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December 16, 2015 6:47 am

Students for Justice in Palestine: ‘Hating Israel Is Necessary for Our Health’

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A Justice for Palestine sign plastered on the UCLA campus. SJP was outraged by the image. Photo: Twitter.

A Justice for Palestine sign plastered on the UCLA campus. Photo: Twitter.

The College Fix reports:

UCLA – ground zero for vehement debates between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students – saw its student government recently pass a new bylaw which ostensibly prohibits it from taking a side in controversial global-political issues such as the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The new bylaw restricts the current Undergraduate Students Association Council to only weighing and voting on “matters directly and substantially pertaining to student welfare issues,” defined as “issues pertaining to student (health), resources, education, safety.”

The student government adopted the resolution by a 9-4 vote on Nov. 17 after a lengthy debate, with some students who supported it saying they were elected to fight for students’ immediate concerns, not get bogged down by divisive global issues.

“USAC is not the United Nations and you weren’t elected to take stances on geopolitical issues that experts can’t solve,” said a student prior to the vote.

It is reasonable to say that the student government should concern itself with things happening on campus and not opine on every issue worldwide. But, of course, many students were offended by this idea, including, of course, Israel-haters.

Members of Students for Justice in Palestine came up with a new reason to oppose this bylaw: not being allowed to spout anti-Israel rhetoric at student government events affects their “wellness.” From the minutes of the meeting.

Arnie is the vice president for Students for Justice in Palestine and an Armenian student on campus. “I am here to call you all out on petty bullshit as a clear attempt to undue [sic] the resolution from last year. First you all want to do resolutions that have to do with wellness. For some students that has to do with wellness, who are you to tell them what is their wellness.”

Annie is Arnie’s sister is here on behalf of Armenian Student Association and JSP [sic] and behalf for humans in general. “…You are in a place of privilege and we don’t have the power and this resolution is just really frustrating that we have to constantly reaffirm and what student wellness affects us. If we tell you something is our student wellness you have to believe us you cant [sic] pick and choose. I strongly urge all of you to think about the 28,000 students you represent and think of a different understanding of student wellness.”

You cannot parody these idiots; they do such a nice job by themselves.

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  • Erez Konforti

    They chose a funny picture for there poster, since it depicts Hammas torturing their opponents.
    But hey, why bother them with a small and insignificant thing like facts..

  • howiej

    It is interesting that the poster from Students for Justice in Palestine shows the body of an Arab killed in Gaza by Hamas being dragged through Gaza. It is equally interesting that an Armenian student is also a vice-President of SJP after the treatment of his people by the Muslims, a quisling like the Jews in SJP.

    • denice marie

      that is exactly what I was going to say. I fear for my children’s future when I see such idiocy from “educated” people.

  • Does UCLA provide some form of psychotherapy? If not, they should seriously consider so doing.

  • Pamela

    I am one of 4 candidates representing the United States this year for Holocaust Education at the University of Haifa in Israel. At this time in history–UHaifa is the only university in the HolyLand which offers graduate degrees in Holocaust Ed.

    I feel it a great honor to be here–not only to represent the US in Holocaust Education, but also genocide prevention. A total of 17 people were selected around the world for this program this year.

    What I find disgraceful? Are those citizens in the US who are Anti-Israel, Pro Nazi, or deny that the Holocaust ever happened. SHAME ON YOU!

    • Sharifie

      Being Pro-Palestinan does not make one pro nazi; just because you are against the Israeli government does not mean you are against the entirety of the Jewish people. Maybe if you opened up your ignorant little brain and thought about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a little more depth and stopped accusing everyone in the world of being anti-Semitic, as well as using the holocaust as your main argument against any one that even questions the Isreali government, then maybe we can open a meaningful dialogue from both sides, and come to a solution. It’s people like you that shove Zionist ideology down the throats of people all around the world, and if you do not accept Zionist ideology you are ostracized in society. We do not have to conform to your ideologies and we have the right to think differently because we do not have to indulge you in your constant need for people to accept your ideology. You represent societies heroine like addiction for everyone to accept the mainstream ideologies, whether it be from the west or the east , is unethical. Your arrogance makes me sick and appalles me on so many levels, physically and physcologically. I hope you wake up from the lies which you have been brain washed into believing.

      • Mr. F

        Hahahaha “Rhetoric, you’re ignorant, rhetoric, rhetoric, you’re brainwashed!”

        U mad bro?

  • It’s time for JSLM!
    Jewish Students’ Lives Matter!

  • steven L

    These kids are man made fascist psychopaths. They have been intoxicated with EVILNESS. They are in urgent need of psychological counseling.

  • nelson marans

    It is about time that the State Universities of California speak out against the harassment of Jewish students, instead of giving Arab supporters of terror free rein to do whatever they please. California state universities have become a hotbed and breeding ground for anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and antisemitic activities. The administration has a responsibility to change the environment.

  • robert sklar

    The photo on the SJP poster was taken in Gaza of a purported Arab spy who was murdered and whose body was dragged through the streets of Gaza to show contempt. How is this picture being used by SJP?

  • Jeff Zucker

    Well, it does affect their wellness but not in a positive manner. If a person carries in their soul evil, then they will suffer from it in every way. Their venting, cursing and other negative activities will not release the demons inside of them. Until they accept Israel, denounce antisemitism and make peace within themselves they will have to suffer with bad “wellness”. What they need is a good psychiatrist.

  • Anschel

    If the SJP “students” are unhappy, they are free to quit UCLA. Their organization should not even be allowed on campus or as part of UCLA at all, because the purpose of a university is to educate and not to support propaganda. If “Arnie” and “Annie” feel unwell, that’s fine — maybe that would feel better in Syria, for example.

    Also, I note that they are apparently Armenian, and my understanding is that Armenians recently engaged in genocidal actions against Kurds. In short, the unhappier SJP members are, the happier I am!

  • marlene

    Freaking idiots believe they’re healthy and that it’s of their hate. The insane just don’t know they’re insane. THROW them out of the country – it’s the best final solution for America.

  • evelyn block

    1. I was erroneously under the impression that one needed at least a high school or equivalent education to be admitted to this vaunted university system.
    2. When I attended college student government was an umbrella organization over student associations that were locally involved with the institute of higher learning and its students. If the students would pay as much attention to their studies and immediate surroundings instead of haranguing their opinions on global politics they might actually get some sort of education.

  • Arthur Toporovsky

    What is particularly important to note is that the photograph used to incite anger against Israel (and Jews as per the hashtag) is actually of Arab on Arab violence. The men on the motorcycle are affiliated with Hamas and the man who is being dragged behind them was summarily executed after being accused of collaboration or some other charge. To use a picture of Hamas brutality against the Arabs of Gaza as propaganda against Israel is simply too much to accept.

    • allen reishtein

      That same thought struck me when I saw the photo on their poster.Incite Jew-hatred using Arab on Arab violence. As bad as using picture of dead Syrian baby as victim of IAF strike in Gaza. At least not as bad as using pic of dead child from Fogel family to illustrate alleged Israeli violence against Arabs.

  • Paul Grad

    And under Democrat Governor Brown, California taxpayers are forced at gunpoint to subsidize these Jew-hater groups and give them a forum to spew their inciting-to-riot and murder. Get rid of State subsidization of universities and you will greatly reduce racism in society.