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December 7, 2015 3:46 pm

French Jewish Parliamentarian: Le Pen Victory Does Not Reflect Rise in Antisemtism

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Marie Le Pen, head of the National Front party in France. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Marine Le Pen, head of the National Front party in France. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The success of the far-Right National Front party in Sunday’s’s regional elections in France does not reflect a rise in racism or antisemitism, a Jewish member of the French parliament told the Israeli news site Walla on Monday.

Meir Habib said that the result of the elections, in which Marine Le Pen’s party won 28% of the vote, was to be expected, due to the public’s sense that the current government has not adequately addressed the country’s many problems.

“Unfortunately, they are supporting a populist party with no governing experience,” Habib said. “People here want the tree uprooted and think Le Pen will do it – with fewer immigrants and less unemployment.”

He also said that in spite of his own reservations about the right-wing party, he too opposes absorbing an unlimited number of immigrants, and supports combating radical Islam.

“There is no room in France for another 10 million Muslims from another culture,” he said. “I think we have to take a small number of people who are in genuine distress. The problem has to be dealt with at the source. We have to finish ISIS off. We lost 130 people in Paris [last month]. We’re at war.”

According to Habib, Jews also voted for Le Pen, “though not many.” Personally, he told Walla, “As a Jew, I could not back a party that was established and motivated by the ideas of the Third Reich. It is immoral, and I think Jews need to protect their morality.”

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  • Ronnie

    I am shocked that more Jews did not vote for Le Pen, when it should be have more. Equating a right wing group with the Third Reich is ignorant and foolish. It is like comparing Conservatism to Nazism. A vast difference between the two. I would think that in light of the attack on the Jewish deli in France, not that long ago, that the Jews who remain in France would want to reduce the number of Muslim immigrants flooding into France, not only for their own safety but for the integrity of the country. Apparently not. It is astounding to me that in the face of blatant hatred they cannot see the forest for the trees and continue to view “right wing” as a negative instead of a positive.

  • basha kline

    Marine LePenne has honed in at a time when the French people are smarting from open sores. She has landed like a fly on these vulnerable wounds leaving her maggotty contributions and for the remaining Jews in this country, there will be a further deluge of bias exhuded from the amorral rants of the LaPenn family. Once the islamic sitution has calmed down, there will Jew-bashing more cleansing than colonic irrigation.
    I just hope someone with a good memory of WW11 and the blessing of conscience will be elected.

  • Stan Nadel

    True enough, but most of Hitler’s voters in 1933 didn’t vote for the Nazis out of Antisemitism either–that doesn’t mean it isn’t what they got.

    • Amnon

      This is 20015 not 1939 he Muslims were killers then and still killers today,nothing has changed not like Germany.

      • basha kline

        Amnon, Germany hasn’t changed, it is up to its old tricks aplenty, wanting to label items in stores, especially Israeli goods and this is the start of what is deemed an international bds situation. Gemany has lain fallow for 70 years, re-booted and is coming back with their batteries charged.

  • HaDaR

    Marine Le Pen has DONE AWAY with the Fascist past by eliminating BOTH those ideas and her father who was their carrier.
    Unfortunately, both the Socialists and the Republicans HAVE NOT done away with long decades of antisemitism, arabism, and hostility to Israel.
    She is one of France’s only hopes – given the STATE OF DENIAL of a Mohammedan danger in which Socialists, Centrists and Right have lived for decades – that Jews will be able to walk the streets of France without being attacked, and that Liberté will not be strangled to please Mohammedan diktats.

  • Yocheved

    Marine appears to be doing everything she can to distance herself from her father’s legacy of anti-Semitism. This can only be a good thing. Heck, even if she secretly hates us, as long as her policies reflect a move towards a more secure and civilized France, it can only be a good thing.

    I will judge her by her future actions, and not by the party’s past.

  • Jeff

    Black, white, brown, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Sikh and many others must face a real enemy together and I think the far right may be beginning to see the difference between real and imaginary enemies at last.

    Everyone prefers the company of their own but all people with the same core values must stick together, racism is a disgusting state and will alienate decent people, the far right are starting to realise this, if they want support they must not be seen as racist in our fight against the Islamisation of our society! Islam is not a race, it is a conquering ideology with a bit of religion taken from the Jewish, Christian religions and some Paganism.

    Far right groups must be treated carefully in view of past attitudes but they are the only groups fighting Islamisation and getting word of the dangers to all, you won’t learn much from PC mainstream media!

  • len

    What Jews need to Protect in France is their ASS-ETS if they have any intention of surviving or staying in France. If Le Pen stands for French Law and only French Law and French Order then there is nothing immoral about voting for this party. Ms.Le Pen’s break with her father indicates that her Party is ready to play a bigger role in the history of French Government and possibly save the idea of France as a French State from the chaos brought on by a minority soon to become a majority with very un-French attitudes about the world and how it should be run.I say for all Jews to be very moral and vote for Le Pen,Viva La France!

  • Antisemitism – not at the moment, racism yes. The French have always been notoriously antisemitic. It is only a matter of time, but fortunately for the Jews the Muslims are a bigger concern.

  • Congratulations, Mr Habib and grateful thanks, Mrs Blum.

  • steven L

    Wait & see is the most reasonable position.
    Sarkozy was a major deception for > 50% of French people. That is why Le Pen has winds in the sails.
    Sarko “fu.ed” up big time.

  • glenda urmacher

    It is a sad commentary today that we will vote for a Trump or a Le Pen just to get our government on the right path, or so we think.
    These are desperate times, and we are behaving in a desperate manner.
    It just goes to show that we know very little about the rest of the world, and it is becoming harder and harder to keep the beasts at bay.

  • I despair of Jews who keep attacking Marine LePen who more than once reached out to them. They are emulating the stupid herd who swallows, uncritically, the orchestrated demonisation of le Front National as it is under MARINE Le Pen.

    Marine LePen is the only hope in France against the virulent and violent Jew Hatred by the Arabo/Muslim which is increasing every day. Marine Le Pen has even publicly separated from her father who really was pro-arab with the ensuing anti-semitic tendancies.

    Do you want a Merkel as leader? I dont !!! And Marine Le Pen is the perfect opposite of of that German Mother Terrorista ! (*)

    So please, my Jewish friends, stop already with Le Pen bashing – many of you did the same to Geert Wilders – also a political leader with a spine who stands by Israel.

    Should the Left and even the center-right – both are completely in Qatars pocket – continue to rule France I would suggest to all Jews to follow the invitation by your georgeous Prime Minister and leave France for Israel.