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November 13, 2015 4:58 pm

Israeli Father, Son Murdered in Terrorist Attack Were on Their Way to Family Wedding Celebration

avatar by David Daoud

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The scene of the shooting attack near Hebron. Photo: Twitter.

The scene of the shooting attack near Hebron. Photo: Twitter.

The Israeli father and son from Kiryat Arba, near Hebron, who were killed by terrorists early Friday morning were on their way to a family wedding celebration, Israeli news website Walla reported.

At around 3:00 pm, the family was traveling southward on Route 60 when gunmen ambushed their car south of Mt. Hebron, near the Israeli settlement of Otniel, and opened fire on it. The father, 40 years old, and his 18-year-old son, were killed in the shooting attack. The man’s wife, 16-year-old son, and three daughters were lightly wounded and were transferred to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva for treatment.

They told reporters that the family was on its way to a Shabbat Kallah celebration — a traditional pre-wedding gathering for the bridal party — to be held in honor of one of the man’s daughters, who is expected to get married this week.

One of the groom’s relatives said, “now happiness and sadness are intertwined. I don’t blame the Arabs. After all, they just see our weakness and attack us because that’s what they know how to do.”

The gunmen managed to escape from the scene, and Israeli security forces are currently searching the area. A large number of Israeli security personnel, and search aircraft, have been sent to aid the initial force in the search. Reports also indicate that the Israeli army has surrounded the nearby villages of Yatta and Beit Aiwa.

Gaza based terror group Hamas issued a congratulatory statement on the attack, which it called a “heroic resistance operation.” It said the attack, “demonstrates the development of the capability of the Quds Intifada and that resistance can deter the occupation,” adding that “force is the only language that [Israel/The Occupation] understands.

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  • Cheryl Rosenberg

    By not blaming the Arabs who murdered innocent Israeli civilians, the groom’s relative is giving the terrorists permission to murder with impunity. He should know there is no moral justification for murder.

  • BrynaBABY

    And so we see that fanatic Islamists continue to behave like uncivilized animals, killing innocent people and destroying lives and any chance for Peace between the peoples! Whether it’s France or Israel, these death loving monsters spread their hate!

  • chinedu Edward

    Whoever is quick to raise sword dies very quick, palastenians beware, it is not who starts it but who is able to finish it.

  • Isaac Brajtman

    The families of every knife attacker and car attacker should be punished .Destroy their homes and if they are employed they should be fired . Maybe if they realised that their families will suffer, they will think twice before acting
    Every MK not condemning the terrorism,barred from the Knesset,and every person encouraging them, put in jail.

  • Jose duran

    This a very horrible tragedy. The terrorists, can’t be reasoned with they need to be exterminated, starting with Abbas.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    Every Israeli should be armed.
    Israel must introduce a law, whereby every terrorist captured, must be shot on the spot.
    Then they should have pig’s blood spread all over their worthless dodies
    The Arabs are savage bastards.

    When will the UN speak out about this? The UN will never condemn acts of terrorism against Israelis, after all, who is the UN?
    Mostly Arab nations.
    What has the Muslim in the White House got to say about this?
    Time for the IDF to bomb Gaza and flatten the area, so that there will be no more Hamas alive.

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    Deepest condolences to this family.

  • nelson marans

    The recent terrorist attack in Paris demonstrates the mind set that Israel has been dealing with for the last 67 plus years. Only the names change and the point of origin.

  • Put all politics aside – fighting and quashing terrorism is a matter of world survival
    The world needs to put together immediately an International task forces to fight terrorism and Muslim extremists. It needs to be a well trained force with substantial resources and manpower as well as an International intelligence cooperation with no restriction. It has to be a unified and cohesive battle to abolish terrorism at all costs. Let the terrorists know that there is no hole they can hide in, that the world terrorist task force and other law enforcement agencies will get them wherever they are. We must shut off all their resources, financing, financial institutions and any source that supply them with any kind of support; weaponry, economic, information, etc. whatsoever.
    I urge the world powers at large to take these terrorist events seriously with utmost urgency. The situation is at a critical stage and if immediate all out action is not taken in all parts of the world, terror and mayhem will take over the world and we will not be able to stop it.
    Just imagine if one of those terrorist got a hold of a nuclear suitcase bomb. Do I need to describe it any further.
    Is there a leader today (please stand up) in the free world who can take the bull by the horn and initiate this global war on terrorism.
    YJ Draiman

    P.S. God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change things that I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.

    Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can not be treated just where it is visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed completely with no traces left.

    When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely. That is the way the terrorist organizations should be treated.

    YJ Draiman

  • Michael Fox

    As I write, Western civilization is under attack by an apocalyptic death cult hiding under the cover of religion. Islam is at war with western civilization. The attacks in Paris today are just a small part of what the west can expect in the future. The gates of hell are wide open in Europe now. European politicians in collusion with our own cowardly President and an apathetic European population have opened those gates and they will pay the ultimate price before Islam finishes them off and swarms like a dark cloud of locusts into the Americas.
    Wake up people. World War 111 has begun.

  • abe luber

    the united states said to ben gurion if you agree to not establish a state we will have the jewish people as citizens of the united states. no we will have our own country.

    now the arabs want to get rid of jews .they think that killing is the answer to everything.

  • 1. Hamas Group is wrong to maintain there is an ‘occupation’ which needs to be eradicated.

    2. Force is the only Language terrorists like Hizbollah, Hamas and others respect. Were 70 dead Palestinians recently killed in RETRIBUTION of knifing Jews not enough??

    3. The Israeli Defense Force is the second or Third most effective on the planet – and can retaliate AND eviscerate ALL armies/terror Groups – perhaps except atom bombs!!!