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December 15, 2015 3:18 pm

Obama Likens Syrian Migrants to Jewish WWII Refugees (VIDEO)

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President Obama compared Syrian refugees to Jewish refugees during WWII. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama compared Syrian refugees to Jewish refugees during WWII. Photo: Screenshot.

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday compared Syrian refugees to Jews who sought to escape the Nazis.

“In the Syrian seeking refuge today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II,” Obama said at a naturalization ceremony, held at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.

The president spoke about the US being a welcoming society and how immigrants and refugees “revitalize and renew” America. He also compared the current influx of immigrants to the waves of German, Scottish, Irish and German immigrants of the past. “In the Muslim immigrant today, we see the Catholic immigrant of a century ago,” he said.

The naturalization ceremony, held on the 224th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, featured 31 newly sworn American citizens from more than 25 countries. The ceremony comes after at least 24 Republican governors have vowed to ban the entry of Syrian refugees into their states. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump also called for a ban on the entry of all Muslims into the US.

Listen to President Obama’s full speech in the video below.


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  • judorebbe

    President Pinocchio neglected to mention the huge, glaring differences between the European Jews of the 1930s and the “Syrian refugees” of today … Their intentions, their track records, and their histories.

    The Jewish leaders (ugh!) of Europe did not intend to destroy America and institute a theocracy based on Halacha, nor did they state their overt intention to send “refugees” to do that.

    Jewish leaders never advocated for Holy War (especially against civilian soft-targets), nor did they state their overt intention to send “refugees” to do so.

    Jewish leaders were not screaming “Bruch HaShem” while beheading and butchering Americans (and others), nor did they state their overt intention to send “refugees” to do so.

    Jewish leaders did not adhere to a religious worldview based on conquest and glorification of murder, nor did they state their overt intention to send “refugees” to do so.

    Jewish leaders did not spend much of the past fourteen centuries engaged in jihad and terrorism, nor did they state their overt intention to send “refugees” to do so.

  • Paul Lockwood

    Once again Barack Obama gets it wrong!

    Either he has no comprehension of what transpired with Jews during and post WWII or he is hoping that the general public has no comprehension of the same.

    Jews were not violent barbarians hating western civilization; they were peacefully living in their country of origin. The only thing they ever did wrong was to be Jewish. Even while that German megalomaniac and psychopath came to power to systematically exterminate them, Jews went to their death as a peaceful people.

    The comparison is ignorant and counter-factual:

    Jews were turned while trying to escape the Nazis, and then post-WWII, as survivors of a holocaust. America turned them away because they were Jews and let us not forget that most were educated and had a trade; Muslims are being turned away not because they are Muslim, but because they have declared Jihad on America.

    Do they really want to live in America to be Americans? Jews kissed the ground when they came to America. Will these Muslim refugees turn on America like other Muslims in America have? Muslims growing up in the comfort and safety of America, hate America. How do we know what these people were doing before Syria devolved into war. Did these same people chant death to Israel; death to America? We don’t know anything about them.

    If Obama was President during WWII, do you think he would help Jewish refugees?

    What about the Christians who were being slaughtered by ISIS? Obama does not advocate for bringing those refugee Christians to America; I wonder why?

  • Ita

    When B.O. took office muslims and jews were each about 2% of the population. In about 4 more years 4% of the US will be muslim. (Just like in Canada) where are they all coming from. AND you thought immegration reform was about Mexican farm workers! Well the wool was pulled over your eyes again. When will you wake up to the fact that B.O. was is and aleays will be a Muslim along with the oeople who put the know nothing 1 term senator puppet in office. Its time to band to gether and demand a change. It is alsp time to sit down as a group and write letters. Letters work. We know hand written letters work. The White House counts eveey single letter

  • k

    the Jews were banned from every place on earth, the Syrians can go to their Arab countries, I couldn’t give a crap about them

  • Ita

    What do you expect from a bigot.
    Mr. O. Is trying to rewrite history again.

    Dozens of ships were turned around.
    Even after passage was paid for and Jews entering the US had to have someone here who would guarantee to take care of, house, and feed the incoming Jews and providr them with jobs.

    Who is paying for the shipping of these people to the US. They have muslim countries to go to but they are not. .welcome. 23% of the worlds 180 countries have at least 10% of the population muslim. 1 country in the world has 10% Jews. During world war ii there was no country with 10% Jews.least 10%

  • Dov

    The Jews arrived as a peaceful loving people and each went to work, struggling to make it in the new country while the Moslems, they say so right from the get go, they want a different court system, and 25% hate America.

  • Peter von Fábry-Eichner

    The example might sound very good at first, but at a second thought one starts to hesitate; the Jewish refugees were not allowed to flee by the repressive nazi state(s). They were fleeing an “industrial” and organized extermination, not a (indeed) cruel war, like the Syrian refugees.

    With this said, of course I regret that anyone should have to leave their home, because of war. Of course the terrorism in Arab countries at war is something most horrible.
    I must admit it is heart-breaking that there is so much cruelty and murder in this culture. That killings are glorified (virgins awaiting in heaven and other to us strange phantasies in connection with cold blooded murder, by suicide bombers and ruthless war).

    To me this whole part of the world is suffering from the weight of a religion that seems to exist on the principles of pre-mediaeval ideas, of course with a small exception: Israel. And then I must say, that it is very strange to me that the world seems to clamp down on this country, yes with its problems, but nevertheless the only democratic state in the area.

    From our Swedish horizon it is very strange that our media uses double standards; very severe rules for Israel – and practically no demands on the Arab countries. This has been obvious in the Swedish debate; the National Commissioner dealing with the problem of terrorists traveling to and from the war in Syria, has been busy finding out how to make the re-entering of these (criminal) persons easier, suggesting fast-lanes to work and housing.

    Our country is one of naive citizens and failed politicians, which is a shame, considering what a pleasant place this was not long ago. Most of the political parties have regarded the mass immigration (most in the EU, per capita) as the right thing to do, not considering the enormous integration problems.

    On an average the typical asylum seeker looks to a period of more than eight years before they get their first job. During this time they are supported very decently indeed by that state, can send for their family and learn Swedish (in very low pace).

    This problem complex is not getting better by the certain percentage of ISIL infiltrators, committed to succeed with terror deeds here as well.

    No, all in all, there are many reasons why President Obama’s comparison doesn’t work and actually is insinuating something that is insulting to the Jewish refugees in WW II, with the kind of background they had.

  • moishe

    what an ass! Jews did not kill each other or destroy their property and had to escape. these people will never contribute what Jewish refugees have given to America. a real goyish kopf. you get the government you vote for and thereby deserve.