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November 25, 2015 2:02 pm

UN Adopts Resolution Demanding Israel Return Populated Territory to Syria

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The border fence separating the Golan Heights from Syria. Photo: Wikipedia.

The border fence separating the Golan Heights from Syria. Photo: Wikipedia.

The UN General Assembly on Tuesday adopted a resolution demanding Israel give back territories it captured nearly 50 years ago — as well as the people residing in them — to Syria.

Turkey, which demands that embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad leave power, backed the resolution, as did Saudi Arabia, which supports rebel groups also battling Assad.

While countries like France and Germany abstained from the vote that passed by a large majority, only six countries voted no, including Israel, the United States and Canada.

The resolution demands Israel “resume talks on the Syrian and Lebanese tracks.”

“It’s astonishing,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, in a statement on the organization’s website. “At a time when the Syrian regime is massacring its own people, how can the UN call for more people to be subject to Assad’s rule? The timing is morally galling and logically absurd.”

“What is also outrageous is that these resolutions claim to care about Palestinians, yet the UN proves itself oblivious to the hundreds of Palestinians who continue to be slaughtered, maimed and expelled by Assad’s forces,” he said.

Monitors and analysts say Assad’s forces are responsible for tens if not hundreds of thousands of deaths, many of them civilians, in the ongoing civil war in Syria.

UN Watch reported that another five resolutions drafted by the Palestinian Authority were adopted on Tuesday that criticized Israeli policy while failing to mention the ongoing spate of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis in the West Bank and Israel.

One of the resolutions urged Israel to end its “occupation” of the Palestinian territories and invoked the Palestinians’ right to self-determination.

“Surreal barely captures the scene: the world is under assault by terrorists killing in the name of Islam and martyrhood — as Palestinians did this week while stabbing Israeli Jews — and the UN’s response is to reflexively condemn Israel in six separate resolutions, all of which are one-sided,” said Neuer.

“The farce at the General Assembly underscores a simple fact: the UN’s automatic majority has no interest in truly helping Palestinians, nor in protecting anyone’s human rights; the goal of these ritual, one-sided condemnations remains the scapegoating of Israel,” he said.

The UN has a longstanding reputation of disproportionate criticism of Israel.

JNS contributed to this report.


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  • John Doe

    Article is obviously biased in favor of Israel, doesn’t matter who the current president of Syria is- facts are facts, Israel does not own the land, they simply cannot go in and steal it from Syria. Give it back already. The UN needs to follow up on this.

  • HaroldT

    What a disgrace that the entire Europe did not vote against this resolution. Only one reason – anti-Semitism.

  • On Tuesday night (Nov22) and over channel 10 PLO chief and Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas admitted publicly for the first time that he rejected unequivocally the peace plan then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered in 2008. Clearly the Palestinian leadership is not interested in peace or statehood. Now in steps the UN (United Nonsense)the worlds strongest body of anti-Semites with demands on Israel to return the Golan to the Syrians. My advice is don’t give up an inch of land. No nation on earth has Israel’s interest at heart and anti-Semitism prevails, often hidden behind anti-Zionism which is the same thing.

    • Andrei Vincenzo

      I am in 100% agreement with Mr.Lipscomb sentiments. Israel should not give up any territory that it gained through the 1967 war and specifically, the Golan Heights. The UN is not an impartial organization and the strategic importance of the Golan Heights would best be kept in Israel’s possession for the sake of it’s own security. I believe there should be a price to pay for it’s neighbor’s trying to destroy Israel. I’m not familiar with the lay of the land, but I would place settlements on all the lands the were lost to Israel.

      The anti-Semites, I fear, are gaining worldwide with the influx of Muslim refugees invasion into both Europe and North America that are not even affected by the civil conflicts. It’s a culture that refuses to assimilate and labors to completely destroy Israel. America should stay out of Israel’s domestic policies especially when it pertains to the security of it’s people. It’s not an Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights, it’s land that is rightfully gained, fought for and acquired in a war that Israel never started to begin with and a price should be paid for such treachery by it’s Arab neighbors.

  • yehudit rose

    Did anyone ask the residents of those areas of Syria for their input? Does the UN seriously believe the residents really want to be part of Syria, subject to artillery fire, bombs, and attacks by several different groups?

  • Shlomo

    While the U.S. voted against the resolution, you can be 100% sure that Obama rejoiced at it’s passage. Obama puts on a good show with his lying rhetoric along with Kapo Jews like Debbie Wasserman-Shulz, his only interest is to keep the stupid Liberal and Progressive Jews to keep supporting him. Look at his actions — the Iranian nuclear “deal” which is a blatant death warrant for Israel.

  • The UN stil doesn’t understand that the Jews are occupying what is rightfully theirs.

  • Jilly

    Stand firm Israel the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob is on your side! We are praying for you!

  • The UN is the one world government. This spirit has come from the time of Nimrod and the Babylonian empire. This land was promised to Abrahams descendants(Genisis 15:18). This land is for Israel and will always be. Baruch HaShem.

    • NOT

      F*ck Abraham … besides he had more than one line of descendants … don’t you think

      • It’s not only about Abraham; It is about the almighty protective God over Israel. The UN which is alleged to represent the world movement will simply be another horrible but failed attempt to annihilate Israel. Before the UN only one country was persecuting and killing the Jews (Hitler’s Germany). My money is still on Israel. Unfortunately Millions more of them will die as they did during World War 11 but that was not the end of the Jew. They emerged in victory and reestablished the Nation State of Israel. Their next recovery will be ruler of the world from Jerusalem.

  • Ilya e

    It simply means that Holland heights will be transferred to ISIS since soone or later Asab will have to retrieat. All Israel territory in this case will be under range of racket . We know who does it . Islamisrric Turkey and Saudi Arabia whose purpose is to destroy Israel. But no way it will happend

  • Wm. J. Levy

    I believe in God. I admit I question his existence in light of the suffering that Jews have endured since the Diaspora and even before.

    The Holocaust is unforgivable but God had already told Job that we cannot begin to understand how he thinks.

    If I am a Jew and my people suffered so horribly I would have preferred God to offered the Puerto Rican’s to be the chosen people instead of Abraham.

    We are a people who don’t like each other and we help everyone but ourselves. Jews have died for the blacks and the blacks hate the Jews and the Jews are responsible for their political success.

    Now the UN has dared to insist that we return the Golan. The UN only exists to help destroy Israel judging by the number of Muslim countries and the absolute mess they have made of the world.

    I wish that God, if he truly exists would make all the Muslim countries disappear.

    The i would truly believe in him.

    • Markus

      Wm. J. Levy. read your Bible and you will discover that GOD indeed will get rid of all the Muslim Nations. However as the JEWS are the chosen people (and you were not asked)GOD wanted you people to be a light to all the nations.All the prophecies have been and will be fulfilled
      you are being gathered from all the Nations back to the Holy Land.Watch Walid Shoebat a former Palestinian terrorist who ended up studying the Bile and comparing it to the Quran .Do not be put off they use the entire Bible

  • brenrod

    proving once more that the best thing for israel is the continuing war and fragmentation of syria and iraq and lebanon.

  • Bruce Richardson

    In 1967, Syria attacked Israel and was defeated. Israel captured the Golan Heights as a result. In 1967, Israel offered to return the Golan Heights to Syria in return for a peace agreement. Syria refused.Israel offered a return of the Golan Height several times in return for a peace agreement with Syria. Syria didn’t want peace.

    Israel would be crazy to give Syria the Golan Heights except in return for peace with Syria. Occupation of the Golan Heights gives Israel a much more defensible border with Syria. If Syria was able to occupy the Golan Heights, Israel it is likely that rockets and artillery would be fired from the Golan Heights into Israel.

    The United Nations continues to demonstrate its irrelevancy.

    • B.Abrahams

      Once and for all, the Golan heights are not occupied by Israel as I believe that before 1947 one of the members of the Rothschild family bought a substantial part of that, then desolate, area for hard cash.
      I know that the UN doesn’t have a clue about fairness, but when we Jews point out that the former East-
      Prussia with the famous town Koenigsberg was taken by the Soviet-Union as war-reparation, and France took the German territories of Elzas-Lotharingen for the same reason, and Pakistan took the Sikhs’- holy places in Punjab just as there were also Islam-infiltrators living there and China took Tibet for no reason at all, just because they wanted to have it like they wanted to reign over the Muslim area of Sinkiang, where there are few Han- Chinese, and Morocco feels that the former Spanish-Sahara belongs to them and should not be independent, etc. etc., we’re not heard. Why do we still stay members of that organisation called the “United Nations”, which is not united but commanded over by some undemocratic rabble-rousers and despots and consisting of a bunch of autocrats who definitely don’t have any idea of the purpose of what a Nation is, like Rousseau so rightfully remarked:” A nation’s state is for the people and the people are not for the State.”

  • In the 1890s, Baron Rothschild purchased 20,000 acres of Syrian land owned by the Ottoman empire. In 1942, the Syrian government illegally confiscated the land. The Baron transferred the deeds to the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in 1957. In 1992, the deeds were moved to the Prime Minister’s Office where they are stored today.

  • Paul Winter

    Turkey’s position is interesting, not only because it invaded Cyprus and colonised it with its citizens in contravention of the Geneva Conventions, but because it invaded the Alexandretta region of Syria and still holds it. The UN seems to have sent Turkey’s misdemeanours down the memory hole and reflexively condemns Israel as though the Jewish nation-state has no right of conquest when it prevails in defensive wars.

  • A Sanders

    Turkey has occupied the Northern half of Cyprus for over 40 years. I have never seen or heard anyone at the UN demand that this territory is given back to the Greek Cypriots. Abbas & The PLO are laughable demanding that Israel gives up territory whilst their leaders preach hate and violence towards Israel and Jews at the same time condoning stabbings of innocent people. The Palestinian Arabs have been offered a peace deal and territory 3 times and each time they have turned it down. Israel has no choice but to defend itself and only agree terms which ensure that this sovereign is a safe and secure. These demands are no different to the demands of any other country that wish to ensure its security.

    • Amnon Vaserman

      There is a saying in Romanian TARA ARDE SI BABA SE CHIAPTANA,the country is on flames and grand mama is at the beauty parlor,the same is whit the UN a useless organization that should be closed as soon as possible.

  • marlene

    Israel’s a sovereign country and the UN should choke on its own words!

    • Caryl BERNER

      Simply said…absolutely true

  • Richard Wahl

    Again the UN has turned on Israel. When will that so called world body do what’s right, rather then be held hostage to Arab oil,Rich investors,and antisemites.Maybe the United States and European countries should give up the countries they took in war. Fair is fair, no?

    • Sloeb

      When Obama is gone – it will begin to change. Not entirely, but I suspect the Europeans will no longer just abstain but actually vote against

    • Sloeb

      Most will just pretend they didn’t read this for the UN and it really makes no difference what Ban K lets his animals vote for anyway

  • Leila

    Where are the resolutions calling for China to return Tibet and Russia to return Crimea? Is the whole of the Middle East to be returned to Turkey under Sultan Erdogan? The UN has become a grotesque parody of what it was intended to be.

  • Mickey Oberman

    It is gratifying to note that the UN is still fulfilling its best role – adopting irrational, useless, idiotic, anti Israel and anti Semitic resolutions.

    Now back to your hookahs, fellows and girls.

  • Jack

    I am of an age that recollection reminds me of Syria, and Assad’s father using that area for open military aggression against Israel.
    ‘The UN has a longstanding reputation of disproportionate criticism of Israel.’
    Doesn’t that say it all.
    The anti Israeli lobby at the U.N. started with the Arab League.
    It’s wealthier members have spent in the trillions of US$ inciting hatred and open violent aggression against Israel and it’s true allies.
    And caused trillions in damages and response costs.
    Charlie Hebdo.
    July 7, London.
    Now ISIS in Paris again.
    Syria is just one of the last throws for the old school mosque Islamist.
    The waste that is left could cause the need for a century of re-building and rehabilitation.
    Chemical weapons are really Really TOXIC.
    No ‘Marshall Plan’ style of intervention when it is all over will work because the inherent issue of reform of the mosque will only be decided when true secularization of Muslim countries occurs.
    That probably scares the mullahs.
    Give it back!

  • Reform School

    How do YOU spell “G O P O U N D S A N D !”

  • This is a WAR CRIME! Israel won the Golan Heights in the 1973 war – which Israel ALMOST LOST when Syria attacked from there. Israel also won Jerusalem – in another war in 1967 which – again – ARABS STARTED! The world wants NO ISRAEL! The whole world hates GOD and His people.

    The UN has NO RIGHT to tell sovereign Israel to sacrifice a single INCH of land! Muslims nations are plotting another attack on Israel and they want as easy a target as possible. NOW Russia is on the Golan.
    Is this the lead-up to Isaiah 17:1 ?

  • kaytee

    HaHa. I have no respect for the UN. they are a joke. Like its Jewish people running around as terrorists. have a joyful thanksgiving!

  • David

    Yet another proof why, the Oslo idea was basically flawed.
    All Israel needed is a “partner” on the other side of its border, “striving for peace”.
    And now spearheading the unholy crusade from the un platform.

  • Joe Diesendruck

    United Nescians, please stop bullying Israel and do The job you’ve long forgot what it was!

  • Avigail Spencer

    The UN has become a platform for tyranny. Civilized nations need to vote to absolve this absurdity. Sooner or later, the
    uncivilized will kill each other off, because there is no real unity among tyrants.

  • Jacob

    Tell the United Nations to drop dead

  • Atilla

    Israel should withdraw from that corrupt mouthpiece for the third world cabal.

    Expel and ban from Israel’s borders ALL UN officials, organizations and NGOs.

  • Is this decision due to the fact that as long as the Golan Heights are under Israeli rule the local Syrian population refuses to flee to Europe or some other welcoming, Western-style democracy, because they’re already living in one?
    If so, then this is clearly the appropriate solution: Force them to live under Syrian rule (and what is that exactly – ISIS? Assad? Al Qaeda? Russia? Iran? China?) and see how fast they become refugees in Paris, Stockholm, London, or Berlin.
    Perhaps the UN itself should relocate to Syria as well?
    Shkoyach! Mazal Tov! Good night!

  • Carl

    Did Israel attempt to introduce any resolutions condemning the Palestinians for their wave of terror assaults?

  • marco darmon

    as usually the blasddy israelis leftists maarakh and meretz will accepts this conditions like this ex general of reserve from Tsahal ouri saguy or amram mitzna etc will return this golan to syria for than israel will be en danger ” i remembers same that bibi from likud in time of Clinton president wud like than israel return golan to syria “”then never was a arabic area and rather jewiosh lands !

    i dont understand why still israelis people votes for this catastrophic party thhat have as politics to surrender ramath hagolan to syria !

    we knows than principals cause in uno are saudi arabia principally throwing their islamics salafist plan for islamized the world european and american and as well islamic turkey hate as well eretz israel !!
    now israel dont have to be close with dangerous saudi arabia “”responsable of attacks against israel in uno for supports palestinian cause or syria as well and one shot all forget than the responsable against this war crusade against israel are riches saudi arabia and qatar we knows than usa and Europa have close relations with saudi arabia and this one force all western countrys to have already in years 1970 and after saudi arabia forces all western countrys to adopted a policys pro palestinian with opening of plo office and this situation shud be stop now if israelis rightists governement will adopted a another policys as cancelation of oslo , annexation of judea samaria and gaza same if uno is against us “”BECAUSE THIS LANDS BELONGS US AND WASNT ARABIC OR MUSLIM ..NEVER ..””and after make a war against these fatah in Ramallah and hamas in gaza for force them to be fired and expelled to jordania , egypt , saudi arabia etc for than this lands jewish will be empty of these arabic muslim population from judea samaria , gaza and same arabic muslim israelis shud be choice or loving israel or loving terrotists fatah or hamas cause “”the arabs that cud stays in israel shud be stop to all contact with mosquées , islam etc ;;;and loving israel as jewish israelis are in love for israel !!
    am israel chai and believe me all than meir kahana said having true reason against arabic muslim population into israel !!

  • Rosa lopes

    In no way it is Israel to give back the land that God has given to them .Else God will not only crush Israel but everyone who forces then to do so.Woe to those who will fight God’s chosen people as all will be crushed!

  • Karen

    They’re NUTS!

  • Steven Bohannan

    The UN is useless.

  • Rosewood11

    Dear(?) U.N.,
    With regards to your resolution, in the words of the old saying, “People in hell want ice water, too!!!”

  • unless the united nations is closed down as the league of nations is closed down there is no scope for peace in the world. they could not make iran to obey the resolution of recognising israel as a nation but teaches lessons to israel

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Is simply outrageous that UN demand Israel, that had to defend himself from Syria attack that nearly succeeded, to give the territory to a Syria were the civil war is on and treat to Israel is an outgoing issue with continuous attack on civilian by Islamic Palestinian and many other Islamic nation and ethnic group that are hating Jews and Christian’s for the reason of their believe in the only God that love contrary to the Islam cult-religion that is causing terrorism and persecution with atrocity all over the world.

  • ART

    Return territory to whom?? There is no government on the syrian side of the Golan. Nice humanitarian touch to throw the Druze and others to the tender mercy of isil or assad or whichever other group has control over the area at the given time. The un as usual avoids reality and instead attacks Israel. Obviously the un should be spending time addressing the bloodbath in syria. One should also point out that there are no Israelis in Lebanon. The only problem with lebanon are the attacks launched against Israel from lebanon

  • The UN is run by terrorists obama which is ISIS and all the muslim countries who support terrorists financially .The UN is trying to appease the muslims on Israel account even if the UN succeeds ISIS obam and Islam want all the capitals of the world
    the golan nights are a big strategy for the defence of the Jewish people
    prior to the war Syrians use to aim at farmers while they were working and shoot them
    the area is very important to our safety.
    we have to defend ourselves
    why the UN never intervened and asked the arabs to gives us back Hevron and Jerusalem
    Jews lived there prior to the romans and remained there until the arabs massacres with knifes in 1929 in 1947 in 1948 Hevron and Jerusalem were our homes they kicked us and slaughtered us we want our land back why the UN is not intervening ?

  • Ephraim

    Is anyone really surprised? Think of the billions the US would save if they withdrew from this body of terrorists.

  • harri

    when is the UN anything other than a deadbeat, non rent paying sharia/NWO shill and an islamist lap dog?

  • Historian

    This of course is a ruse to deflect what Asad is going through in the Middle east when the world is asking him to leave his leadership of Syria,
    Hell know Israel will never give back the Golan heights. The UN is full f 3rd world countries of which most sponsor terrorism. if it weren’t serious it would be laughable

  • Ephraim Shalom

    Return territories captured in wartime to a hostile neighboring state that remains in a state of war with her? To whom exactly, and in exchange for what exactly? Nonsense. Israel is under no obligation whatsoever to do anything of the kind. The U.N. General Assembly’s resolution is a ridiculous non-effort that reveals its own biases and impotence vis-a-vis resolving the Arab-Israeli Conflict to the satisfaction of all concerned parties.

  • The nwo globalist hypocritical un in the sovereign country of the great US of America. God Bless America. UN hypocrits, I will have mercy on you and you can choose which way you want to die, A volcano, an Earthquake, a Hurricane, a tornado, or Lightening and hail the size of footballs destroying everything including yourselves, you bunch of Sodomites.The heat produced by such destruction will turn your bones into dust if they don’t melt into the soil.

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    Why should Israel return the GOLAN Heights? Leave herself wide open to attack? As usual US flexing its puny muscles in the aftermath of Russia’s initiative in Syria. China is joining and China has men she can put on the ground. China has no problem dealing with Wahhabi ISLAM or any other ISLAM. Russia and China together make a formidable alliance so US shut up and go play soldiers on your own doorstep.

  • John Glueck

    This is theatre of the absurd on steroids. What insanity permits this action? Which nations proposed this and why would the Secretary General countenance such a motion? 50 years ago? Rogue states and dictatorships must be barred from such actions that are nothing but a charade. The UN has long been outmoded and should be defunded by the West. The Western nations must band together in assembling a body of nations committed to the ideals common to us. Let the other regions and their countries fund and rally around their interests. They can negotiate with us when and if we decide to do so. Enough of the posturing and use of our funds to demonize Israel.

  • The UN has once again been ridiculous to say the least. How can they ignore “History” of past events, specially from the attacks by Syrian army and rebels alike from the Golan Heights? Th eheights are a good 2artillery position.
    Syria is falling apart under this maniac of Assad and the carnage of ISIS. There is a continuos air raids by coalition forces within Syria as well as a “civil war” wanting to get rid of Assad. Amidts all this, the UN very ignorantly of the aforementioned facts makes a resolution that Israel return part of the territory won in past armed conflicts.
    Many israelis are screaming to the UN to get their heads out of their ass holes and think properly. I stand with Israel. Don´t give back not one square meter.

  • Louis A. Romo

    Israel no longer can give up ONE SQUARE INCH OF LAND.
    The premise That extremely evil and immoral criminals are about to take over all governments of world must be taken seriously in light of hundreds of prophecies which have been fulfilled since 1948 when Israel was once again reborn as a nation in their original homeland – – -precisely as reported by Biblical prophets.

    Jesus said people seeing rebirth of Israel would see all prophecy in bible fulfilled. ONE statement of Jesus stands out clearly in my mind and sums up everything…Jesus said the end of days would be as in days of NOAH, filled with violence. The latest Muslim attacks in Paris and Mali only beginning.

    It is interesting to note NOAH took 120 years to build the ark and warn people. Biblical years are 360 days in duration. Israel has always been God’s time clock.

    Counting 120 prophetic years from the first day of first Zionist Congress on August 29, 1897 [[[convened to begin process of Jews to return to their original land of Israel as stated in Messianic prophecies]]] lands you on December 8th THIS YEAR, 2015- – -right on Chanukah season.

    Truly it is time God intervenes in mankind’s affair AS THE NATIONS CONVENE IN PARIS TO ENSLAVE ALL HUMANITY by establishing their long cherished dream of a one-world government – under disguise of “climate change.”
    On television news it is now reported ISIS/ISIL plans to Attack the United States within next two weeks- by end of year for sure -It is time The Judeo-Christian Bible is taken seriously. The Prophet Haggai saw a future war beginning on the 24th Day in month of Kislev * * *WHICH THIS YEAR FALLS ON 6TH OF DECEMBER * * * TWO DAYS BEFORE 120 YEAR WARNING ENDS-same time climate change conference occurring .

  • Anschel

    Another utterly disgusting and revolting proclamation by the spineless UNGA. Suggested response to UNGA: “Never again!”

  • deb

    Not going to happen, Hashem is in charge not these Jew haters..The final redemption will happen first and those that curse israel will be cursed, and will be destroyed . the UN is the sewer of the earth, the EU, obama, kerry etc will get their day,Israel will never, ever be taken from the Jews

  • nelson marans

    What would you expect from the UN and Arab countries willing to support a terrorist regime in Syria or its successor which will be no better than Bashar al Assad, Anti-semitism is endemic in the UN.

  • nelson marans

    Not able to send. Am I still blocked by my computer?

  • Brent Brent

    the united nations, like the league of nations was…..completely useless, completely clueless,and like the league of nations was, needs to disband immediately