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December 10, 2015 4:09 pm

Israelis Refused Entry Into Jordan With ‘Jewish Paraphernalia’ in Luggage

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Three of the Israeli family's five children at the Jordanian border. The two brothers were not allowed in with their kippot. Photo: Facebook.

Three of the Israeli family’s five children at the Jordanian border. The two brothers were not allowed in with their kippot. Photo: Facebook.

An Israeli family on a Hannukah vacation to Jordan was shocked to be turned away at the border, due to the skull caps (kippot) on the heads of the father and two sons, the Israeli site nrg reported on Thursday.

Tamar Gewirtz Hayardeni, the mother of the family, told nrg about the ordeal, after ranting about it on Facebook.

Tamar, a licensed tour guide who has been to Jordan in the past, described the family’s encounter with Jordanian border authorities, who were adamant that the male members of the family not enter the country with their kippot, claiming it was for their own protection.

Gewirtz Hayardeni said she explained to the border guard that the family had not intended to walk around with the kippot on their heads in any case — as a precaution. They insisted they would wear regular hats, while keeping their kippot in their luggage.

This was not sufficient for the border guard, however, according to Gewirtz Hayardeni, who said that at that point, she didn’t know what to do other than consult with her family. As they were weighing their options, their dilemma was solved, she recounted, when another Israeli was led into the room, “charged with attempting to bring tefillin into Jordan” – phylacteries that were discovered by security x-ray.

“That’s when we understood that the Jordanians might want Israelis to come, but not Jews,” she wrote on Facebook. “So we turned around and went back to Israel.”

On the Israeli side of the border, Gewirtz Hayardeni asked the guards and other people working there whether her experience was common. She was told that the Jordanians have begun forbidding all Jewish paraphernalia from entering the country.

Gewirtz Hayardeni expressed disgust and questioned what would happen if Jordanian tourists to Israel were forbidden to enter with headscarves or other Muslim “paraphernalia.”

According to an Israeli Channel 2 report on Thursday evening, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely intends to investigate the phenomenon with the Jordanian authorities.

Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994, which expanded water, tourism and trade cooperation, as well as a commitment to prevent third parties from using either country’s territory as a staging ground for military strikes.

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  • Mickey Oberman

    I keep repeating Abba Eban’s famous statement:
    “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” and Jordan is one of the most frequent provider of proofs of this wisdom.

    Will they ever learn not to bite of their nose to spite their face?

  • jakob wasi

    How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot? The Jordanian authorities were performing a mitzvah of sorts. Israelis like Americans think the sun rises and sets on them; they’re above all laws including gravity. Unfortunately not everyone agrees. The Zionists policy towards Israeli Arabs and colonized Palestinians have earned them much disgust. So by requesting the removal of kippot, it was done out of a desire to protect lives from attack.

    • Marc Rosenblatt

      Another leftist Jew blaming the victim for the offense. Cut the crap about what the terrible Jews do to the poor Palestinians. We should start sending Jordanians back if they have any religious articles with them including their head scarves. Enough of the BS!

  • Howard

    Why would Israeli Jews want to go to Jordan for Hanukkah? It’s like Israeli Jews who go to Egypt for Pesach.

    We have no self-respect.

  • Why would they want to go to Jordan for a holiday? The Arabs don’t want us here. The only reason they signed the peace treaties, both Jordan and Egypt, was to get American money. I refuse to give any Arab or Muslim country my hard-earned money until they recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish People and make real, meaningful peace.

  • rbockman

    Non-story, don’t know why it was printed, so they couldn’t go to Jordan, so what.

  • Arabs leave our Land and go back to Saudi arabia

    Arabs leave our Land and go back to Saudi arabia

  • Wm. J. Levy

    The little king has forgotten that if it wasn’t for Israel he would be dead along with his whole line.

    Black September almost succeeded in overthrowing the Jordanian monacrchy.

    Where is this jerks’ gratitude and loyalty to Israel instead of constantly making terrible remarks about Israel.

    They hate Israel. They hate Jews and this incident proves it.

  • cpm3v

    Where is crying ‘racism’???

  • Edna

    I agree with the Jordanians 100%.

    The family should have realized that it was indeed for their safety, and not cause such an outlandish ruckus, and the gentleman who brought his tefillim was also being silly.

    Had any member of that Jewish family been hurt by anyone who was anti-Semitic it would have caused great damage to Israel/Jordan relations.

    The majority of Jordanians are of Palestinian origin. There are also Syrian ‘refugees’ who most probably already belong to Daesh

    Better be safe than sorry, and no point in tempting the devil.

  • marlene

    Jordanians? What’s to like?

  • basha kline

    why go there? why subject your children to danger and ridicule, you come from a beautiful place, what is so wonderful about Jordan? – stay in Israel..

  • I believe it is in the best interest of the family to have been refused entry.
    You never know in these today environment how things could evolve or to have some passionate reactions easily triggered.
    The family is very courageous, however I think they are naive a bit and they should be careful in showing their difference in a potentially hostile environment.

  • brenrod

    It is a myth that there is any real peace with jordan.. it is really just a truce. It would be better for Israel to see the monarchy deposed and to send the pals to jordan. the monarchy is the only thing standing between the west bank pals and jordan.

  • art frank

    These Jews are crazy. Why travel to a country that is 99% anti-semitic.?

  • Ken Kelso

    So why Muslims complaining about Trump not wanting Muslims to come into the U.S when Jordan just did the same thing with Jews trying to enter Jordan.