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December 15, 2015 12:25 pm

Antisemitic Vitriol Spewed at Jews on Paris Train Horrifies Passengers (VIDEO)

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The man who verbally assaulted a group of Jews on a train in Paris last week. Photo: Screenshot.

The man who verbally assaulted a group of Jews on a train in Paris last week. Photo: Screenshot.

A man of self-described Algerian descent verbally assaulted and threatened Jewish passengers on a Parisian train last week, the French-Jewish publication JSS News reported on Tuesday.

The incident, which was captured on a cellphone camera, took place on the RER D line near Melun, a suburb of Paris, on December 7 at 9:30 p.m., according to witnesses.

Eight young Jews, identifiable by their clothing, were attacked by a man approximately 50 years old, wearing an Arab keffiyeh around his neck.

“You band of motherf***er bastard Jews,” the man said. “You band of bitches; you dirty bastard race.”

Then he added a veiled threat: “If only I had a fragmentation grenade…”

His possibly inebriated tirade didn’t end there, however. Before exiting the train at the Villeneuve Saint-Georges station, he spewed vitriol towards Israel, claiming it had recently killed 5,000 Palestinian babies.

Watch the video here:

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  • Anonymous

    “Our question:

    When the aggressor on the RER D to Melun, who seems possibly inebriated, stated, ‘If I only had a fragmentation grenade’, should someone on the train have immediately contacted the driver of the train and/or the police?

    Did the person who filmed the incident, or any other person on the train, including the young Jewish men who were verbally attacked, ever contact the RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, the public agency which operates Paris transport) or the police?”

  • rulierose

    some old drunk dude harasses 8 able-bodied Jewish kids and they don’t do anything? imagine if a Jew had yelled at a group of Arabs.

    when will we start standing up for ourselves and FIGHT BACK?????

  • Neil Horlock

    What pig sty did he crawl out of?

  • art frank

    Just another braying half witted, inbred arab.

  • Lior Toren

    8 young Jews identifiable by their clothing?????? How do you identify Jews by their clothing did they have large Yellow Stars of Davids all over their clothes???????…That none of these guys even tried to confront this piece of garbage is beyond belief…

  • Jane

    It is clear that the guy is unhinged and weaponless, so he’s not a physical danger. But NO ONE got up to tell the guy to shut up? No one yelled FERMEE LA BOUCHE! PAS VRAI? No other passengers came over to the Jewish riders to defend them? No one summoned train personnel?

  • another one of allah’s drunken minions

  • JarredS

    These eight young Jews did nothing to stop this 50 year old guy….Both this old guy and these eight “young”Jews disgust me…..

    • Tondaleia

      Some people blame Jews for everything done by Christians and Muslims

  • Nancy Williams

    Well, at least we have a picture of this pathetic being, brainwashed by the Pro-Palistinian propiganda lies, so that he can be hopefully traced by the police! Maybe ISIS has blocked the video so that it can’t be used in court for ‘hate crime or death threat’ charges against him or maybe the cell cameraman has already been threatened? Bless the person who took this photo/video! At least he wasn’t scared to be called ‘Islamphobic’ like the San Bernadino neighbors of the jihadists.EVIL PREVAILS WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING

  • Am Yisroel chai

  • Moshe Zuchmir

    where do I sign up to see the video ?

    why put it up if we can’t see it ..


  • Moshe Zuchmir

    where do i sign up to see the video?

  • Linda Rivera

    Algmeiner says there are 20 comments. I see only four. How do we get to read the comments?

    As for the piece of murderous filth, most likely the rabid Jew-hater lives as a parasite off infidels. 80 percent of Muslims in Europe life as parasites on welfare.

    All Muslims must be deported so that non-Muslims can live in peace and safety the way our people did before our traitor leaders colonised our small nations with Muslims.

    Wherever there are Muslims, non-Muslims will NEVER be safe.

    • nancledra

      When I read people speaking in the same vitriolic manner as the perpetrator, I shudder. How can we have any hope of peace, reconciliation and a better world when one stoops to the same mean and vicious name calling… it brings us all down to a very low level…

  • nelson marans

    Obviously France is no longer safe for Jews and as evidenced by the Paris massacre no longer for Parisians, particularly non-Muslims. Unfortunately France has contributed to the wave of terrorist attacks by allowing mass immigration from previously French colonies with now 10% of the French population being Muslims.
    With a high birth rate among Muslim families, France will no longer be France as we knew it, but an outpost of the Muslim world in the heart of Europe.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    When will Jews learn to protect themselves and their families against these haters.

    Every Jew should be armed and prepared to kill their attackers.

    Did you ever hear of the Holocaust?

  • erik keller

    falls flag

  • hank scheinberg

    The 8 young Jews should have kicked the crap out of the guy.

    • Pearl

      And if they did as you suggest, who would have been blamed and arrested?? The cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork.

  • Dave

    Private video or not, this is not a new experience for French, Belgian, British, Dutch Jews who wear any Jewish symbols. In countries were a lot of Moslems live, it’s a daily occurance. That’s the reason a lot of European Jews are leaving for Israel, the US and Canada. In 20 years, there won’t be any Jewish communities in Europe

  • Danny Kid

    Europe killed and expelled its Jews and welcomed the muslim arabs. Gezundheit. Jews are leaving in droves. Soon Europe will be Yudenfrie – free of Jews – and then we will see the blood flow in its gutters and clot its drains. Gezundheit.

  • david saxe

    Eight young Jews? Men,Boys? How Old? The report says it
    was 9:30pm. Why didn’t they work together and beat the
    crap out of him? He walked off the train unscathed.

  • Peter von Fábry-Eichner

    One should try to identify this gentleman…

  • Sam Harris

    I am tired of my faith telling me to be kind ,soft spoken and moderate in manner. Wake up Jews,get hard and beat the living crap out of our enemy.

  • EM

    There is no video link?

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    People who passively submit to such a diatribe should expect more of the same, since (surprise! surprise!) Islam is a barbaric religion. Lacking a knife, this hellish imp stabs with words.
    The fitting response would be invective dueling.

  • Steve Wenick

    It’s a shame they weren’t Israelis; they would have kicked his a**. Then again had they been Israelis he would have kept his cowardly mouth shut.

  • Vittorio

    He probably also came to France as a refugee…

  • Laura

    This video is private????

    • Abu Nudnik

      Of course it’s private: it puts Muslims in a bad light. Must watch against that backlash!

  • Lee

    “This video is private.”

    It cannot be watched.

  • brenrod

    the video is blocked, says its private