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December 1, 2015 2:05 pm

Report: Israel Seeking to Extend Cooperation With Russia in Syria to Include Ground-Based Operations

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the climate conference in Paris this week. Photo: Facebook.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a climate conference in Paris this week. Photo: Facebook.

The Israeli defense establishment has conveyed messages to Russian officials in an effort to establish coordination of ground based operations in Syria, and to bolster the aerial, naval and electromagnetic cooperation already underway, Israeli news website Walla reported on Tuesday.

The request, which was neither confirmed nor denied by defense officials — comes amid reported Israeli efforts to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon via Syria.

According to Walla, after Russia began its military operations in Syria against anti-Assad-regime rebels and terrorist groups, Israeli officials traveled to Moscow to spell out their country’s red lines on the transfer of “game-changing weapons” to Hezbollah, and assert that there would be no compromises on the matter. Jerusalem and Moscow then established a joint mechanism to coordinate the activities of their respective air forces in Syria, to prevent accidental clashes.

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed the importance of cooperation with Russia in relation to military operations within Syria. His comments were made during a meeting with Russia’s President Putin on the sidelines of the World Climate Change Conference near Paris.

Days previously, a senior Israeli defense official publicly noted that while Russian jets sometimes breach Israeli airspace, close cooperation ensures that the planes are not inadvertently targeted by the Jewish state.

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  • duPont

    I am delighted that Putin and Netanyahu appear to be on the same page and working together. Russia’s tiff with Turkey can only be a boon to Israeli businesses and it looks like Putin is courting Israel for business. I hope that is the case. Who knows? Russia might be a better protector of Eretz Yisroel than Obamaland!

  • Way to go Israel, never mind IRAN with Russia dealing with IRAN forget being blown out of the planet. China are planning to send in infantry as well as Russia. I have no doubt the smart Europeans will do the same. Just as soon as syphilis and AIDS & open TB breaks out in Europe and already it is happening. Merkel will be forced out of government. Medical staff are inundated, dogs are on patrol in hospitals. Europe is breaking down as is the US under Obama. Russia and her allies is the rest of the world’s only hope. As for Wahhabi ISLAM promoted by Saudi and the rest of the Arab nations I would not offer them protection or seek their alliance. What would be the point of keeping these fundamental crazy Islamic nations going? Oil and gas can come from ISRAEL, RUSSIA and central Asia. Israel please don’t ally with KUWAIT and the rest of them. Oil fields have to be taken over, updated and crazy Arab moslems returned to the desert where they came from. Islam is backward and the Islamic so called Royal families will never ever relinquish power unless it is taken away from them by a secular majority, unless we have WWIII this will not happen. It is now time for all out war like it or not – Islam can no longer be tolerated even Austria is worrying, she has not forgotten Turkey’s assault in 1683 and Turkey is at it again. We need Russia now more than ever.

  • Pastor CJM

    This is so funny, I love it. The silent insult to that bully Turkey, pawn of WW3. Turkey has been an Islamic jihad nation (govt) since May 2010, I hate them. The skies over Syria are crowed with a dozen nations. They CANT go shooting each other down! Frankly I believe Russia closes its eyes to all IAF. Today I am proud of Putin, but he best NOT go against Israel or all the Americans who have so much admiration for him will turn on him in an instant.