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November 15, 2015 10:48 am

After Paris Attacks, Netanayhu Says World Must Condemn Terror Against Israel to Same Degree

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Prime Minister Netanyahu at his weekly cabinet meeting. Photo: Screenshot.

Prime Minister Netanyahu at his weekly cabinet meeting. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called on world leaders to show the same level of indignation over terror against Israelis as they do over terror attacks around the world.

“The time has come for countries to condemn terrorism against us to the same degree that they condemn terrorism everywhere else in the world,” Netanyahu said. “It would be proper for Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas], who condemned the attack in France yesterday, to condemn ruthless terrorism against innocent people in Israel and fight the incitement that motivates it.”

His comments were made at the start of his government’s weekly cabinet meeting, less than two days after massive, coordinated terror attacks left 129 dead in Paris — and an Israeli father and son, Rabbi Yaakov and 18-year-old Netanel Litman, were killed while driving in the West Bank.

The premier said that the two attacks should be seen in the same light, noting their close proximity to one another, and calling for world unity to combat the shared threat of terrorism.

“Mere hours after the murder was perpetrated near Otniel, terrorists set out on a vicious assault in Paris and murdered innocent people,” he said. “In Israel, as in France, terrorism is terrorism and standing behind it is radical Islam and its desire to destroy its victims. The time has come for the world to wake up and unite in order to defeat terrorism.”

He also had words of caution for those who seek to justify or explain terror attacks: “We should remember – we are not to blame for the terrorism directed against us, just as the French are not to blame for the terrorism directed against them. It is the terrorists who are to blame for terrorism, not the territories, not the settlements and not any other thing. It is the desire to destroy us that perpetuates this conflict and drives the murderous aggression against us.”

The prime minister further stressed that the fact that the attacks in Israel were not of the same scale as those in Paris was not due to the lack of will on behalf of the terrorists, but due to the efforts of Israeli security services.

“The terrorists who attack us have the same murderous intent as those in Paris,” he said, but, “Thanks to our aggressive policy against terrorism – to control the ground, go into the villages, demolish terrorists’ homes and take preventive action against the infrastructures of terrorism – along with the determined action of the IDF and the security services in carrying out this policy, we succeed many times in frustrating and preventing more serious disasters.”

Speaking to the Litman family, Netanyahu said he expressed his condolences and told the grieving widow and bereaved mother that “the entire nation grieves over the awful double disaster that befell her and her children.” He also vowed to “deal with the murderer to the fullest extent of the law.”

According to Israeli media reports, the perpetrator of the Otniel attack was apprehended last night in a special forces raid. He was a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group.

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  • chris gigi

    I only wish we could keep them out of Canada also – our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vowed NOT to take away any Terrorists’s Passports and we are about to receive 25,000 Syrian refugees very shortly.

  • It is not the time for those of us to see Democracy as other than a combined effort to rid the World of all Intolerance’s. The World knows what Israel stands for, and we stand together or fall together. That is what isil seeks! That is not what Muslims seek or Islam demands! The murderer’s of isil know the deeds are against all that Islam has enshrined. What we Christian have taken from Judaism, so too has Islam. Divinity! Monotheism and a moral conscience!

  • Islam cannot impose itself upon the will of any People wishing to connect with some divinity or other. That view applies to all, let alone those Muslim People willing to accede to the Quoran’s view of Peace and harmony amongst fellow human beings. Islam is not arbitrary! Yet we witnessed in Paris this weekend the random selection of innocent’s. Did these radical fundamentalists know the heart of those they Murdered? Did they care? Justice is not selective! These murderers were indiscriminate! They sought from amongst those they Murdered, ordinary human beings who were merely in place for executing an evil which is not representative of Faith, Religion or God! Wrong doers are sought out and dealt with, and not in any arbitrary sense, where some abstracted version of equitableness is used to gain a vengeful counter with slight is a total disregard for all of humanity.

  • The nations need to unte and get rid of Islam. What happened in paris can hppen any where.We must pray for our country and our allies. and get rid of the muslims in our white House

    • NO! That is not right! To blame all of Islam for those who do not represent any humanitarian Muslim is to preach a hatred we can do without!

  • jakob was

    Bibi’s never misses an opportunity to turn history on its head. If there’s a parallel with ISIL it is the never relenting Israeli campaign against the Palestinians.

    • zadimel

      Turning history on its head is not your strong point,for you disregard the distortions of historical fact by and the annihilative nature of the Arab enemies and other peoples toward the Jewish nation and State. The ability of the Jews and Israelis to defend themselves against these enemies has been a historical narrative unparalleled in the history of nations.

  • Yeshayahu Hollander

    The PA are so intoxicated with their ability to say things, that they say anything that sounds good to them, regardless of truth, and regardless of how absurd it seems to others. Perhaps Arab children believe them. The problem is, that American children – in college, but still children, spoiled children, also believe them.

  • Cherie

    As the world joins hands denouncing the recent terror attacks in Paris, so do I denounce all forms of terror being hurled daily Israel and her people.
    It would be hypocritical of global leaders to selectively denounce acts of terror only, outside of Israel. They must be consistent in their actions or to contradict their values would demonstrate hypocrisy.

    • That is a Fact! There is a lack of consistency when it comes to Israel, the Jewish People and what we all must stand for and against! It is wrong to label all Muslim’s as isil, as it is to declare all Jews concerned with only Jews. Are Israeli’s always amongst the first to share, are altruistic, are humanitarian! True though. While Israel has been pounded since 1948, we in the West have been happy to see the front line so distant from out shower! Not that Madrid, NY, London, Paris can state that now!

  • Bibi shouldn’t believe that the world will change. While the US and Europe are innocent victims of terror, Israel because it ‘occupies’ Arab lands is guilty of oppression etc. and the terror against Israel is therefore ‘justified’. The same reason that labelling Israeli made products from the ‘West Bank’, although it gives employment to hundreds of Palestinians, is justified. There are two standards, one for the Western nations and another for Jews. Good old antisemitism.

  • I. M. Israel

    Israel’s PM is nothing but an idol worshipping, wanna-be goy looking for acceptance and willing to appease the nations at the expense of Jewish lives. Such a creature is not fit to represent the only Jewish land in the world. The same land where his government makes it mandatory for Jews in public schools to learn Arab, but never in his eight years as a PM has he allowed Torah to be taught in those schools. If the PM had one ounce of integrity, he would resign and hang himself for all the crimes he’s committed against the Jewish people.

    • Michael

      The same thinking led to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. The same thinking lead to the destruction of the Second Temple.

  • Myron Slater

    The terrorist threat is a threat no matter where it occurs, against the Jews or the French. Those who are responsible for the attacks need to be punished! It’s finely time for the world to step up if they want freedom to survive!

  • brenrod

    BB said the same at every other muslim terror act in the west including 911… never happened then and wont happen now… best to stop whining and do something.