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December 6, 2015 3:06 am

John Kerry Warns Israel About Dangers of Possible Palestinian Authority Collapse

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Jerusalem. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Jerusalem. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israel on Saturday about the dangers of the possible collapse of the Palestinian Authority, saying it would lead to a situation that would threaten the security of Israel and the Palestinian people.

Kerry told a conference at the Brookings Institution that the Palestinian leadership must do more to prevent and combat anti-Israel violence. But, he also said Israeli leaders should not advocate or allow the Palestinian Authority to disintegrate. If that were to happen, Kerry said, Israel would be forced to assume all governance in the West Bank and potentially accept a one-state solution that would compromise Israel’s future as a democratic, Jewish state.

Read full story at Yahoo News.


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  • Jonah

    It’s really amazing how sensible Kerry appears now that Isis has risen and Iran is well on its way to the completion of a nuclear bomb….lets all be friends…I will give you good advise because it will not be long before you are all toast. Their are some scriptural concepts nitwits such as Kerry, McCain, and Linsey damned cannot seem to grasp. The fact that four Angels have been released from the river Euphrates and they have been released by God to orchestrate all of the events that are now occurring in the Mideast. Now these bad boys have been released to act in concert and to design a plan to destroy all the goat nations that have come against Israel. I thought you might like to know that in the eyes of God, America is a goat nation. What Kerry does not seem to understand is that surreptitiously orchestrating a Psalm 83 war against Israel is a sure way to threaten the security of America. All Kerry and Obama are doing is attempting to make it appear that they have benevolent feelings for your right to exist while all the while they have moved very carefully all those forces in place for the complete desolation of Israel. Don’t be fooled by these snakes. Russia and China must understand their are two wars occurring…God is fighting war with the serpent in heaven to reclaim this planet, and God is warring against all those nations that will come against Israel. Russia and China at this time in Gods eyes are sheep nations do not, make the fatal mistake of joining with Islam or be deceptively drawn by America into conflict with Israel or God will do to you what he has planned for the Islamic mideastern country’s, Europe and America….after the dust clears the buzzards will be dining on their flesh. Every one who does not participate in the evil being dispersed on this planet by the above mentioned triage will go into the new milliniam as blessed nations having privey to the promises of God…the creator of the universe and its heavens. Heaven on earth is right round the bend don’t let the snakes destroy your ability to participate in it. They are working hard to pull you into the depths of hell…do not let them deceive you.