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December 1, 2015 11:36 am

Palestinians Try to Hijack Climate Conference

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the Paris Climate Change conference on Monday. Photo: Wikipedia.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the Paris Climate Change conference on Monday. Photo: Wikipedia.

It is truly amazing.

Every time “Palestine” manages to get membership in an international forum, they try to hijack it for their own selfish purposes.

They do it with UNESCO. They do it at conferences for refugees. They do it during international days for children and for women.

Yesterday, the pattern continued:

President Mahmoud Abbas Monday said Israel’s ongoing violations of international law regarding preserving Palestine’s environment are a major challenge.

Abbas delivered a speech at the Paris Climate Change conference, which was held at Le Bourget starting from November 30 and is expected to continue until December 11.

Abbas addressed the issue of climate change, saying it has become a national challenge for all countries all over the world.

He said, “The state of Palestine, which is a full member in many international organizations and agreements, continues its preparations to join the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, and to simultaneously and positively contribute and hold its responsibilities as a member state in the near future.”

Considering the Israeli occupation’s impact in Palestine’s environment, Abbas said Israel’s continuous violations of international law regarding preserving the environment in Palestine is a major challenge for Palestinians.

He mentioned a number of violations including, confiscating natural resources, destroying agricultural crops, uprooting trees, hindering developing vital infrastructure for Palestine, dumping all kinds of Wastes in Palestinians’ lands and polluting the groundwater through a system of a racial segregation, which violates of international law.

Abbas said, Palestine continues to suffer from the Israeli occupation and the horrible crimes of Israeli settlers and daily violations of holy Christian and Muslim sites in Jerusalem.

You can tell how seriously Mahmoud Abbas takes environmental and social issues.

Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Do the people who work so hard on these conferences get upset at these blatant attempts to hijack them for narrow political ends? Or are they so far gone already that they all believe that if only Israel didn’t exist, all other world problems would go away?

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  • steven L

    This CANNOT happen without the complicity of the West.

  • duPont

    Abbas, and his countrymen are unable to accept any responsibility for their actions. They are the childish and churlish victims of the earth. They constantly complain but do nothing to alleviate their own man-made conditions. Israel is always to blame for everything. Any rational parent would see that this is a child refusing to take any responsibility for his or her actions. Only in this case, no country’s leadership is smart enough to see that and do something about it. Abbas and his people are “latchkey children.” For god’s sake, grow up and stop blaming everyone else for your problems. When you educate your children to become murderers, that’s what they become. Perhaps if you educate them to be productive, humane people, they will solve all your problems. Right now, Abbas’s people are murderers and thieves-not much of a future there! So Abbas, stop your bellyaching and blaming everyone else- you’ve got just what you wanted and planned for.

  • Matti Toivola

    This coward, back-stabbing, terrorism instigators are always ruining the climate.

  • Hank

    Notice how the Palestinkians never take responsibility for their own actions? They are perpetual victims of outside influences and someone else must always come to their aid. The only thing they can do for themselves is make bombs and commit acts of violence.

  • I have two questions:

    1.) is it true, that Dr. Mahmud Abbas is now a honorary member of the board of the NIF?

    2.) is it true, that the NIF is also engaged in BDSM for pecuniary purposes?

    NIF: Notorious:Infame:Fiendish

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Abbas, has said the Israelis are poluting the ground water for racial segregation.

    Canm he expalin how that isd done?

    Just like the shark story. That Mossad trained a shark to kill a tourits in the Red Sea.

    This lunatic is not even the legal president
    He should be boycotted from all international conferences, as he represents Abbas and nobodey else.

    Has any body to this swine that pigs fly?

  • Someone should perhaps show them pictures of what the Arabs did to Gaza’s thriving nature once the Jews vacated it for the fals promise of “peace”….

    And actually, the deadly INSULT to any decent French person: after they have had the deadliest massacre in Paris thanks to the Allah-u-Akbarists, they not only hold a conference in the injured French capital to discuss the weather, but with 40,000 participants flying in for a few days, they created a gigantic footstep against the envirmonment and actually invite “leaders” who CAUSE AND CELBRATE massacres such as the latest one in Paris !

  • Belima

    This tactic is now so standard and predictable ,surely some counter strategies could be part of the offcial Israeli preparation and presentations.

  • art

    And they will continue to hijack every forum they can because the west lacks the moral strength to stop them. The west, in its moral cowardice and bankruptcy, accepts their lies.

  • Carl

    Sadly, I think most participants at these world forums would probably be quite happy without Israel. Of course, they would quickly need to find another scapegoat for the Palestinian’s failure, the continued expansion of Islamic terror, and all the other ills they blame Israel for.