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December 11, 2015 2:54 pm

Thousands Sign Petitions Calling for Armed Guards at UK Jewish Gathering Places

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View of London. Photo: wiki commons.

View of London. Photo: wiki commons.

Thousands in the UK had signed a petition by Friday calling for armed police guards outside Jewish institutions and gathering places in Great Britain.

The petition concluded that there is a serious risk of mass casualties due to terrorism facing Jewish sites across the UK. Governments in mainland European countries such as France, Belgium and others have already deployed armed guards to protect synagogues and community centers.

Given the current threats facing British Jews concerning terrorism, the British government should do the same, the petitioners, led by Moses Hoffman, argued.

“It is impossible for a policeman or security guard without a weapon to protect synagogues, schools and other institutions from terrorists who arm [sic] guns and knives,” said the petition, which had a June 2016 deadline to reach 10,000 signatures for a government response or 100,000 signatures for parliamentary consideration. It had reached 5,126 signatures as of publishing.

Most British police officers are unarmed. In Scotland, 98 percent of police officers carry no firearm, the New York Times reported on Friday.

The British petition was responding to security concerns among European Jews especially since the series of fatal terrorist attacks against Jewish institutions in France, Belgium and Denmark over the last year. After the ISIS attacks in Paris last month, the terrorist threat appears all the more imminent.

The petition also noted the use of knives, perhaps fearing copycat attacks similar to the wave of terrorism that Israel has been facing for several months. Israeli security forces have killed dozens of Palestinians carrying out terrorist attacks using knives over the last six weeks. Israel even relaxed the country’s tight gun possession laws to encourage civilians to carry firearms in case of random attacks.

France responded to the January terrorist siege at a kosher supermarket in Paris that left four civilians dead by dispatching military and police to protect 717 of the country’s Jewish gathering places. In addition to 10,000 troops, 4,700 police officers were deployed, according to the Jerusalem Post. 

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  • loftev1

    We are at war just as world war 2 was a world war this battle against Islam is the same. but once again the world will not acknowledge the obvious. what Islam tried and failed in the 12th century to overrun Europe and set up their Caliphate they are now accomplishing without firing a shot! The so-called leaders of Europe are on the brink of destroying the fabric of their countries all because of the misguided policies of multiculturalism and political correctness. Islam has never blended in with the countries that they have moved into. France and the other countries in Europe and England have just refused to publicly admit their failures. Arabs seek one thing that is total domination of any country that they reside in period. And to the lie told the other day that there are places that the British police will not go into is totally true just as in France and other European contries have the same problem. these people the Arabs are mentally stuck in the seventh century and the Koran tells them that they are superior to all other peoples of the world especially the western world. also sadly what you have in Europe and the country of my birth England is an underlying anti semitic mentality which again sadly is once again raising it’s ugly head and coming into the open. the British Government will never allow armed guards to be deployed to protect Jewish sites. in my estimation Europe for all intents and purposes is all but lost. I could only hope that England would go back in time and read what Winston Churchill had to say about the Arabs, perhaps it might awaken some to the impending crisis about to explode upon them, but I will not hold my breath.

  • sifter

    The Brits are masters of soft antisemitism. They’ll find a way to say “no”.

  • Michael Shur

    Sadly necessary

  • SHIRLEY Hiller

    What about jews walking on their own who get attacked? There should be armed police walking the streets to take care of the savages in a way that they will go to hell.
    Not only Jews are a target now, all Westernized people who love freedom are.
    Don’t wait until crimes are committed act now to round up all terrorists wherever they are in the UK.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    After Black September committed the Munich Olympics massacre and then threatened England, there were armed soldiers out side Jewish schools, and 24/7 armed police at Carmel College the Jewish boarding school. At present almost every Jewish school and synagogue has a security guard, but often unarmed. Shomrim volunteers and Community Security Trust also add a layer of security to assist the Metropolitan Police.

  • Afsaneh

    Keep the Jews safe from Muslim savagery.

  • ellenl

    Precisely why tasers should not be illegal in the UK – but they are. Citizens cannot own or use tasers to defend themselves and are required to petition for protection.

  • brenrod

    jews must leave europe, they are being foolish, they have been giving advanced warning of the civil war which will engulf europe.

  • G-D help you and your citizens by moving the Government to protect you from these horrible monsters. Arm the police and send the troops you need until they can deport the terrorists.

    They made a mistake letting the fanatic immigrants to enter without
    any type of investigation as to their character. Now it is too late we are afraid. Help us!

  • anon

    This must be xenophobic, racist, silliness. As everyone knows, the vast, vast, vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and love everyone. What’s the worry?