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December 7, 2015 1:56 pm

Czech MEP Dresses Down EU Foreign Policy Chief Over Israeli Product Labeling (VIDEO)

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The Problem With Labels and the European Union, by Chava Light.

The Problem With Labels and the European Union, by Chava Light.

A Czech European MP harangued EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini for deciding to label products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Golan Heights, according to translated video of his address on LiveLeak.

The Czech MEP began his comments by criticizing Mogherini for failing to enforce stricter controls on the flow of refugees and migrants from war-torn Syria, saying, “We are dealing with the greatest security crisis, and you, Mrs. Mogherini, have decided to harm our main ally in the Middle East, Israel, and are forcing it to label products, which are Jewish products of the West Bank.”

“You wouldn’t dare [force] Russia to label products from Crimea,” he said. “Or China to label Tibetan products, or Turkey to label products from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

“You dare to do this to Israel and I am ashamed of this policy,” said the MEP.

The MEP’s comments echo sentiments in Israel, where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced the country would suspend contacts with EU institutions working on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in protest over the labeling guidelines.

Israeli officials and Jewish groups have decried the EU regulations, saying they amount to a double standard of the Jewish state, because these guidelines do not extend to other disputed territories. The labeled products include wine, fruits and vegetables, honey, olive oil, eggs and poultry, organic products and cosmetics.

The Czech MEP’s comments also reflect anger in several European nations over EU pressure to absorb the influx of refugees from Syria. See video below:

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  • Chaya

    There is one difference to Crimea, Cyprus: Israel benefits from tax cuts by way of EU treaties, Westbank and Gaza do not. Officially the aim of the labelling is to stop any overlapped benefits.

    However, if the EU wishes to improve living conditions in Gaza and West Bank, then surely they can give tax benefits to products produced there by Israelis as well.
    From that perspective, the labelling issue is already stupid.

    That the lobbyists have an anti israeli Agenda behind the official line should also be cleaer.

    As if Europe did not have bigger concerns than silly Labels… refugee crisis, Greece crisis, Ukrainian crisis..

    The average EU citizen though is blissfully unaware of this issue, so it would be unfair to blanketly blame all europeans for this fiasco – blame the politicians and the lobbyists yes.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    At the same time that the EU is stabbing Israel in the back, the EU, aside from the UK, is being flooded with Arab Muslims who may become a destructive force. We are watching Divine Providence repaying the EU.