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November 29, 2015 8:01 pm

Journalist Sparks French Ire Over Biased ‘Headline’ About Paris Attacks Parodying Coverage of Terror Against Israelis (VIDEO)

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Zvika Klein (far left), interviewing two people in Paris, a few days after the attacks. Photo: YouTube/Screenshot.

Zvika Klein (far left), interviewing two people in Paris, a few days after the attacks. Photo: YouTube/Screenshot.

An Israeli reporter was met with indignation from French citizens and tourists whom he presented with a biased headline about the recent Paris terror attacks, Israeli website nrg reported on Sunday.

Zvika Klein, the Makor Rishon/nrg journalist — whose viral video about walking the streets of Paris illustrated a rise in antisemitism in France — filmed passersby in Paris’ Place de la Republique (Republic Square) reacting to a screenshot of a slanted headline reporting on the November 13 ISIS attacks that resonated around the world.

The format of the headline – purposely fabricated by nrg as an experiment — emulated that of certain international media outlets’ coverage of recent terror attacks against Israelis, creating the impression that terrorists are victims as well. The phony screenshot was a virtual replica of a BBC headline that appeared following the murder of two Israelis, and serious wounding of a mother and her baby, in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem on October 3.

The BBC headline read: “Palestinian shot dead after attack kills two.”

The headline cooked up by nrg a few days after the Paris attacks was: “7 men shot dead during Paris attack; 129 dead.”

Klein is seen in the edited under two-minute video clip conducting man-in-the-street interviews with a cross section of people walking through the famous Parisian square. Holding out his phone to show passersby a fake website, “The Damascus Daily,” on which the ostensible news story and headline are featured, Klein receives the following comments:

“I’m surprised to read the… that way,” one young man says.

“It’s very shocking,” says a woman.

“This is false,” says an older man, whose voice slightly shakes in anger. “It’s just lying. Yes.”

“All the terrorists should be mentioned as terrorists,” another man responds.

“We have to call them terrorists,” someone else asserts. “I don’t know why they don’t call them like this. It’s important to call them terrorists, because they are not people like us, you know?”

“I’ve been focusing on some terrorist attacks – sometimes the Da’esh [ISIS] things,” says a self-described journalist from Iran. “They are terrorists. They are terrorists.”

“Seven people – eight people – performed an outrageous act on a community. And I think what we see in that article is a reflection of a mind state of a people that needs to change,” says a man with an American accent.

“I think that’s just taking the complete wrong angle,” a British woman residing in France says. “I think we shouldn’t be focusing on the terrorists themselves; it’s the victims here and not the perpetrators that we should be focusing on. And so I think that headline is irrelevant.”

Klein told The Algemeiner on Sunday afternoon — shortly after the clip was posted to YouTube for the first time, and following a morning of stabbing attacks in Jerusalem — that the purpose of the video “is to convey a message to the world media about Israel reportage. There are many mistakes, as we saw in the BBC headline on which we modeled our own.” (After exposure on the part of watchdogs the Committee for Accurate Middle East Reporting in America and HonestReporting, Israel’s Government Press Office demanded a correction and apology from the BBC, threatening to rescind its press accreditation in the country. The BBC complied.)

“This kind of thing happens all the time in relation to Palestinian terrorism committed against Israelis,” Klein said. “Where terrorists aren’t considered terrorists, but rather victims of the Israeli army or police.”

Klein said the aim of the video is twofold: “To make journalists more accurate and accountable; and to show that terror suffered elsewhere in the world is the same terror that we suffer from in Israel. It has the same agenda; the same goals; and the same mosques teaching the same hatred.”

This, Klein bemoaned, is “not how the average European sees it. Many simply think that
Israel is targeted because of the ‘occupation.’ They don’t realize that we are actually just trying to live our lives in peace; at the moment have no partner on the other side; and are subjected to terrorism on a daily basis.”

Indeed, said Klein, nrg decided to embark on the headline experiment after Israelis “immediately draped themselves in French flags and wept over the horrible tragedy that befell the people of Paris a couple of weeks ago — while the Western world doesn’t seem to be behind Israel in the same way. We don’t feel the reciprocity.”

Klein added that because France was a nation in mourning, he did not consider it appropriate to tell the people he interviewed that they were part of an experiment, and to ask them if they now understand why Israel gets angry when treated that way by the media.

“Everyone was still in a state of trauma,” he explained, adding that the effect of the newly posted video remains to be seen. “But in its first few hours on line, it has been viewed by approximately 50,000 people worldwide.”

Watch the video below:

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  • Sherlock Holmes

    France must show restraint and her response must be proportional. The national prayer service at Notre Dame must remind France to turn the other cheek and to love thine enemy. France must stop the apartheid with Muslims getting worse housing, schools and jobs, get back to the negotiating table to agree the borders for a Muslim state of Jihadia between France and Belgium. Muslims don’t want to be militants and damage the theatre or restaurants but they are frustrated by the immoral lifestyle of infidels. Therefore it’s all our own fault!!!

  • Channa Eisenmann

    Very good job Tsvika!

  • Sysmg

    I did this with my friends. The NY Times headline that I imagine would have been published if they reported this as if it happened in Israel is ‘French Police Kill 7 Muslims, 130 Estimated Dead in a Cycle of Violence.’

  • ron

    zvika klein should have this video shown to a media/press broadcasting convention. although the reaction from the mainstream media is already expected and that is of indignation.
    the general rule for news to sell is, TRUTH comes secondary to what the public wants to see (and how the paper/media co. heads wants to show)…
    mainstream media is a powerful tool being utilized by people with agenda…

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    Pure propaganda on the part of the media, why must ISRAEL continue to be demonized? Does the media like BBC etc really believe if there were no ISRAEL there would be no trouble with ISLAM? It is Islamic terrorists both Shiia and Sunni/Wahhabi we have to rid the world of not the Jewish people of ISRAEL. In how many pies do Wahabbi/Shia leaders have their fingers for the world media to continue to print propaganda in favor of ISLAM?

  • RiverKing

    American “journalists” should take note and apply this to reporting of events here. Headlines and TV news previews very often misstate or even reverse the facts, supposedly to draw attention but more often misinforming. This misinformation then gets spread as fact and feeds the hatred of the misinformed, turning criminals into martyrs.

  • Richard E Sherwin

    suffering doesnt necessarily result in sympathy for others, and certainly not when the ‘others’ are either jews or israelis. and definitely not when the terrorists are moslem, let alone palestinian murderers of israelis. the UN and the EU and the world media have educated europeans to cheer on the palestinian moslems in whatever atrocity they can commit.

  • Teresa Pollin

    Thank you Tzvika Klein. Maybe, just maybe, the French will notice the bias of their press. Why should Israeli victims not count and the French should ? Good job.
    I hope this will be noticed not only by Israelis.

  • Lionel Gaffen

    This was an excellent experiment, and it should be repeated in every western city around the world. Full page ads in major newspapers should be taken out in order to show the effects of the biased and hypocritical reporting that Israel is subjected to on a daily basis.
    As well, it’s not enough to threaten the media like BBC, to remove their accreditation, but to promptly remove it, initially for a three month period, and for a year for a second offense. A third offense of this nature would lead to permanent banishment. Let them report from Gaza.

  • Nu? I could have told you the same thing sitting at my computer in Jerusalem. No need to go to Paris or any other city in the world.

  • Alfredo

    Israeli forces shoot and kill terrorists just like the French police, but “NON-TERRORISTS”(people) weren’t killed by the French police……. That’s the major difference, it’s all good and well to point out how headlines can be perceived, but the fact of the matter is, Israeli police,and armed forces kill ordinary civilians, like the terrorists do…. Kids hurl rocks at french police during a global warming protest in Paris, a city under intense pressure from the recent terrorist attacks that claimed 130 lives, no protesters were shot dead!….kids hurl rocks at Israeli defence forces in Israeli occupied Palestine, they’re shot dead! slaughtered just like the kids who get stabbed by terrorists in Israeli settlements …….I suggest you stop trying to play the victim, and start thinking hard about what’s really happening on both sides of the fence in Israel/Palestine, its time you people grew up, and stop telling fibs about each other, none of you have a clean slate on this one, the only thing that’s clear and evident is you’re creating another generation of hate!

    • Miriam

      Alfredo, there has never been a country called Palestine to have been occupied by Israel.

      It’s not clear where you live but in most of the world “ordinary civilians” do not throw rocks, Molotov cocktails or other projectiles at the police, armed forces or other civilians and nor do they stab, shoot or deliberately run them over.

      Most of the Israeli kids stabbed in settlements by terrorists have been sleeping in their beds and those stabbed or killed elsewhere have been standing at bus stops, riding in vehicles and could have just have easily have been sitting in cafes or attending rock concerts as they have been in attacks in the past.

      Arab kids killed by Israeli forces have been involved in terror activities.

      It appears that many distorted headlines have succeeded in influencing your perception of what actually goes on in the ME.

    • Martia Katz

      the rocks hurled by the arabs kill jewish children routinely. that is why the rock throwers are shot. if you get a rock in the head or a bullet in the head, either one can kill you.

    • zadimel

      Unfortunately you have overlooked the agenda of Palestinian terrorism: the destruction of the Jewish State and the annihilation of Jews and Israelis supported by the political leadership and most sectors of Palestinian Arab and even a few sectors of Arab Israeli societies. Your charge that Israeli police and its military “kill ordinary civilians,like the terrorists do” is not manifested by the reality of near daily killings by Palestinian Arabs. Indeed, the UK commander of British forces in Iraq a few years back(which has been repeated by him recently) expressed that the IDF is a highly moral military, perhaps the best ever.

    • EVAN

      The major difference is that people like you are ignorant of what goes on in the Middle East.

      Protesters shot dead? Show us a report where that actually happened by Israeli police in a case where the “protesters” weren’t specifically endangering the lives of others.

      By the way, Being pelted by rocks and stones is so “benign,” it’s considered an apt form of capital punishment in Israel’s neighboring countries. Even so, your assertions that Israeli troupers readily respond in gunfire is as irresponsible as it is erroneous.

      Which would be beside the point, anyway: If you actually read a newspaper you’d know that the Palestinian protesters are now wielding knives, bombs and guns, not rocks and stones.

    • Armando Franco

      Alfredo, how many times have you been in Israel? Have you seen innocent Arab children bring killed? Or may be you are repeating what BBC tells you. I like when you say that they are creating a generation of hate, but who is creating a generation of hate the Israelis or the Arabs? Who are killing the Christians? Who are the terrorists worldwide? Why the Syrians refugees don’t go to the rich Arab countries and they want to go to Europe? Why the Israeli hospitals treat all Arabs, Any Arab hospital treat any Jewish patient?

      Alfredo I know that I am not going to change your mind and I don’t particularly care these comments are for the people you may confuse with yours.


      Armando Franco

  • brenrod

    the euros will still feel no empathy for Israel or the Jews. This is why the universe is giving them lessons: they are subject to the same terror and being flooded by the honor killers they tried to foist on the Jews.

  • SeeGG

    We need more journalists like Klein. He’s willing to transgress at the service of presenting the truth. Hypocrisy is alive and well. Klein is not afraid to name it when he sees it.

  • Edna

    Good for him!!!

    I applaud you Mr. Klein.

    As a Jew, whose “tribe” has produced a slew of Nobel prize winners, virtuoso musicians, ground breaking tech inventors, thinkers, authors, I bitterly resent the way the BBC as well as the non Jewish world keep portraying us.

    Mr. Klein gave them a taste of their own medicine.

  • Naomi Weinberger

    Kol Hakavod

  • nelson marans

    Nothing more or less than you would have expected from the BBC and other British media. Their coverage of the terror in Israel against innocent Israeli citizens is a disgrace but to be expected.