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November 11, 2015 3:55 pm

Abbas: If We Don’t Have Freedom, No One in the Region Will

avatar by David Daoud

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wikipedia.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wikipedia.

In a speech on Wednesday commemorating the 11th anniversary of the death of PLO chief Yasser Arafat, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that regional freedom was tied to Palestinian independence, the Israeli news site nrg reported.

“The Palestinian people must be allowed to exercise their right to freedom and independence,” said Abbas. “Otherwise, no one in the region will feel they are free.”

“Yasser Arafat will always be in our heart,” he said of his predecessor.

Abbas also said that the commission tasked with investigating the cause of Arafat’s death had “made significant progress in discovering the truth…”

Tawfik Tirawi, who heads the Palestinian investigation team, assert that the committee “will find the man who murdered Arafat,” and blamed Israel for the former PA president’s demise.

Despite repeated claims by the Palestinian Authority that Arafat was poisoned, French and Russian teams separately investigating the case both ruled out foul play in his death.

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  • Florres

    He talks like a leftist, knows all the big leftist words, but he represents the reason why we needed to invent a left tobegin with, Catholic and Islamic perpetual coloization and mass murder, but hey now they just do the same thing and call it left.

    He is actually a spear-tip of a long term torture then genocide, that his Ummah had done to the Jews of the world, especially all 21 Arab countries the colonialist left, and euro-snot handed to the Colonialist Arabs to kill all Jews, as they had just done.

    Don’t fear, they will come up wth a lying answer to their lying questions, maybe a new form of Replcement Theology, where only the worst anti-Semites pretend to tempararily be Jews, to kill the people who were Jews when no one wanted to be.

    Let’s get the facts down, Arabs have no freedom, and non-arabs have less, in all 56 /islamic countries, some mch worse than oters, the media is completley evil and complicit in their evil, at least as bad as them. 30% of Egytians are in poverty, and Gaza which was northern Egypt for 1000 years prior to 1966 was always in poverty. Even famous democracies like India for example have de facto and previously by law caste systems, as the US does. Most countries on earth, including South Korea, are not Democracies, y real stanards, America gives away for the past 20 years well over 200 billion a year to non-democracies in military aid, heck we give a billion a year to a goveremtn that includes Hezbolleh, Lebanon which has killed nearly 1000 US troops. And erased its Jews after abusing them for 1200 years plus.

  • Jonah

    My fond memory’s of Arafat. Did I not read that he lived on sardines and peanut butter. I also read he was a pedophile who molested children as he strapped explosives to their back. He also put billions of dollars in Europen banks that were to be used for Palestinian reconstruction. Excersice their right to freedom. The only right the Islamic rulers allow them to exercise is the right to kill Jews indiscriminately. They are Islamic pawns used solely for the purpose of fueling the intifada. They are like a slave nation to the ruling Islamic elite.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Please answer my last letter.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Where are the Replies?

    Why must I always ask?

    Where can I click to get them without having to send a letter every time?


  • Mickey Oberman

    Your death, Mr. Abbas, can give you total freedom from all your cares and woes

  • ezequiel doiny

    “…There is a much better and honest option which is to recognize that the Palestinians already have a State in Jordan. Since the US/EU claim the Arab-Israeli conflict can be solved though a UNSC resolution why not submit one declaring that Jordan is Palestine?…It is not honest for those who seek a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict to ignore that Jordan was also part of British Mandate Palestine. Jordan must also be part of the solution…”

  • ezequiel doiny

    Kerry calls the situation in Israel “not sustainable” but the alternative is much worse
    “…the current stabbing attacks are far better that the thousands of rockets that will rain in Israel if a Palestinian State is created in the West Bank…”