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December 14, 2015 2:29 pm

Israeli Reporter Causes Facebook Splash With Roger Waters Selfie at Haaretz Conference

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Channel 2's Amit Segal posts a selfie with Roger Waters: 'Maybe I'll tell him the wine is from the settlements." Photo: Screenshot

Channel 2’s Amit Segal posted a selfie with Roger Waters: ‘Maybe I’ll tell him the wine is from the settlements.” Photo: Screenshot

Israeli Channel 2 news correspondent Amit Segal stirred audiences on Facebook on Sunday with a selfie of himself posing with Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd bassist turned Israel boycott activist, at a Haaretz conference in New York.

“Roger Waters is standing ahead of me in line for the buffet at the Haaretz conference. I’m deciding whether to tell him that the wine is made in the settlements so he’ll go and free up some space,” wrote Segal.

The post rapidly became one of Segal’s most viral, garnering more than 13,600 likes in under 24 hours.

Judging by the top responses, many Israelis had mixed feelings about  Segal’s encounter with Waters.

“Tell him that he’s a gifted artist and a s***, sad, and bitter human being who only knows how to boycott Israel, give him a good fist and then get his signature,” wrote one follower.

Another said Waters’ presence at the conference, jointly sponsored by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and the US-based NGO the New Israel Fund, speaks volumes about the other attendees: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are. If Roger Waters comes it’s a telltale sign that there were just a few people at the conference who could call themselves ‘friends of Zion.'”

Yet another chided Segal: “With all due respect, if you take a picture with him, you give him more legitimacy. Shame.”

An outspoken member of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS), Waters has upset many pro-Israel activists with his ongoing campaign to get musicians and entertainers to refuse to perform in Israel or with Israeli artists, amid the current political situation with the Palestinians.

Some big-name artists scheduled to appear in Israel over the years have canceled their shows at the last minute, including Elvis Costello, the Pixies, Carlos Santana, Neil Young and Lauren Hill, among others. Sometimes it has been due to political concerns, while at other times, cancellations have been made for security reasons.

Haaretz featured Waters in an extensive interview on his views about Israel earlier this year.

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  • JarredS

    That Brick Wall that is between his ears,needs to come down..

  • JarredS

    An arrogant pompous assssss…even his FOURTH estranged wife Laurie Durning reffered to Roger Waters as an A.. H…
    Roger Waters needs to ask himself who is the real problem here……..

  • Lior Toren

    Roger Waters is a bitter and senile old fart who who reeks of his hatred for Jews….The Anti Semitic Stench Of Roger Waters is very well documented…..

  • Lior Toren

    May Roger Waters Grand Children who are Jewish enlist in the IDF when they grow up,and then move to SETTLE in Judea and Samaria………

  • Russell Ward

    I find Roger Waters comes across a reasonable guy.

    • pat

      Yeah he does, he just hates Jews, it could happen to a bishop.

    • Lior Toren

      And So do a lot of nasty Anti-Semitic Racist Low Life Scum Bags….

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Ha-aretz is a SHAME for Israel.
    NO Zionist will come together with rabid Jew-hater Roger Waters !!!!

  • Sue Deutsch

    Too bad you didn’t list some of the artists who did NOT cancel-despite the pressure put on them to do so. Such as Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones–they more than make up for some of the others…

    • pat

      I’d like to know who boycotts Israel and who doesn’t. The Jew-hater himself, Waters, has played there.

  • nelson marans

    With its anti-Israel bias Haaretz should have a wide distribution not only in the Arab and Muslim world but with Israel haters internationally. Newspapers should have some ethics and morals, qualities that appear to be lacking in Haaretz and its employees.

  • Robert B Geller

    Another reason not to read Haaretz – they are the Israeli equivalent to MSNBC. The New Israel Fund is another example of how so many liberal American Jews feel compelled to put their “liberal’ agenda ahead of the survival of their heritage and culture and the State of Israel. It is unfortunate that so many of its members continue to hold important positions in many of the Jewish organizations in the US. Another reason to stop supporting the Jewish Federation in NY.

    Important point to make – it is not fair to compare Elvis Costello (who supports BDS) and Neil Young (who canceled his tour due to active bombings).

  • Monty Pogoda

    Ha-aretz is not an Israeli newspaper. It is anti Jewish and quite frankly, I think it should move to Gaza lock, stock, and barrel, and try operating from there.

  • This Waters is a klumnik, an old fool. The real danger against Israel is the NIF (Notorious:Infamous:Fiendish) and their AgitProp arm “Shatil”. The responsible persons in the USA and in Israel must be pilloried and boycotted socially, financially and academically.

    NIF are traitors, quislings and a pro-palestinian lobby, supporting the palestinian cause. They are the new Dhimmis.

    HaAretz is partly owned by a German media Company. This is the possible explanation why HaAretz is against Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-Democratic but supporting the palestinian-arab cause, shame on them, fie!.

  • steven L

    Why is an antisemitic journal like the Haaretz considered to be the best Israeli journal!!!!!!! Are the Israelis sado-masochistic?

  • Dani

    We don’t need no education from this man. We don’t need no such control which oy targets the Jewish state. No dark sarcasm in the Human rights room. Hay Rogers leave us Jews alone!

  • Jeff Zucker

    I believe that Waters once said that the reason for the BDS movement against Israel is that it was an easy target versus the PLO, PA or whatever the conventional term may be. The Palestinians have no legitimate government to bring action against, they do not have a strong economic relationship with other countries and they have relatively few connections to Europe on a civilian level. Therefore, what kind of pressure can be brought against them to make concessions for peace.

    It is only Israel that has all of the above qualities for the BDS, Jew Haters to pick on. They are scared of their own shadows when it comes to confronting the Palestinians who have been offered a free Palestinian state 3 times and have rejected it. There is no unified government of the Palestinians for Israel to sit down with to discuss peace. If the PA, and if Abbas and company reject the Oslo Accords will no longer exist, there will be no governing body on the West Bank. So, how do you make peace?

  • Corey New York

    Nice pic but I am trying to figure out: dumb and dumber – which one is Amit?

  • I use to like Pink Floyd still do, it just leaves s…y taste in mouth because of Waters. What an A.. Hole.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Punch him in the side of the head, if you get a chance.