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December 3, 2015 7:34 am

Lessons From the Gruesome Munich Massacre Revelations

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An image of one of the Palestinian terrorists during the Munich attacks. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

An image of one of the Palestinian terrorists during the Munich attacks. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – The gruesome revelations about the 1972 Munich Olympics terrorists castrating one of their Israeli victims is not just another horror story. There are important political and strategic implications.

The story of how a gang of Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli Olympic team members, one of them an American citizen, is well-known. The New York Times has now revealed additional details about how the terrorists savagely abused their victims, including castrating one of them.

The Munich attackers claimed to be members of “Black September,” as if that was some separate “extremist” group, in contrast with the supposedly more “moderate” Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). But that was a fiction created for propaganda purposes. Fatah, the largest faction of the PLO, was responsible for the massacre. One of the Munich planners, Mohammed Oudeh — better known as Abu Daoud — was quoted in the Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur in 1972 as saying, “There is no such organization as Black September. Fatah announces its own operations under this name so that Fatah will not appear as the direct executor of the operation.”

In those days, Fatah was chaired by Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas was the number two man. Today Abbas is chairman of Fatah, of the PLO, and of the Palestinian Authority. Abu Daoud wrote in his 1999 autobiography, “From Jerusalem to Munich,” that Abbas personally arranged the funding for the Munich attack.

I know that Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross and the rest of the peace process crowd still insist that Abbas is more “moderate” than other Palestinian leaders. Yet Abbas and his Fatah movement have always treated the Munich murderers as heroes, and still do.

Amin el-Hindi, one of the Munich massacre planners, was hired by Abbas to serve as director of Palestinian General Intelligence. On the anniversary of the passing of Munich planner Ali Hassan Salameh, the Fatah home page called him a “martyr” (shahid) and declared that “his memory will remain forever in our hearts.” In Gaza — to which the US gave $47 million in “humanitarian” aid last year — there is an elementary school, a junior high school for girls, and a sports stadium named after Salameh. In the PA town of El-Bireh (adjacent to the capital city of Ramallah), there is a sports complex called “The Martyr Atef Bselso Auditorium”; Bselso was one of the planners of the Munich attack.

The aforementioned Abu Daoud probably was the most notorious of the Munich planners. He was captured in France in 1977, but when the PLO complained about the arrest, the French authorities quickly released him. In the wake of the latest Arab terrorism in Paris, will the French finally recognize that appeasing terrorists doesn’t pay? Time will tell.

An English-language edition of Daoud’s autobiography was released in 1999 by the New York City publisher Arcade. Presumably Arcade sent Daoud royalty checks — meaning that he directly profited from his murder of an American citizen and the other athletes. Arcade should be ashamed itself. One can only hope that in the wake of the latest revelations about Munich, outraged citizens will urge Arcade (212-643-6816) to donate an equal sum to the victims’ families.

When Daoud passed away in 2010, Abbas sent his family a telegram of condolences, which read, “The deceased was one of the prominent leaders of the Fatah movement and lived a life filled with the struggle, devoted effort, and the enormous sacrifice of the deceased for the sake of the legitimate problem of his people, in many spheres. He was at the forefront on every battlefield, with the aim of defending the [Palestinian] revolution. What a wonderful brother, companion, tough and stubborn, relentless fighter.”

One wonders how much of a pension Abbas and the PA or Fatah provide to Daoud’s family. Shouldn’t an equal sum be deducted from the $500 million that the Obama administration sends to Abbas each year?

I will leave it to psychologists to analyze what cultural or personal factors would inspire an Arab terrorist to commit that specific type of atrocity. But nobody can deny that there is a grotesque and familiar pattern. Eyewitness accounts document the sexual mutilation of Jewish victims by Arab terrorists in the 1929 Hebron pogrom. The castration and worse of the Jewish defenders of Kfar Etzion in the 1948 war has been well documented. Amnon Rubinstein, education minister in Yitzhak Rabin’s administration, has written about the sexual mutilation of several of his captured comrades in the 1967 war. The grisly list goes on and on.

The point is that what the Munich killers did was not some aberration, but was part of a barbaric tradition among Arab terrorists, which Abbas and his Fatah movement chose to perpetuate. They are the ones to whom the Obama Administration wants to give an independent, sovereign state just miles from Israel’s cities and airports.

And that is the final lesson of the Munich revelations: If someone wants to argue that Palestinian mutilators of Israelis deserve a state, then go ahead and make that argument — but stop telling us that they are moderates and peace-seekers. There can be no more illusions about their true nature. Their own actions speak for themselves.

Stephen M. Flatow, an attorney in New Jersey, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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  • el cid


    I am afraid that in fact, there is no lesson learned.

    Nothing has changed, only Europe would rather self-annihilate than admit that Jewish blood is worth less than non-Jewish blood.

    The Muslims have begun their attack on Europe in earnest. That is new.

  • Atilla

    I am surprised that the Mossad never took out Daoud.

  • Dan Smith

    You write out of pain, that is very legitimate, having lost a daughter in a terrorist attack= the PA is a done deal, the govt. here led by Bibi Net. has no illusions about with whom we are dealing== politics makes strange bedfellows in Jewish history from the Maccabees to the so called Christian Zionists and Mike Hukabee= the alternative to Abbas is ISIS and the Hamas== so we accept him, Assad the butcher too and the world goes on

  • pls come see our film
    dr steven ungerleider

  • dr flatow:

    im the producer and writer of the new munich film and spent
    years intervieiwng the victim families

    your comments are fascinating.
    pls come see our film

    dr steven ungerleider

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    The atrocity the Munich killers perpetrated is not just a “barbaric tradition of Arab terrorists”,it is an integral part of Arab custom and practice dating back centuries.
    These barbarians are not going to change their brutal conduct anytime soon – it is part and parcel of their Islamic culture.These inhuman monsters are now the great heroes of the European Left and the anti-Israel (and anti-Jewish)swarms now ruling the international media world.But Israel will survive – despite the nefarious attempts to destroy it from the Muslim,Christian and secular world!

  • E P Campbell

    Never judge words. Only judge actions. From the Religion of Taquiyya.

  • ART

    At least Israel is finally beginning to reject the “moderate” abbas or pa. But the damage is done For 20+ yrs abbas et al were called “moderates” by numerous Israeli gov’t . The murderous act of the plo/fatah/pa must be repeatedly shown to the world. Israel can not afford to believe on the truth showing itself and that people of good faith will prevail

  • ian v

    Your “Munich Massacre” article by Dr Stephen Flatulence is mostly nonsense. One of the Israeli hostages was shot when resisting capture but if he or another had been castrated Israeli propagandists would have exploited the atrocity to the hilt, as they did in the case of the alleged “murders” when in fact the Israeli Government had pressured the Police to kill the hostage-takers despite Police warnings that breaking the pledge of Safe Conduct would mean certain death for the athletes. The alleged “murders” were a propaganda coup for Israel fund-raisers who thrive on “martyrs” but a disaster for Black September who had planned to exchange the hostages for Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. It’s worth noting that castration was a common practice in Israel during the Intifada when IDF snipers permanently maimed hundreds of young protesters by targeting their genitals. IVM

    • I’m a bit surprised the moderators allow a comment that makes fun of the writer’s name in such a crass fashion. I’m also a bit surprised that the commentor makes it sound like the castration claim is nonsense invented by Flatow, when the revelation was taken from the NY Times. I’m not willing to read the NYT so I don’t know what their source was.

    • dante

      “ian” is a hateful moron and a liar. in ian’s sick mind, it’s the police who are at fault, not the criminals, not the terrorists. little man ian would have let the terrorists escape with the hostages. good call, ian. and, having reasonably decided not to follow ian’s script (because of “pressure” from the horrible Jews), the police are responsible for the atrocities. that’s how sick ian sees it. hey, dummy, are the police also responsible for the plot to invade the olympic village, murder at will, and seize hostages? and, the castration noted in the post-mortem? the police responsible for that, too, you repellent, contemptible moron?

      ian is at best indifferent to the suffering of the victims; at worst, he’s an advocate or a collaborator. one can only hope that he suffers the crimes to which he is indifferent.

  • Ian Schorr

    This story also revealed a lot about the media, or at the very least confirmed the continuing view of the NY Times that Jewish blood is unimportant.

    The first massacre of Jews that The Times barely reported was the Holocaust and there are many studies that revealed the depth of it’s lack of impartial journalism when it comes to Jewish issues.

    On December 2, 2015, The Times reported this news about the atrocities and brutality of the Munich Black September Muslim terrorists (yes, terrorists, and Muslim terrorists, a term not used within the walls of our White House!!!) on page B10 which on that date was the sports section.

    I didn’t know castration was an Olympic sport. While the massacre was in the Olympic village, the incident had nothing to do with the Olympics, nor did it have anything to do with sports.

    The Times, as usual, trivialized the spilling of Jewish blood and printed their article in the sports section rather than in the section on international news which, sadly, even today is the place for repeated terrorism articles.

    Would The Times have dared to cover the recent Paris attack at the music hall in the entertainment section or the massacres in the cafes in the food section? No, or course not, but the Paris massacres did not involve Jewish blood.

  • The PLO terrorist entity does not deserve a state. Israel must end the PLO occupation and completely restore Jewish life there. Negotiations with the PLO terrorist entity must include its unconditional surrender.