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November 24, 2015 4:17 pm

British Documentary Exposes UK Muslim Women Supporting ISIS, Calling Jews ‘Filthy’

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A new documentary in the UK exposes British Muslim women encouraging others to join ISIS. Photo: Channel 4.

A new documentary in the UK exposes British Muslim women encouraging others to join ISIS. Photo: Channel 4/Screenshot.

A documentary that aired Monday night in the UK exposes a group of British Muslim women making antisemitic comments while encouraging young women to join ISIS in Syria, The Telegraph reported.

“ISIS: The British Women Supporters Unveiled” follows a year-long undercover operation, conducted by Channel 4, during which a young Muslim woman infiltrated the group of ISIS sympathizers. The undercover reporter attended the secret, invitation-only meetings, where young children were present, and videotaped group members giving lectures. One meeting is held in a local government-funded community center without the knowledge of the building’s managers, according to The Telegraph.

The documentary reveals that one of the leading group members is a woman who goes by the Twitter name Umm L, though her real name is Rubana. The mother-of-four lives in London with a known extremist, who is also a leading member of a now-banned organization, according to The Telegraph. In a secretly filmed, two-hour lecture, Umm L accuses “filthy Jews” of killing innocent Muslim woman and children. She said, “Good days have already begun,” because ISIS has been established.

Umm L also told young Muslim women that the UK is waging a war against them and Allah will destroy those who fight ISIS.

“This is a fight against Muslims and Islam,” she said. “It’s not the first time the alliance has been formed like they have now with this coalition against the Khilafah [Islamic State]. But Allah one by one he will destroy them.”

Another group member, who goes by the Twitter name Umm Usmaan, tweeted, “Go to Sham (Syria) for it is the best of Allahs lands on earth.”

A group member called Umm Saalihah praised jihadists for their courage during a lecture in North London, where children were present, and said Western powers are “cowards” for “throwing air strikes on to the Khilafah.” On Twitter, Saalihah said it was “necessary” to live under the khilafah.

The undercover reporter was invited to the meetings after she gained the trust of group members by attending public rallies, The Telegraph reported. The women eventually accused her of being a spy and banned her from future meetings.

Police on Monday examined footage from the documentary. Nazir Afzal, a former chief prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service, said some of the comments made in the expose may be illegal. She called Umm L’s comments “extremely dangerous.”

Commenting on Umm L’s reference to ISIS, Afzal said, “She does more than support them; she’s saying that the so-called Islamic State is the Caliphate, and by supporting them, she is potentially committing a criminal offence.

“There are young people in the room; there are children in the room; there are women and we’ve got several examples of women who’ve taken their whole families to Syria and Iraq,” he said.

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    I would like to know what happened to these women on the above programme. Are they carrying on the same now or have they been arrested?

  • Islam is self destructive even if Muslims kill every non-believer in the world. Then the Sunni will fight shia and Shia will fight Sunni. Violence as blessings in Islam is not solution to the problems of world. On the other hand islam is one of the biggest problems of this world. Muslims are animals and they belong in jungle where they can kill everyone else without reason

  • Lauren Goldman

    That’s rich; pigs calling Jews filthy.

  • Esther Noodelman

    I believe the 29,000 Muslims coming to Canada must be screened carefully before Canada welcomes them with open arms.As we can see from the UK Muslim womenin the above article making anti-Semitic comments e.g.”filthy Jews are killing innocent Muslim women and children”and even says that they should join Isis. Where is the public outcry to Trudeau to screen each of the new immigrants carefully.This is in big contrast to NONE IS TOO MANY POLICY when it came to letting in Jews from Nazi Germany..The Pope,and all the world leaders did NOTHING while Hitler burned,killed &tortured innocent Jews!

  • send them back to saudi arabia

    send them back to saudi arabia