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December 7, 2015 4:25 pm

Poll: Netanyahu More Popular Among Americans Than the Pope

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is more popular among Americans than the Pope. Photo: Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is more popular among Americans than the Pope. Photo: Twitter.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is more popular among Americans than Pope Francis I, according to a new poll, the Israeli news site nrg reported on Monday.

The poll, conducted by DC think tank the Brookings Institution, asked Americans to list the top five leaders they most respected. Netanyahu came in third place — after President Barack Obama and the late President Ronald Reagan — but ahead of Pope Francis I.

The breakdown among the general US population was as follows: Obama — 16%; Reagan — 7%; and Netanyahu — 6%. Pope Francis I received a 5% popularity rating, ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin (3%).

Among Evangelical Christians, Netanyahu fared even better, receiving 16%, with Reagan and Obama receiving 11% and 10% respectively.

Republican and older respondents were more likely to favor the Israeli Prime Minister than Democrats and young people, according to the poll.

Among Republicans, Netanyahu received a 51% favorability rating, up from 49% last year, whereas among Democrats, 34% opposed him, compared 22% last year.

37% of respondents also believed that Israel has too much influence on the US government, while 18% said Israel has too little. 44% said Israeli influence on US policy is proportionate and appropriate.

The poll revealed that Democrats (49%) were more likely than Republicans (25%) to believe Israel has too much influence on the United States, whereas Evangelicals were more likely to believe that Israel has too little influence.

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  • You all have to understand that the prime Minister and obama are part of God’s universal plan .

  • JoAnne

    I can’t believe Obama is even mentioned. In my opinion he is the worst leader of the United States EVER. Nothing this man has done was in the interest of Americans or our allies. And he hates Christians (which I am) and PROUD of it. The day he leaves office will be a BLESSING. He is an EVIL man.

  • Jacob

    The defense of Israel is granitized in the bone marrow of Evangelicals. Evangelicals are the best friends of Israel on this planet. That is why Obama will throw every evil force on this planet at America because he cannot take the guns and bibles and the love evangelicals have for Israel in their heart away from us. People think Obama is a lunatic. Well I guess since his cultural roots are embedded with a religion that warships a moon God their may be something to that. But in the eyes of Islam if he wants to kill all the Christians and Jews on the planet while subjicating all the infidels he is perfectly normal…that is normal for moonbats. A moonbat is now in control of the most powerful military in the world. According to the serial liar and chief he has Isis on the run and al Qaeda has been defeated….Ben laudin is dead. He may have his dumbed down flock of degenerates who warship at the alter of Obama fooled but the Russians are on his heels like a bloodhound.

    • Israel

      You are perfectly right.
      The only thing that I am not sure is whether Obama’s roots lie in Islam or Marxism-Leninism.

      Anyway, at this point in time, what does it matter?

    • Ruth

      I don’t think I could have said it any better and you couldn’t be more right about Islam. It’s not a religion, it’s an ideology created by a crazed out mad man named MuhamMAD. Yes, it’s a pagan so called religion that bows down to a large black box in Mecca.

      I love Israel with my whole heart! G_d Bless Israel!!