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November 23, 2015 7:15 am

Why Is the World Blaming Israel for All of Its Problems?

avatar by David Harris

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Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

It would be the stuff of comedy if it weren’t so devastatingly tragic.

France is targeted by radical Islamic forces. The death toll is nearly 130 people, with hundreds more wounded. This is the second major wave of attacks in the country within the past year. And the threat is far from over.

A Russian airliner in Egyptian airspace is downed by ISIS. Hundreds are murdered. There are no survivors.

A hotel in Mali is attacked by gunmen shouting “Allahu Akbar,” “God Is Great.” One hundred and seventy hostages are taken. A number of them are killed.

Brussels, the capital of both Belgium and Europe, is on high alert, as authorities fear Islamist attacks and uncover cells and weapons caches.

And ISIS claims it’s planning to strike Washington and other major cities.

In the midst of all this, here’s what Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström offered by way of explanation following the Paris carnage:

“Clearly, we have reason to be worried not only here in Sweden but around the world because there are so many who are being radicalized. Here again, you come back to situations like that in the Middle East, where not least the Palestinians see that there isn’t any future. The Palestinians either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.”

Say what?

France confronts murder and mayhem, and this passes for trenchant analysis by the foreign minister of a significant country?

Perhaps it makes life easier for Wallström. After all, she has a readymade, off-the-shelf explanation for such a catastrophe — link it back to Israeli responsibility. And, of course, if that’s the case, then the solution is also obvious — up the heat on the Jewish State, which, by the way, is precisely what her government did one year ago by becoming the first major European country to recognize the “State of Palestine.”

But, unfortunately for her, the tragic events in Paris had nothing whatsoever to do with the Palestinians and everything to do with a jihadist mindset that abhors Western values and beliefs — and sees Stockholm in the very same light as Paris, Brussels, or, for that matter, Jerusalem. Apropos, Madam Minister, have you visited Malmo recently and spoken to the few Jews remaining there about what life is like in the face of the changing demography of Sweden’s third largest city?

And she was not alone.

The European Union, of which Sweden is a part, chose precisely this time to announce the implementation of its labeling of Israeli goods originating from the “occupied territories.”

Never mind that for weeks now Israelis have been living with a murderous spree of attacks by Palestinians on parents, children, you name it.

And never mind that the Palestinian leadership not only has failed to condemn these assaults, but has continued to incite and lionize the perpetrators. Why should inconvenient facts get in the way of cherished theories about approaches to this conflict?

The EU step was taken after 16 member states signed a letter pressing for the action, following earlier discussions on the subject in Brussels. Apropos, the 12 that did not sign deserve recognition and appreciation — Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Plus, Hungary, which was an original signatory, has now reversed itself and said it will not implement the labeling guidelines.

Berlin’s most famous department store, KaDeWe, promptly put the rules into effect and, among other items, targeted Israeli wines from the Golan Heights.

Think about that for a moment.

Apart from the painfully striking symbolism of this act in the heart of Germany, the EU appears to believe that Israel doesn’t belong in the Golan Heights today.

If not, who does?

Syria, the country that threatened a war of extermination against Israel in 1967 and lost the area in the ensuing battle? If so, which Syria? The Syria of President Assad, who has wreaked such havoc on his nation, and who is in cahoots with Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia? Or the Syria of ISIS, which controls a broad swath of Syrian territory? Either way, just imagine the consequences for Israel, the region, and the world.

Perhaps to the Brussels establishment these are petty issues that get in the way of their airtight thinking about how Israel ought to act, but for the Jewish State they constitute life-and-death matters.

And now along comes the American Anthropological Association (AAA) to endorse a boycott against Israeli universities.

Is this for real?

Of all the countries in the world, they opt to isolate the only liberal democracy in the Middle East? The only country in the region whose universities have diverse student bodies, and who represent the essence of open scholarly inquiry and academic excellence?

Does the AAA truly believe that by singling out Israel it is advancing the prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Or is that not the ultimate goal of the resolution’s authors, who perhaps have more insidious aims in mind when it comes to Israel’s future, while knowing they can count on a gullible group that can be swayed to support them?

Again, the facts of the conflict be damned:

The Palestinians could have had a state of their own, alongside Israel (but, no, not in its place), as far back as 1947 and on multiple occasions since, but consistently refused each offer.

After the 1993 Oslo Accords, which many thought provided new hope, PLO Chairman Arafat revealed the following year in South Africa, in an unguarded moment caught on camera, that the whole thing was a ruse, inspired by the Prophet Mohammed’s deception of the ancient tribe of Quraysh.

PA President Abbas is in the 11th year of his four-year term, doesn’t control Gaza, and was AWOL when Israel agreed to a ten-month settlement freeze to jumpstart the peace talks. Moreover, just this month, Abbas himself admitted that he walked away from the 2008 peace offer by then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

And until today, Israel has stated repeatedly its willingness to take risks for a two-state accord, but, alas, has no credible partner with which to reach an end-of-conflict, end-of-claims final deal.

For the AAA, as for the Swedish foreign minister, and, it appears, too many EU nations, the path of least political resistance is to focus obsessively on Israel, irrespective of what else might be going on in the world.

May they wake up before it is too late to address the clear and present dangers facing the democratic world — improbable as that might seem in light of their recent actions.

This article was originally published by the Times of Israel and the Huffington Post.

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  • Jack HOLAN

    Why may never be answered. The truth is it’s undeserved and we’ve been scapegoats for a millennium. The Torah tells us that in each generation that there will be those who rise up against us. This is a form of warfare to be fought against as if it were on a battlefield

  • Yale

    The reason the Left and so many Europeans hate Israel is that they know Israel has been right about a great many things and they have been wrong. The thing people who consider themselves intellectuals hate most is evidence that they have been fundamentally wrong. Israel has provided that evidence about the conflict with the Islamists so it is the object of hostility.

  • Yahweh was looking for some Suckers thousands of Years ago, He found there was these Goat roping Jews that nobody like, He figured that since he needed a scapegoat for his mistakes in creation of this world , he called them his Chosen people and they would take all the Blame of all of his F&&K-UP’S.

    Jews where too Dumb not to know they where being had, and gladly accepted.
    The Rest is History !
    However , Yahweh has always been there for his people . Like 66AD, 132AD, 1492 ,and most of all 1933.

    Zionists don’t need Nuclear Weapons , God always saves You !

    Zionism like their Yahweh story is on Strong footing, same as belief in the Tooth Fairly .

  • HaroldT

    80 years on nothing has changed on European anti-Semitism.

  • ..Miss…Sir…
    Why 2 blue lines on flag israel….????..
    Symbol of nile & tigris – eufraat….
    Who owns the ground…???…
    be happy..

  • Ivana Talya Tufakov

    Now is the time for Israel to announce to Sweden, the other Scandinavian countries and the rest of Europe, that no non-Jews from these countries will be admitted to Israel as refugees or asylum seekers after the Arab conquest and takeover of Eurabia is complete.

    People who are intelligent enough to give their civilization away to barbarians are intelligent enough to come up with a Plan B for survival when the flood comes. Or not….

  • VictorMc

    Nothing to discuss. The world is packed with envious ignorant anti-Semites.
    Didn’t you know THAT?

  • Dommy

    If Israel wasn’t so blazingly inept at pointedly rebutting the world’s hypocrisy and learned to humiliate the accusers by publicly and loudly throwing their own barbarisms and problems back in their faces maybe ‘the world’ would think twice before trash talking Israel again.

    It’s high time Israel learned to effective PR and took the “Kick Me” sign off her back.

    • HaroldT

      Spot on.

    • Roni

      hey! Israel is my country, be nice!

  • mervyn

    This traitorous Swede is a liability to the descendants of the mighty Vikings. She is paid by Nazi fascist murdering multi national nwo paperclip CIA nazis to slander Israel like the Nazis in Germany during the 2nd world war. She is a paid up troll who should suck her Satanic Black nobility friends who are only loyal to money and power while plotting to murder 7 billion people. We shall use mechanical occultism to destroy you liars, thieves, fraudsters and murderers.

  • ART

    THey seek to appease the hateful muslims. They fear the muslims its easy to denounce Jews. We do not indiscriminately kill people. We are not suicide bomber. The eu leaders are cowards. The can not accept Jews as a free living people wit a homeland of their own. They can only tolerate Jews who are scattered weak minorities living at the whim and whimsy of their neighbors.

  • Herb Glatter

    “If there were no Jews the world would have to invent them. After all, who else would they hate?”

    • Michael Garfinkel


  • After years of Arab deception, to believe peace is possible is a delusion, and another mistake.
    The Arabs have a state, which is Jordan. Jordan illegally occupied and confiscated about 80% of the land allocated to Jews under international law and treaties of post WWI. The Arabs also have over 75,000 square miles of land (which is 6 times the size of Israel) which the Arab countries illegally confiscated from the million expelled Jewish families.

    It is time to take another approach. Forego all peace talks until the Arabs can prove they can control their population and live with the Jews in peaceful coexistence for at least 5 years. Furthermore, Arabs must eliminate the education of its people to commit terror and violence; replacing it with education and practice of living in harmony and coexistence. Nothing less will be accepted. It is not negotiable.

    The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is Jewish territory for over two millennium and has been since prior to the building of the two Jewish temples. It is a historical fact that King David of Israel paid the Jebusites money to purchase that property, in order to avoid conflict. Israel, after liberating Jerusalem and Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism in 1967, Israel graciously permitted the Arabs to continue to pray at Temple Mount.

    The time has come to terminate said arrangement. Jewish worshippers have suffered years of abuse by Arabs committing unwarranted acts of violence on a consistent basis. Israel has the right, duty and obligation to revoke the unappreciated privilege formally granted. It is the Arab s who are defiling The Jewish “Holy of Holies”.

    It is time for Israel to take back Jewish its sacred ground, which is the holiest site in Judaism, once and for all.

    I am sure Arab-s would not permit anyone in the world to build and control the holy Site in Mecca. Let the Arabs have Mecca, and the Judeo-Christian people have Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

    Supreme Muslim Council: Temple Mount is Jewish
    The widely-disseminated Arab claim that the Temple Mount isn’t Jewish has been debunked – by the Supreme Muslim Council (Waqf), in a 1925 pamphlets.
    The widely-disseminated Arab Muslim position that the Temple Mount is not Jewish has been debunked – by the Supreme Muslim Council (Waqf) of Jerusalem, in a Temple Mount guide published in 1925.
    Wakf guidebook, 1925, cover
    The Temple Institute.

    Treaty of Peace Between The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    And The State of Israel October 26, 1994.
    Status Quo – Jews and non-Jews are permitted to pray on Temple Mount – This is confirmed by Israel’s Supreme Court.
    YJ Draiman

    • Dale Baranowski

      “It is time to take another approach. Forego all peace talks until the Arabs can prove they can control their population and live with the Jews in peaceful coexistence for at least 5 years. Furthermore, Arabs must eliminate the education of its people to commit terror and violence; replacing it with education and practice of living in harmony and coexistence. Nothing less will be accepted. It is not negotiable.”

      That was exactly what was written into the Oslo Peace Accords! Yet no one had the guts to actually enforce it!

      The problem was that the Arabs were not about to abide by any of their obligations under the Accords, and that was just fine in the eyes of the Nations, but Israel was pressured to let them take abundant advantage of the Accords. For example, the Arabs were permitted in the Oslo Accords to have a police force that numbered 5,000 maximum, but in the end they built a force 14,000 (which traveled in APCs and packed .50-cal belt driven machine guns and sported RPGs – something no police force in the world carries) which is far more than patrol the streets of the Boroughs of NY, which has in an area a tenth that of the NY population.

      The Keneset ratified the Oslo Accords but what was a travesty was that the Palestine National Council DIDN’T! The PNC called for a meeting to vote on ratification and not enough representatives showed up, so they lacked the necessary quorum to even have a vote. No other attempt was ever made to hold another vote to ratify. And the most interesting of it all was that Yassir Arafat himself refused to attend that meeting for the vote! So that means that the PLO didn’t accept the Accords, and Arafat himself rejected it despite the grand show he displayed in the ceremony on the White House lawn, so the Accords should have been scrapped right then and there. This should have been front page news but if the NY Times even reported this it was probably buried on an obscure middle page so few people heard about this. To make matters worse, that leftist self-hating court-Jew, Ambassador Martin Indyk, went back to Congress and outright perjured himself when he told them that the PLO had changed their Covenant and eliminated the clauses that called for the the destruction of Israel via the “armed struggle” – the PLO Covenant remains unchanged from the 1970s. Still in all, lack of ratification by the PLO was a serious problem because Bill Clinton’s honor was at stake, so he and the US State Dept pressured Israel to comply by the Accord. And everyone turned a blind eye to the refusal by the Arabs to agree to its terms. In the end the Arabs got far more than the Oslo Accords promised. Israel surrendered to them over 85% of Judea, Samaria & all of Gaza, plus the PLO/PA got weapons and gazillions of bucks in “foreign aid” by the Nations as a prize for NOT having compromised in the least. It still is a travesty, and as usual, Israel is the one to be blamed and suffers from the the terror by the PLO, instigated by the Palestinian Authority, buttressed and made worse but the dishonesty of the Nations.

      The reason for this is simple Jew-hate by the Nations which disguise it all as deep sympathy for “Palestinians” – who are really a bunch of aboriginal Arabian nomads who decided to settle down somewhere and that Israel suits them fine. After all, the faithful among them accept the claims of the imams that Jews are unter-menchen who all descended from monkeys and pigs. They are just Arab terrorists who are out to wrest the Land of Israel from her aboriginal Jews. Even worse is the fact that western nations turn a blind eye to it all and continue to reward them by throwing billions of $$ a year at the PLO. What does the PA do with all that money? They don’t put it into infrastructure in their holdings. Heck, the Japanese government donated a bunch of garbage trucks to the PA because they “couldn’t afford” them despite all the billions the PA/PLO gets a year. This is even worse when we consider that Muslims control at least 1/5 of the earth’s surface and are blessed with more oil-money than they know what to do with – yet the rest of the world throws money to Abbas despite the fact that the Arab Oil States it flowing out of the sands. Ultimately we have to realize that they all do it out of Jew-hate.

    • Reform School

      How do you propose to denut Madder Asser Boy until 2017?

    • B.Abrahams

      Wake up Israel.
      …and why should we respect those so called Holy Muslim places where Muhammed was supposed to have tethered his horse (by the way I didn’t see any hook on the Western Wall that might have been used for that purpose.)plus the Mosque with the stone (on which Abraham is supposed to try to sacrifice Isaac (the Muslims say Ishmael) and from which Mohammed is supposed to have gone to the Muslim heaven ? Does the world respect Sikh’s holy places in Pakistan’s Punjab province that the Muslim-friendly British graciously gave away, or does the world allow the Tibetan Buddhist to visit their holy places in Lhasa while the Chinese ungraciously forbid the Nobel-prise winning Dalai-Lama to lead their priest in performing their holy rituals in the occupied Tibet?
      As I’ve mentioned before, why do we Jews have to be nicer and better in all aspects than others since it’s not appreciated ?
      Let’s use our fists and brains, like during the six- days war, when we were appreciated the world all over, and when even I guarded a kibbutz with my Uzi and scared off the would be attacking Muslims.