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November 18, 2015 5:44 pm

Jewish Teacher Stabbed by Three ISIS Supporters in Marseille, Police Say

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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The Grand Synagogue of Marseilles. Photo: WikiCommons.

The Grand Synagogue of Marseilles. Photo: WikiCommons.

Three men attacked a Jewish teacher in the southern French city of Marseilles Wednesday night, stabbing him and fleeing while crying out support for ISIS, according to local reports.

The attack, which investigators are calling an antisemitic hate crime, took place around 8:00 pm, according to police prefect Laurent Nunez.

According to reports, the three men approached their victim, asked if he was Jewish, and then began to stab him, hurling obscenities during the act. One of the attackers was wearing a T-shirt with the Islamic State logo, prosecutor Brice Robin told Reuters.

Prosecutors said the man’s life was no longer in danger. Police were combing the area for suspects, according to local reports.

The attack comes amid heightened security in France after last Friday’s deadly attacks by ISIS terrorists in Paris in which 132 people were killed.

A rabbi and two worshipers were stabbed outside a synagogue in Marseilles in October by a mentally unstable man known to police, though the attack coincided with a spate of stabbings of Jews in Israel that has persisted since the Jewish high holidays.

In January, a kosher supermarket was targeted by a terrorist affiliated with ISIS, shortly after the infamous Charlie Hebdo massacre.  In 2011, a terrorist targeted the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in the southern French city of Tolouse, killing four people.

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  • jakob wasi

    Let’s tell it like it was: the young Marsaillais was stabbed since he was wearing a kippa. Were he not would he have been singled out? And then, the young Jew wasn’t the only one targeted. A young Muslim woman wearing a hijab was assalted and stabbed with a box cutter. In consequent, we are dealing with a resurgence of nativism. Algemeiner makes it look as though all Jews are under attack. It’s an exercise of bad reporting

    • Yakov, EVERY attack on Parisians over the last few years, aside from this last one which branched out, were all focused on Jewish citizens. In fact, I can only assume you are not aware, the very theatre where this last attack produced the most casualties was at the Bataclan, Jewish owned. Pro-Israel groups meet at this theatre. It also has a history of pro-Palestinian groups threatening the theatre’s owners, its employees and their customers. WAKE-UP, J!
      Don’t spew just to show your still alive. When you have something intelligent to interject, speak up. Until then, do some actual research and learn a little.

  • It is quite clear that anyone who is showing any kind of support for this murder cult needs to be held in detention is some remote part of the world. They do not reflect the basic norms of civilization, and must be removed.

    With regard to the refugees, this is a different matter. What the receiving countries must do is help set up authentic social networks for the refugees that will be able to get the newcomer fully aware of what the expectations are of the person in the host country, and the social network would be a real time monitoring system that would be able to have a good understanding of the activities of the refugee on a daily basis.

    The western countries should have been actively building social networks for marginalized and vulnerable citizens to a much more serious level than we have. The work of the Community Living Institute and Wolf Wolfensberger needs to be understood and practiced for more populations than only the mentally handicapped.

  • Nancy Kobrin, Ph.D.

    Those who stab are psychotic. Not only the mentally unstable. We need to understand that this is psychopathic behaviour. We continue to remain in denial. Terrorism is a crime. All of crime has a psychopathology – see the works of Adrian Raine and also mine:

    The Banality of Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth about islamic Suicide Bombing, 2010 also in Hebrew and soon in Urdu

    Penetrating the Terrorist Psych, 2013

    The Maternal Drama of the Chechen Jihadi, 2014

    The Jihadi Dictionary of Desperanto: Where Their Internal World Battles External Reality, forthcoming 2016

    The sooner we begin to deal with the ROOT problem and educate the public as to what is really going on in these shame honour cultures and a shame honour religion which spawns violence and extremism the better off we will be. NO one should be Shocked at this point that these things are happening. Condoning Palestinian terrorism has led to ISIS.

    • E P Campbell

      I bought ‘The Banality of Suicide Terrorism’ for my partner, who holds a PhD in Philosophy. She found the book very interesting. I have also bought her books on crowd psychology and propaganda. I believe that the main motivators are: An inferiority complex; a desire to be ‘noticed’; acceptance by like-minded peers; a perverse attempt at ‘redemption’; alienation from parents; the ‘Monster from the Id’.

  • Mickey Oberman

    As long as barbaric worshipers of the obscene Koran are permitted to live among civilized, law abiding citizens these bloody attacks will continue.

  • zev weinstein

    They say it best!!! Plus ca change!

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    No reports yet of Jews acting in self defense and killing the Islamic vermin?

  • nelson marans

    With for the most part a radicalized Muslim presence now in France, estimated at 5 to 12% of the population, that nation is no longer safe for Jews and now shown for non-Muslims. Aliyah to Israel has been increasing for good reason.

  • aall55

    The Jewish community in this city is decreasing at a very rapid pace , the few Jews that are left will go soon .

  • Hamanhanger

    It seems high time that an organization like the Jewish Defense League — or even better, Beitar — ought to be revived in France, and elsewhere in Europe where Jews are increasingly threatened. They may end up moving to Israel, but in the meantime they need to be actively protected.

  • yussi

    And our president called all of these horrible acts “random acts of violence “.is he for real…

  • I am sure John Kerry will be able to rationalize this murder attempt in some way, as he did the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

    • jewgirl

      yes, kerry is quite the rationalizer these days. i’m sorry he represents the US in this way.