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December 18, 2015 4:13 pm

Parents of Baby Terror Victim Publish Photo of Smiling Son, Reject False Rumors About His Condition

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Yotam Sitboun. Photo: Screenshot

Yotam Sitboun. Photo: Screenshot

The parents of 18-month-old Yotam Sitboun who was wounded in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem earlier this week published a photograph of their child smiling on Friday, seeking to dispel rumors about their son’s health.

“It’s important for us to clarify: false pictures and rumors about Yotam’s health were published,” the parents said in a statement released by Israeli news website nrg. “We are asking others to respect our privacy on this matter. Yotam is alive, he is smiling and this is a great light for us. We have the utmost faith that soon, God willing, we will be able to return to our lives fully recovered.”

Yotam Sitboun was among 14 Israelis who were wounded, some more critically than others, when an east Jerusalem man with ties to Hamas rammed his car into a crowd of people waiting at a Jerusalem bus stop on Monday.

His father, Binyamin Sitboun, told Hebrew news outlets that medical staff were working to save their son’s leg, which was badly damaged in the attack. The parents did not comment on their child’s leg in their message on Friday.

“It’s very important and moving to us,” said the parents, thanking others for showing support and praying for their son.

“The nation of Israel is a great nation. Jews from around the world pray together with us and we feel this and it gives us and Yotam much strength. We are asking for you to keep praying and to light the Sabbath candles in honor of his recovery,” the parents said.

Monday’s car-ramming attack was part of an ongoing wave of violence that has been terrorizing Israel for months, and which Israeli defense officials say will likely continue for some time.

In October, a terrorist rammed his car into a Jerusalem bus stop, killing one, before exiting and lunging at victims with a knife. Israeli police on Friday said they had arrested a man who attempted to ram his car into Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Like the media spin that developed around Sitboun, rumors also swirled around a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot committing a stabbing attack in Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had claimed the stabber had been executed on the street, prompting Israel to respond by releasing photographs of the boy alive and being treated in an Israeli hospital.

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah.
    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever
    You Are. Happy New Year.

  • Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah.
    Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!
    Happy New year!!!

  • theo

    Yatom Shmuel ben Yael is in my daily prayers
    I have no doubt prayers are heard

  • Sherlock Holmes

    As usual the media are disconnected from reality, claiming a 13 year old boy terrorist has been ‘executed’ when he is recovering in a 5 star Israeli hospital and Israeli Red Star of David confirms it treats the injured according to whom is most in need of help, whether terrorist or victim.

  • Dale Baranowski

    Note the difference in the way the parents and the Jewish media present the child who was nearly murdered in a heinous terror attack. Jews go out of their way to reassure all that their child is coming along fine, that he is smiling and that they are non-committal about the child’s leg that was shattered in the attack. In contrast, should Arabs suffer collateral damage from Israel taking out Arab terrorist masterminds, Arab parents of a child injured would try to manipulate the media in claiming that the damage to their child is immeasurable, that they pain their child is enduring is beyond words and that, as a result, the parents are in a continuous swoon over the supposed genocide that the nasty Israelis (read: “Jews”) have perpetrated on the po’ Palestinian people. When Arabs get into a media spotlight they try to milk the audience for every drop of sympathy they can squeeze out of them. When Jews get into the spotlight they show optimism, resilience and determination to live a full life despite the attempted genocide perpetrated against their child. Which is more psychologically healthy? Which is an example of love of life that is an example for all to follow?

  • Mae White

    The baby’s leg was reportedly amputated this week.

  • Zukile Joseph Mpeta

    I will always remember the Israel nation in my prayers,as some in this world are showing their true identities of evil against Jewish community .I am a South African leaving in South Africa but because of ELYisrael(peace be upon HIM) I began to know the origin of my religion .To the nation of Yisrael in all the countries of the world , be strong and never give up because those who are used by the devil they want us to forget about Sabbath which is THE MOST HOLY DAY to be observed and join the modern world of evil of which we will be turning against the WILL of EL’SHADDAY (peace be upon HIM).I am not happy for being in SA to say we are safe here , because the evil ones are roaming around the world to destroy the Holy Sabbath days .May “THE MOST HIGH” fulfill his promise about the nation of Yisrael and fight the enemies of Jews in this world and protect them under HIS name,heal those who are sick,injured during the attacks and comfort those who lost their loved ones .To the baby in hospital may you soon recover in the name of YAHOSHUWA(peace be upon HIM). Pray for us as well in SA so that we meet one day under the umbrella of EL’SHADDAY(peace be upon HIM) with no sorrows and mourning , but celebrating the victory over HIS enemies as well as praying for them to repent.

  • Scott Riemersma

    I will light Shabbat candles in a little while in honor of Yotam. I know this is not a standard thing, but it is a right thing. Yotam is a hero.