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December 15, 2015 2:41 pm

UN Criticizes Israel for ‘Excessive Use of Force’ Against Terrorists

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The UN criticized Israel for the “excessive use of force” in its self-defense against terrorism. Photo: Javier Carbajal.

The UN building in New York. The international body criticized Israel for “excessive use of force” in its self-defense against terrorism. Photo: Javier Carbajal. – The United Nations on Tuesday called the wave of Palestinian terror attacks in recent months “unacceptable,” but criticized Israel for the “excessive use of force” in its self-defense against terrorism.

“The unacceptable wave of stabbings, shootings, and car-rammings continues to kill and injure Israelis,” said Cecile Pouilly, a spokeswoman for the UN Human Rights Office. “[But] the response from Israeli security forces has resulted in alleged attackers, protesters, and even bystanders being killed and injured.”

Pouilly’s comments mirror Sweden’s recent criticism of Israel. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said this month that Israel has “the right to defend itself,” but that the response could not be “extrajudicial executions” or a reaction that was “disproportionate,” with the “number of dead on the other side greater than the original death toll by several factors.”

On Tuesday, Pouilly said that “all instances of the use of force resulting in death or injury by law enforcement officers should be the subject of prompt, independent, and impartial investigations.”

The UN has been known for its disproportionate amount of resolutions criticizing Israel over time.

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  • Yadja

    Why would anyone be surprised. The UN is filled with the worst Abusers of Human Rights in the entire world. What happened to the International Human Rights Organizations that complained to the UN about Hamas torturing and killing Gazans during this last war with Israel? That went nowhere even when the Gazans themselves complained.

    The UN has had a hay day with O in office and he is all for them being the World Governing Body and the International Court being the World Court. He will be gone and hopefully Israel will have a friend in the US again.

    Anyone interested to see just how the Left and Muslims are infiltrating political sites on the net needs to go to a site called Yabberz. I was there for 9 months, I was very popular until the infiltration of Muslim Jew haters and Hamas supporters and the Radical Left really took over. People just don’t realize the undercurrent working throughout the word to demonize US military, Active and Vets, Christianity, Israel etc. The site is called Yabberz take a look you will really be surprised.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Their complaint is that not enough Jews are being murdered, it’s as simple as that. We should wait until we have been stabbed before initiating our response. Once the attacker is clearly armed and out to harm you, he has the status of a ‘rodef'[pursuer] and you must stop him before he kills you or another victim. Our Biblical Law is common sense. The UN is somewhere in cloudcuckoo land.

    • Yadja

      The time to rid ourselves of the U.N. is long overdue.

      When America gets a Real President, one who backs our allies, including Israel the U.N. influence in my country will end.

      If we don’t then the One World Order is around the corner.

      You Sherlock need to go to a site called Yabberz to see just what is happening all over sites in America with Muslims invading and convincing people Israel the bad guy.

  • George

    What horse poop. Typical UN idle minds. Wonder how they would react if one tnheir family members was stabbed to death. Perhaps a slap in the face would be adequate response ??

    Time to get rid of the useless UN.

    • Yadja

      The UN is all Human Rights abusers and I will tell you this, having served in two wars as an Army nurse the Muslims are winning in America. Until America gets rid of O and then the Muslims, illegals and the UN will be of no significance in my country anymore.

      Time for them to take a hike. I encourage you and your friends to go onto a site called Yabberz to see for yourselves just how Islam is convincing Americans that they are the good guys and Israel the bad.

      Yabberz is representative of every Liberal site on the net in America.

  • Jonas

    UN human rights???????? Since when.
    I never heard from them when Jews/Israelis/Zionist are harmed.
    So UN human rights start dropping your antisemitic attitude.