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December 16, 2015 3:47 pm

On Howard Stern Show, Adam Sandler Blasts Roger Waters for Pro-BDS, Anti-Israel Activism

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Adam Sandler blasted Roger Waters during his appearance on the Howard Stern Show. Photo: The Howard Stern Show.

Jewish actor Adam Sandler, who blasted musician Roger Waters for his anti-Israel activism. Photo: The Howard Stern Show.

Famed Jewish actor and comedian Adam Sandler railed against Pink Floyd co-founder and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters during an appearance on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday.

“I’m very pro-Israel,” Sandler told Stern, who has himself blasted Waters on a number of occasions on his Sirius satellite radio show. “And when someone says s*** about Israel, and I know people say s*** about Israel and they f***ing won’t play there… I’m disgusted that they single out Israel that [they say], ‘We can’t play Israel.’ All these f***ing nice Israeli people are getting a ‘f*** you’ from Roger Waters.”

Sandler added, “I’m proud of being a Jew and that’s what I am.” He added words of encouragement for Stern, saying he greatly appreciates the radio host’s attacks on Waters.

Waters, a strong supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, pressures entertainers not to perform in the Jewish state. Stern in November said on air that Waters “comes off like an antisemite,” and urged his listeners not to be “fooled” by the musician and his anti-Israel sentiments.

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  • darren elsom

    For me,myself,-i am a very humbled British man,who knows little
    about politics of the world,as i tend to shy away from media inf-
    luences.This is because I view our world,(ours?),as mostly corr-upt&full of nasties.Others say:Why?-I say:Why Bother?-&if roger
    waters likes to diss Jews,-or indeed Isreal,why listen if it off-ends you?We ARE,after all,meant to be living in a world of free
    speech.As for myself,I on a personal level,feel hated by jews,as
    i am white,(english,in fact.)The reason i feel this way is simple:jews BEHAVE as though they don’t like me!-Apart from that,
    i cannot state I hate them,as i clearly DO NOT.I feel the same way about most,EXCEPT warmongers&terrorists.-&we KNOW who I mean.

  • LanceThruster

    Stern and Sandler are both on the wrong side of history. I got my lifetime Sirius Satellite subscription because of Howard, but as far as foriegn policy goes, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Don’t forget that his 9/11 response was saying ‘we should nuke a Muslim country…any country.’

  • George

    About the only thing I can say about Jews, as a whole—their culture, their religious practices, their acquisitiveness, their paranoia, their inflated sense of self-importance, their business practices, their constant victimology stance, their progressive liberal politics—-is that I have a negative gut feeling about them in general.

    Just the politically incorrect generalization I have reached, based on 66 years of living. In my personal interactions I treat all people the same, however, based on the non-aggression axiom. I own my perceptions, and will continue to do so until experience teaches me otherwise.

  • far from you

    Thank you Roger that you are still for the peace. Respect and do not hesitate say what you think.

    We are in a free world – not like in Gaza.

    • David Darman

      Gaza – a free world?
      Isn’t Gaza ruled by Hamas, an entity whose constitution calls for the destruction of the state of Israel? Isn’t Gaza pretty much ruled by Islamic sharia law, a theocracy which punishes apostasy with death (ergo no freedom of religion and no freedom of conscience), where blasphemy is punished by death (ergo no freedom of speech), where adultery is punished by stoning (only women of course) where homosexuality is punishable by death, where there is no equality under the law for all women and non-muslims.
      Is that what you call a free world? That’s a very interesting way of looking at freedom. Kind of warped I’d say, but then I have not been brought up with sharia rammed down my throat so that rational thought is impossible.

  • In Germany it all began
    With a separation plan
    They sewed a yellow star on every Jew
    Now fast forward to today
    When there is a plan in play
    To isolate the nation of the Jews.

    You can label all her goods
    And in fact perhaps you should
    But just make sure you get it right
    “From the one democracy
    In a sea of tyranny
    Shining like a beacon in the night”.

    Will you put that on your labels?
    And forsake your myths and fables?
    Take a stand for truth come don’t be shy
    You might lose some misled friends
    But you should know that in the end
    You’ll be walking with your head held high.

    So come walk with us, and hold your head up high
    From Israel we’ll buy, buy, buy
    Look for that label – blue and white
    And take a stand for what is right
    And you’ll be walking with your head held high!

  • I’m a proud Jew who is sick and tired of being called a self hating Jew because I don’t agree with everything coming out of Israel.Examples: Netanyahu speaking on Capitol Hill with no respect to our president.Seizing homes from Arabs.Looking the other way when men throw rocks at women for praying at the WALL.I am not an Israeli,and don’t have to be one to support Israel.If you think any country is always right,examine that.AND Israelis who live here are horrendous tippers,and they know better.

    • neli

      hey Sam
      i am an israeli jew and i understand when you say about that you dont need to agree with everything israel does. i mean i dont agree either and i live here.
      but as to the example points that you wrote i want to comment:
      1. our prime minister natanyahu is far from a good prime minister but he is the best option from what we have here, the best in a bad situation. about the respect that you talked about , he gives the same respect as obama gives to him. actually obama really dont care for israel , i can talk why but it is really not important , especially for you cause you not effected by it.
      2.i guess the word “seizing” means “taking” ( sorry, english is my 3rd language )if im correct then you say only half truth cause the government ruins only houses of terrorists, not any arabs. they think that by doing that they will stop the terror attacks, i think that it is stupid cause if they dont mind to die so it will not really matter for them to be homeless. oh, and we get attacked terrorists daily for more than three mounts now so it is definitely not working.
      3. man throwing rocks at women praying- didnt heard about it
      but there are always crazy people who do wrong things, as a person who preyed at the wall few years ago at a elementry school trip i didnt get any wrong treatment for being a girl nor any woman that was is not a daily thing.
      4. israel never said that she is always right, actually lots of israel citizens really self aware (not all, of course but a lot )
      5. tips-if people good or bad tippers is really not about their nationality , it is about what they know from the place they grew up. for example i live in a small city and here it is custom to leave much smaller tips than in a big city like tel aviv.

      bet i had some grammar mistakes
      as i said, it is my 3rd language.

  • Brenda

    I don’t have much of a problem with Sandler’s language. I mean, it doesn’t offend me. What anti-Semites say is infinitely more offensive, if you ask me. I don’t particularly like to hear the f-word, but I believe he simply said what lots of good people think in their minds but don’t verbalize (myself included). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cussed out anti-Semites in my mind. Sandler has a right to be angry, as do all of us who support Israel and the Jewish people. I just don’t understand how people like that old pot-head Waters can believe the blatant lies and hatred spewed by the likes of Abbas, Corbyn and Wallstrom, and other anti-semites throughout history. It must be all the drugs he did. Fried his brain and left him vulnerable to satanic influences. Hitler apparently was a drug addict, too. Interesting that the Greek word “pharmakeia” found in the New Testament means “sorcery,” and the word “sorcery” in the Old Testament refers to pagans who used roots and other plants to induce hallucinations. Hmmm…

  • Take all of waters CDs and either burn them and give them for free of just never listen to them. Do the same with: Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Brian eno, layren hill.

  • Theodore “Ted” Crawford

    Perhaps Mr. Sandler could have something done about his Turet’s Syndrome? It delegitimizes him.

    • Michael Fox

      You are an ignorant person and deserving of the miserable hateful existence you live. You delegitimize yourself with your mouth.

  • Larry Fulmer

    I’ve been a true HowardStern fan since I first heard about him in 1986, from an old friend of mine who told me all about him and his show and was listening to it in New York even before it was syndicated in Philadelphia. I would listen to it on my Walkman and it just freaked me out I’d be on my way to work listening to it on the train, And I Musta looked ridiculous cracking up and no one knowing why except to assume that I was listening to something funny through my headphones.

    Then life started going downhill for me about 10 years later when I ended up with major emergency surgery and then finding out on the radio that they were pulling the plug on him in Dallas, Texas, Which was where might then wife was going to move us and our child too. That was bad enough, but this which goes and leaves me in intensive care after losing three quarters of my colon, and then flies me out to weeks later, Then from there it really got bad. I returned to fill to Philadelphia about a year and a half later to rebuild my life from a horrible relocation and a very contentious, acrimonious vindictive ex-wife, but I made sure to stay in constant contact with my son, as I knew he would no her true colors as he was growing up.

    Hearing Howard again on the radio was part of my survival kit and coming back home to my family and my old friends was very much part of my support system that I needed. So when I found out that Howard was leaving terrestrial radio and going on to satellite I made sure that I subscribed to Sirius immediately. It was better than any of the 20+ prescriptions I take for a number of autoimmune diseases.

    And although I was bummed out about hearing Howard leaving terrestrial radio, I made sure that I got whatever I needed to be able to resume listening to Howard again on Sirius XM.
    The company has been very good to me and have work with me during this extended period of hardship, because it’s one of the few things that are keeping me alive today., HowardStern is the king of all media and is one of the best interviewers around.

    But how was interview with Adam Sandler was even beyond awesome. I’ve been a long time Pink Floyd fan for years, so every tour since 1975, including when theyperformed the wall live in New York in 1980, and even swap both arenas and stadiums tours of Roger Waters doing the wall in concert.

    But that interview convinced me that I cannot support anybody who isanti-somatic, and Roger Waters is anti-sematic. Clearly there were visual and lyrical references to Judaism. As much as I heard good reviews to his movie, I’ve lost all respect for him and refuse to see it. I have suffered loss is bad is he has, but even worse we’ve lost 6 million of our people because of a Nazi fascist do ranged creep who is part of generations of persecutors of my Jewish people. And it continues today. And Howard and Adam Sandler’s interview convinced me that I too have to beeven more vigilant than ever to stand up and the nails and of these aggressors who are denying Israel of the right to exist. That wall has been put up for reason and it must never come down.
    The hatred and terrorism that exist today would like nothing more than to see the destruction of Israel, and I think HowardStern and Adam Sandler for speaking up and shaming individuals such as Roger Waters Who is doing nothing more than fueling more hatred and telling performers not to do shows in Israel. I was so happy to hear the Eagles of Death Metal giving a big F you to Roger Waters.

    Way to go guys!!! Thank you for a great and very important interview!

  • Mickey Oberman

    I am sure his sentiments could have been put forth much more forcefully and convincingly without the profanity he used to tell us his views.
    By cursing he only succeeds in degrading himself and his message.

  • Michelle

    To Adam and Howard
    I am so very happy that both of you are standing up and speaking out against Roger Waters and his ilk. Their hypocrisy in singling out Israel, without taking the trouble to really find out the truth of the situation boggles the mind and defies logic!
    What I have discovered is that these anti israel bigots use any argument to justify their deep seated anti Semitic sentiment.
    So proud of you guys…. You represent all of us Jews who love being Jewish, know the existential threat to us that has been going on since time began and what we as a group have impacted so hugely on the world in every way…. Both of you are testament to that!

  • Barry

    Great to see Adam and Howard go after this fool Roger Waters. Not only is he an anti semite, he is ignorant of International Law and the legality of the Jewish state. He has been getting away with this nonsense for too long and to see two well known Jews stand up for Israel and for what is right, well, it’s a good feeling. I’d like to see more follow in their step.

  • yaakov

    Waters is an old pot head who writes miserable depressing songs about how bad everything is yet his band made a fortune selling this garbage to 14yo kids who are stoners.I think he is becoming more infamous from his antisemitism. Another goofball who sings songs and bangs on bongos who is convinced he is a genius .Silly old weirdo.

  • Gary Javitch

    Adam, Thanks for taking a stand on BDS and Roger Waters. Your remarks are right on the mark!

    Incorrectly singling out Israel, the only democracy in its region, while at the same time overlooking the carnage and chaos in Syria is mind-boggling. Not mentioning the cruelty of ISIS or al-Qaeda and only condemning Israel, which by the way permits all to worship freely, is ridiculous on its face.

    Go Adam!!! PS I love your Chanukah songs.

  • steven L

    The goal of the BDS is the completion of the task started by the Nazi. There are plenty of Nazi out there.
    Many looking each morning in a mirror never realize that they are Nazi in heart.
    The Palestinians refuse ANY compromise therefore …..

  • Dr. Ron Bergman

    Antisemitism is not difficult to recognize. Waters is merely attempting to dress up his virulent antisemitism with quasi-political rhetoric. But we Jews know a hater of Jews when we see/hear him. We’ve had several thousand years to perfect our radar. Bravo to Mr. Stern and Mr. Sandler for calling Waters out for what he is: a rampant, antisemitic hater, and for standing tall as mensches of the highest order.

  • jordana

    G-D will bless those who bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel!!! measure for measure! These Jew Haters are so delusional, because the terrorists, who are the bds and the UN, etc..they will behead in the name of jihad anyone who wont believe in the fake cult known as beware liberal lefties…they hate you too, hate jews, christians, the west.. keep up the great work howared stern you are a national treasure