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November 16, 2015 11:05 am

Things the French Can Do That Israelis Cannot

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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In the aftermath of the deadly Paris attacks, French President Francois Hollande said "we are going to lead a war which is pitiless." Photo: Wikipedia.

In the aftermath of the deadly Paris attacks, French President Francois Hollande said “we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.” Photo: Wikipedia.

On Friday night, French President Francois Hollande said, “To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.”

An Israeli leader could never say that against Islamic terrorists. Such language would be used as evidence that Israel desires genocide. “Pitiless,” after all, implies that some innocent will be killed along with the terrorists.


One of the suicide bombers who carried out the Paris attacks was identified Saturday by a French parliament member as Ismael Omar Mostefai.

Police took into custody Saturday Mostefai’s father and brother and were searching their homes, a source close to the probe told AFP.

Isn’t that administrative detention, which we are told by human rights groups is a huge crime?

Isn’t that collective punishment, which we are told by human rights groups is a huge crime?

Oh, sorry. Those are only crimes when Israel does it to relatives of Arab terrorists. When it isn’t done by Israel, these moves are a strong signal to the terrorists that we are taking the threat seriously.

But when it comes to sheer hypocrisy on how to respond to terror, you must look past France to the New York Times‘ Roger Cohen:

The only adequate measure, after the killing of at least 129 people in Paris, is military, and the only objective commensurate with the ongoing threat is the crushing of ISIS and the elimination of its stronghold in Syria and Iraq. The barbaric terrorists exulting on social media at the blood they have spilled cannot be allowed any longer to control territory on which they are able to organize, finance, direct and plan their savagery.

Oh, so terrorists must not be allowed to control territory? Cohen sure doesn’t feel that way about Gaza! No, to Cohen, Hamas terrorists simply have a “competitive narrative of victimhood.”

Even though a major campaign to destroy ISIS’ control of land will kill many innocent civilians, to Roger Cohen, “the death of a single child to an Israeli bullet seems to betoken some failure in the longed-for Jewish state,” France and the US and NATO must not fret over the certainty that they will kill children in their righteous war against Islamic terror, but Israel cannot allow a single child to die in their fight against the same Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Islamic extremism or else its entire claim to legitimacy is shattered.

Cohen’s twisted thinking is revealed by this passage:

It was wrong to dismiss ISIS as a regional threat. Its threat is global. Enough is enough. A certain quality of evil cannot be allowed physical terrain on which to breed.

Really? Then where are his columns saying to destroy ISIS before Paris? Where was his outrage at Islamic terrorists who targeted Jews at the HyperCacher market? In Toulouse? In Burgas? In Mumbai?

It shows that to Cohen and those who think like him, merely targeting Jews isn’t enough of a threat to demand that terrorists be soundly defeated. Those victims were just Jews, whose murders can be dismissed as an extension of murdering Jews in Israel – Jews who to an extent deserve being killed because Palestinians have a narrative that sounds good to Cohen. Israel can’t fight back against those terrorists except in pinpoint attacks that cannot have any chance of killing the women and children that the terrorists are hiding behind.

But when Western French are slaughtered – now we must fight back. Those victims were innocent human beings!  We must have a ground war! We must be pitiless!

Crushing ISIS in Syria and Iraq will not eliminate the jihadi terrorist threat. But the perfect cannot be the enemy of the good. Passivity is a recipe for certain failure. It is time, in the name of humanity, to act with conviction and power against the scourge of the Islamic State.

Except when the victims are just Jews and the perpetrators can be given a “narrative” of victimhood.

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  • Gimme strength

    Where is the call for France to exercise restraint? That call only goes out to Israel when she is attacked.

  • Dan

    Why can’t Israel do that? Because Jews. Duh

  • Karen

    great article

  • Peter Schnall

    Seems it is not just Israel? China rebukes west over stance on terror,read the story at the following link:

  • Just

    Killing is not the solution for both side, this is a fight related to the religion – Islam, so the solution should be accordingly. So what is the solution?
    Every Isis fighter that will be captured alive will be converted to some other religion (Hindu for example).
    Every dead fighter will be burried with a dead pig

  • Reform School

    Who put the Warfarin in Hollande’s Ritalin bottle?

  • Left out is how many civilians are killed in all the bombings by the US, Russia, and France in Iraq and Syria that are ignored by the media, but are microscopically examined in any action by Israel!!

  • Eric Hankin

    Great article! You nailed it!

    • Dan black

      For three decades Arabs have been winning their ridiculous, racist, malicious evil campaign of demonizing and delegitimizing our very existence.
      Enough! We are here to stay and thrive.

      Now is our turn to solve the PR problem. Please let’s stop whining. We are strong.

      NOW IS THE TIME. THEY ARE WEAK AND DESPERATE: They are medieval, weak and desperate. They have just invented their new and improved weapon — children and old lady terrorists, an apparent improvement over old-fashioned suicide vests and human shields. Progress, Arab style. How very sad and self destructive!

      We are their best hope, and they don’t get it. There has never been an Arab Palestine next to Eretz Israel, nor will ever be unless they abandon their malignant negative national identity built on victimhood, entitlement, violence, hate, and lies.
      We are already winners in our beautiful Jewish Palestine, our miraculous Israel, and they are so envious and so trapped in an imagined Big Lie of their own making.

      And practically the whole world bought into their narrative, hook, line, and sinker! Wake up, fellow Zionists. That’s all we need to do. Wake up.

      So PR:
      Let’s face it. They are winning the PR WAR. OUR MANY INSTITUTIONS HAVE FAILED TO GRASP WHAT IT TAKES! We need fresh thinking and approaches. Let’s push them back hard everywhere at once. Exploit their weaknesses. Recruit our friends in a coherent campaign. Let’s do what we do best — build, create, innovate progress, care for humanity, and invent solutions to complex problems like winning the PR war. Every Jew must participate.

      ONE IDEA:
      Let us use our entrepreneurship gifts to mount innovative positive PR campaigns to stun the world!
      There need to be created well-capitalized PR startups with great professional full time teams headed by young zionist visionaries. Each will have a distinguished board and a lot of autonomy.
      Like any start up, each will have to study the ‘marketplace’ and form a plan.
      We will use social media, star power, etc to bring home messages even every peasant in Egypt’s Nile Delta and Qarari businessman will love, if those are our goals.

      So where and who are our modern day chochems, founders, and funders to be our Maccabees in cyber / PR wars?

  • sholom

    if bibi had any brains, the next time terror strikes in israel he should quote verbatim

    “To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.”

    those who complain will be exposed as hypocrites

  • Sylvia

    The thing is, people/countries are not aware of the fact that they are in fact, anti-semitic. It is so thouroghly inbred that they honestly don’t know that about themselves.
    Example “who would have thought he is Jewish” says it all.
    I do not always agree with the way Israël deals with the situation, let alone with how the Palestines are dealing with it. Don’t always agree with my husband either for that matter.
    Sadly, Israël will always be alone, simply because it is the only jewish country and sadly because of the world’s inbred antisemitism.

    • duPont

      Sylvia- you are absolutely right. Anti-Semitism is inbred and you see it happening today to the entire population of Arab children. “You don’t look Jewish,” “you don’t sound Jewish,” etc., I have heard it throughout my life of 75 years! As far as Christian anti-Semitism is concerned, it is doubly incongruous as it demonstrates a hatred of the religion their Saviour was born into and died with. Understanding that Jesus did not die a Christian but as a Jew and that his followers became “Christians,” followers of the teachings of Jesus, it is anathema that any Christian should be anti-Semitic. Yet, there are millions of them out there who are so ignorant of their own religion’s history that they continue to teach hatred of the Jew. The Muslims are the most ignorant of their religion even believing it to be the oldest religion in the world. Ignorance breeds everything we see today that is discriminatory.

    • Paul Randall

      Not all of us Gentiles are antisemitic. Some of us would call ourselves Zionists. I support Israel totally and I’m English. Am Yisrael Chai <3

  • Marc

    The worst in the article is the name of the author that prevent this article to be easily posted anywhere else.

    • Ploni

      Famous pro Israel blogger – get current dude

  • Tony Trenton

    The worm has finally turned !!!

    We in Israel will have to clean house and rid the Jewish Land of Israel of the Muslim Horde that seeks our destruction !!!

    The Muslim Hive has reached Critical Mass and the Muslim Horde is Swarming over the Earth devouring everything that is NON Muslim.

    THIS IS WW 3 !!!!

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    I hope that all US Jews, and the millions of Christians in USA, will NOT buy that used toilet paper called NYT>
    They must NOt advetise in that used toilet paper.
    The time will come, when Hashem will destroy the NYT and all Islam and all Jew haters.

    If the EU countries, Britain, USA and others who have taken in millions of “migrants” then they are handing their countries to Islam, on a silver platter.
    Islam need not fight. They have won their battle to take over the world.
    Those countries that have taken in the so called migrants, have taken in, millions of Muslim Brotherhood and islamic jihadists.
    The Christian countries must not forget that Christians were thrown into the sea, from their boats, because they refused to convert to Islam.
    So, the new game will be “convert or die”

  • Dave

    But you don’t really believe any of this will actually happen, do you? There will be some token bombing, which will achieve little, but will provoke ISIL to their next atrocity. Yes, the West must be pitiless against this scourge, but there is little will to actually do it.

  • Anti-Semitism is on the rise and that includes the United a States. In the 1930s and 1940s the world including the USA turned a blind eye. Why? It is very simple. Those that lost everything including their lives were only Jews.

    Today the same is happening. Look no further than the BDS movement, the product labeling and the ant-Israel movements on American colleges. There is also a movement to boycott Israel academia by various faculty groups within the USA.

  • France might have finally woken up after ISIS murdered 129 innocent people in the heart of Paris. But France is still fast asleep to the danger posed by a nuclear Iran which is orders of magnitude more dangerous than ISIS. There the chance to learn from past mistakes will not exist.

    Thinking About the Unthinkable: An Israel-Iran Nuclear War

  • Mickey Oberman

    Cohen and the rest of the Kapos like him are so wrapt up with their convoluted self hatred that one may expect nothing better from them.

  • Ephraim

    Now, if the antisemites would only acknowledge this farce.

  • steven L

    Most French are not Jews therefore everything is permissible.
    So Israel preserves the moral high ground and remains the Light unto the nations.

  • I hope you will write more articles about how victims-turned-perpetrators wind up behaving in precisely the ways which they deplore, when they are the victims –

    It’s such an irony! There was an African-American anchor who lost his job when he spoke out against Palestinian victim-perpetrators while describing how Martin Luther King, Jr. had led African-Americans, certainly a very brutalized group, into NOT becoming perpetrators out of their victimization, but instead, into being “survivors” or victors!

    Gandhi had a few Muslims who marched with him, and there were some Muslim rescuers of Jews, so perhaps someday there will be a movement out of Islam that doesn’t rely on violence or desire to dominate and convert all “kuffar” or non-Muslims.

    But until then I hope you – and I, if only I knew how – will educate people about boundaries and how to recover from having one’s boundaries violated – and that recovery is NOT to become a perpetrator and to victimize others in the name of whatever ideology or religion you represent.

    Elder of Ziyon, how would you instruct an apprentice-blogger to add his or her voice to the worldwide community? How did you get started – what do you recommend? Thank you, and also, thank you for being such an intelligent and interesting blogger!

  • david

    I hear and share the righteous indignation. but where’s the fight back?

  • Myron Slater

    Of course, as usual, Jews don’t count!

  • “Surrender” is one thing the French can do that Israelis cannot do.

  • John train

    TO:  Representative  Adam Schiff , Mel Levine, Glenn Sonnenberg,,Rob Eshman , Michael Berenbaum  

    Your support of the Iran deal will enable Iran to unleash these potential nightmares against Jews everywhere in the world.,,,,

  • moreyn kamenir

    Thank you! For days these thought have been screaming in my head but no one has given them voice until you! Thank you!

  • Anthony Dayton

    Keep this handy for future reference

  • (Elder of Ziyon?)

    Whoever the author of this commentary is seems to not have learned
    much of European history, lest he would not be the least bit sur-
    prised that the French have reacted to French and not Jewish
    ‘tragedy’ in France. If he and his high-school history teachers had any courage or knowledge of the subject, he would damned well know that the French have traditionally been more anti-semitic then even the Germans!

    Alfred Dreyfus, the Jewish officer in the French Army during the
    19th century, was quite obviously framed by a fearful neurotic
    military high command, tried for treason as a German spy, and im-
    prisoned in Devil’s Island. He was acquitted and reinstated and
    promoted to field grade officer status only as the result of the
    courageous and persistent efforts of Mr. Emil Zola who was hounded mercilessly by Parisians whenever he went out into the public! In fact, they were so disturbed by his actions regarding Major Dreyfus that they attempted to overturn his casket at the man’s funeral procession! There’s a lot more I can say about the French including the harassing of Alexander Dumas’ as “showing himself to be a monkey under his light brown skin if scratched hard enough!” (One French newspaper editorial printed that re-mark for public reading!) His father Alexander Dumas I was a general appointed by the French Citizen’s Council and a young Napoleon Bonaparte’s commanding officer at one point! But that’s another subject which exposes the dark side of the much touted Liberty, Freedom, and Equality of the French Republic. Tom Reiss has done an excellent job of showing this dark side in his four year researched telling biography “The Black Count”, The Real Count of Monte Cristo!

    And also I would contend that Israel’s hands are not so pure and
    holy and clean! Even some of their own high ranking military officers were indicted some years ago for giving Palestinians arms to defend themselves against Israeli aggression! Does this author recall that? Their seizing of the land of another people based upon alleged prophesy and the German Holocaust used by Zionists to justify the seizure of the land (which also included the assassination by the Haganah of Jacob Israel Hahn in 1924 who opposed an implanted Zionist created ‘Israel’ arguing that Judaism was a religion and not a ‘race’ therefore a ‘Jewish’ state was not justified in his view) has been a source of contentious debate since the inception of that implanted ‘state’ in 1948! In fact did not Menachin Begin refer to himself as the “father of modern terrorism” and lead the bombing of the King David Hotel which resulted in the death of a number of Palestinians and his being placed on the British wanted listings?

    These are matters for us all to research and ponder whether we
    like what is uncovered or not!

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois

    • Ploni


  • Roseliya

    So true, thank you.

  • Ploni


  • Anke Philipp

    thanks for this truth!!!