mexicans to the US. They use them as voting blocks while accusing the prosperous natives of racism.

      • Reform School

        How do YOU spell C.F.R.? C.I.A.? Fatah? Hamas? Hizbollah? I.R.I.? I.S.I.L.? Muhammad? U.N.?

      • Tabitha Korol

        whose idea? Mohammed for one, George Soros and the Globalists for another.

  • a yid

    okay. so they want to hug a Jew and are against racism and antisemitism. here’s the acid test: how do they feel about Israel?

  • Florres

    Yay Poland and Czech!! The fighting Church of Christ.Why is the anti-Semitic organization, crony socialist thing, of evil rich people, Amnesty International and currupt taking credit for our history?

    They are neither Jewish nor Poliih, just an evil NGO, world government fascist anti-God organization.

  • Annie

    This picture does not illustrate “thousands of poles.