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December 1, 2015 1:58 pm

Despite Guarantees Watchdog Says UNRWA Teachers Continue Glorifying Murder of ‘Jewish Apes and Pigs’ on Facebook

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A photo on the Facebook page of UNRWA teacher Mazen Abo-Hady. Photo: UN Watch report.

A photo on the Facebook page of UNRWA teacher Mazen Abo-Hady. Photo: UN Watch report.

Despite warnings and dismissals, UN employees have continued to encourage Palestinian knife attacks against Jews, according to a new report released by Geneva-based UN Watch on Monday.

This is the latest among a string of similar reports issued by the watchdog organization this year, revealing the ongoing practice of incitement to violence on the social media pages of educators employed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The Facebook posts and Twitter feeds in question are filled with antisemitic memes and pro-Palestinian terrorism cartoons – all lauding the murder of Jews, some using terms like “Jewish apes and pigs.”

The purpose of monitoring this behavior, according to UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, is twofold: to call UNRWA to task for not firing any employee who engages in it; and to draw attention from UNRWA’s largest donors – the United States and the European Union – to where their annual $1 billion is going.

Previous UN Watch exposure elicited guarantees by UNRWA that it would not support such “neutrality violations” of its mandate, and promises to “take appropriate action, including disciplinary action, where violations by UNRWA staff members are established.”

Nevertheless, though complaints to the relief organization often lead to the removal of particular posts or pages, new ones keep cropping up.

“UNRWA’s reported temporary suspensions of offenders are clearly not working,” said Neuer in a statement. “Giving a slap on the wrist sends the message that it’s business as usual. Instead, those who incite to racism or murder should be fired, under a zero tolerance policy.”

Monday’s report, which UN Watch submitted to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UNRWA chief Pierre Krähenbühl, EU foreign affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini and US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, focuses on 10 new cases of blatant antisemitism on the Facebook pages of UNRWA teachers.

These include an UNRWA English teacher saying it’s important to know that “the Zionists and the Jews are sons of monkeys and pigs,” and another teacher posting photo of a Palestinian ripping through an Israeli flag with a blood-soaked knife.

“UNRWA’s strategy of impunity, denial and deflection only enables more incitement and violence,” said Neuer. “It’s time to put an end to the pattern and practice of UNRWA school principals, teachers and staff members posting antisemitic and terror-inciting images, a recurring theme that suggests a pathology of racism and violence within UNRWA, one that must be rooted out — and not buried, as UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness has attempted to do by calling for boycotts of newspapers or of NGOs that dare to report these incidents of hate.”

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  • steven L

    The UNRWA was created, financed and supported by the West as a weapon to destroy the state of Israel. The West, including the US, continues its war against the Jews. The UNRWA remaining in place is just an evidence.

  • Elisabeth Wolf

    I fully support Mr. Cohen’s proposal.

    ” The Algemeiner” should give notes with original documents to governments , EU Commission, etc. , and request statement to the matter.

  • When Israel – Russia – China and India and hopefully the more enlightened nations of Europe such as Hungary and others who have closed their borders we will finally do away with UNRWA. UNRWA is full of muslims and pro so called palestinians, they will be superfluous after WWIII and WWIII is just around the corner. Anyone stupid enough to side with the current US administration is not seeing sense. Until the new President is in power forget the US. I am astonished the US electorate have not had Obama impeached indicted for treason long ago? Surely George Sorros doesn’t have this much clout, or does he?

    • HamanSlayer

      Vivienne, George Soros has billions, but so does Sheldon Adelman. That is clout, but not enough to explain where America stands.
      From what I can see online and in venues other than the standard left-leaning twisted media, the majority of Americans are sick and tired of Hussein O’Bamba, and that will certainly be evident in the next elections, even though Hillaryous Clinton is gradually distancing herself from him.

      However,impeachment is not an easy process, nor is it meant to be. And it is especially difficult despite a GOP majority ion both chambers, since for years now the majority of legislators from both parties are corrupt, self-centered nincompoops of just plain poops….

  • Lauren Goldman

    This is a surprise? The UN has been the mouthpiece for the arab world for decades. The U.S. needs to cut all monetary support for it and have its headquarters moved out of our country.

    • duPont

      Lauren, you have literally taken the words right out of my mouth! I posted your exact comments on another site. The UN has been a useless organization of pro-Arab Islamists for decades now. It needs to be kicked out of the U.S. and our tax dollars certainly should not be spent on them. What a waste of money, time and patience! Thirty years ago on a visit to the Geneva UN building, the tour guide commented that “. . .the United States should be giving much more money to the UN, after all, they spend more money on the New York City Police Force than they do on the UN!” I was shocked at how insulting she was to the U.S and told her so. We are their primary source of money and they still don’t appreciate it! I vote for no longer subsidizing them! They can go to hell!

  • Fred

    One should not expect any decency from the UN cesspool. It has become an Arab support club, it is biased & prejudiced
    in favour of the Palestine Arab squatters. The teachers from UNRWA have shown time & time again a vile & venomous antagonism toward Israel. Ban Ki Moon goes along with it. It is slap on the wrist that these hatemongers get .

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    I hope hat those who calL Jews “sons of apes and pigs’ look into the mirror.


  • Ephraim

    Dream on. The UN fighting antisemitism? That’s like asking Obama to stop doing all in his power to help Iran obtain nuclear weapons. That’s like asking the KKK to start loving Jews and Blacks. That’s like asking the PA to stop brainwashing their people to hate Jews and Israel. All of these have about equal chance to ever occur.

  • “Je Suis Israel”

    Let me suggest that paypack time has come to Europe and America. America got warning after Arafat turned Clinton down on 11/9 2001. Norway got it shortly after Abbas put his embassy in Oslo on 22/7 2011 to divide the promised land. Non of them repented – EU will not repent, but continues to blame Israel for arab atrocity that can be traced back to the Grand Mufti – Shoah – armenian genocide ( beheaded heads on Google Pictures ref. Quran ) and Muhammed himself ordering and participating in beheading jews in numbers from 600-900 according to islamic writings. Nothing is new. It is the same old demonic jew-hatred Arafat delivered in Cairo, Al Azhar in 1995 talking about the purpuse for “palestinians” untill the day of jugdement (the Hour) ref. Muslim and Bukhari hadith ref. Hamas charter art.7.
    ( Make sure to download and keep evidence from YouTube “Memo to Arafat”.)

    God is Holy and will keep promise for Israel lawfully created among the nations, but betrayed over and over again. Greatings with Paul’s letter to Romans 1.18 and chapter 9 to 11.

    I want to share to strong memories from my first trip to Israel. When I put my feet on Ben Gurion AirPort I was overwelmed by the peace of God as if strong arms where holding all the area up. The second memory was when a jewish family held a meal opposite of the wailing wall as if I wanted to share (as for me) passover. It was like they was remembering a shadow of what to come when Son of man gave his life on Calvary. Therefore I stand in deep dept to Abram, Isak and Jacob’s God and seed. God bless and protect you all !

  • Eugene Clough

    It would be worthwhile, from a journalistic perspective as an on-going news story, for algemeiner to continue running stories about this situation. I wish you would run a series of screenshots showing the facebook antisemitism you speak of. I would also like to see an interview or two with US senators on the foreign relations committee and other pertinent officials in Washington.

  • Peter Joffe

    It is clear that UNRWA is a propaganda wing of Hamas. Is it not disgusting that the UN and the USA support such blatant violence.With Jihadists in the White House this behaviors is set to get worse.

  • marlene

    PLEASE STOP printing “apes and pigs” – you’re just trying to stir us up when, in fact, everyone has already heard this and are more insulted by it when others repeat it then when the bottom feeding muslims say it. Thank you.

    • I agree with you Marlene. We do not need to give any form of outlet, let alone give it a wider audience. Cut out the hatred and these bigots have their fuel removed, the flame diminishes and they are in permanent decline.

  • I am horrified as are you by the allegations that UNRWA teachers are posting and advocating antisemitic descriptions of Jews. This is a terrible influence on the next generation of children and incitement to violence of those already grown.

    That notwithstanding, I notice that there is virtually no mention in your publications of anything that Jews do that might insight these desperate acts. When people are oppressed they are driven to inhuman acts – on both sides.

    In the early 1950’s my father was the head of UNRWA, and for four years I lived near and often visited the camps.There was great care to maintain neutrality in the face of daily provocation. But the provocation even then, came from a lack of respect and support- mostly from the neighboring Arab countries – for those displaced refugees. Their reasons were mostly political – to keep misery afloat to motivate a movement to return to their land.

    We have not advanced. The “enemy” is clarified on both sides. We have become entrenched in a commitment not to understand the other side’s position. It would be refreshing and maybe even helpful, if you could try, in your publication, to reach out a hand literally and metaphorically to try to understand each other rather than the daily incessant blame game. We are in the end more similar than different. We all want to live happy safe lives. We need to dare to try to do it.Why not try something other than just describing atrocities?

    • HamanSlayer

      Anne Peretz, in the 1950’s the residents of the UNWRA camps were Palestinian Arabs, many of the terrorists who ran off from Arab villages fearing retribution from the Jews (who never sought to take revenge from them, after the exception of Deir Yasin).

      At that time, as a temporary measure of dealing with “refugees” UNWRA might have had some justification. By the 60’s and 70’s, when it became a permanent way of supporting terrorist hatcheries, it lost that justification, and by now, continuing to support the 4th generation to the tune of billions of dollars, it is not only unjustified, it is an outrageous travesty.

      Also, I beg to differ with you: I think that Israelis in general, and its leaders in particular, understand the Palestinians very well. (I can;t say if they understand Israel, or Jews — perhaps they don;t — or if they do, they choose to ignore what they understand) That is exactly why Israel has managed to cope with 67 years of terror and animosity. And, yes, the price in Israeli lives has been too high – and so has it been in Arabs’ lives, but both have been strictly the Palestinians’ doing! and could have been avoided only by them!!!

  • Michael Mayben

    The United Nations is doing my damage to Israel than can ever could be imagined. There is an obvious pro-Arab country opinion that permeates the U.N. from its nations members, which includes the U.S.A. It’s a disgrace when the America’s government doesn’t stand with Israel for being such supportive ally, but that can change provided Americans are able to bring a strong conservative agenda back to the Whitehouse and throughout Congress.

  • RC

    The UN–is an anti-Semitic–Marxist globalist–anti liberty organization–they love mass murder.

  • ed g

    The United States should defund the UN altogether and kick it out of New York. Maybe the more appropriate new home should be Ramallah or Teheran.

  • America and all decent nations should stop their financial support of the UNRWA.

    PS: * * * *

    • Bigotry in any form is catastrophe to the conduct of international relations via the United Nations Organization (UNO) and is the anti-thesis of the peace and security to nations…The Congress should immediately with all US government funds, whether appropriated or not, be suspended in an escrow account and returned to the Treasury if the UNO fails to take appropriate actions this year.

    • Markus Elkana Brajtman

      Mr Cohen. Time for that war monger Chris Gunnes to be arrested for being the cause of the Israel Hamas wars.

      He took multi millions of dollars to help re build Gaza. Instead, he saw what was happening to the money.

      The Hamas terrorists used the money to train their terrorists, and to build tunnels to murder hundreds of Jews.
      Did he evr ask what has happeed to all the money?
      Obviously not.
      He gave the money to Hamas tobuild those tunnes.

      Why has he not been charged and imprisoned for life for stealing the milliions of Dollars and paying for terroriism

    • noel1234

      Big deal ,the UN in general is ant-semetic and all monies given it by the USA should stop.