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December 21, 2015 6:24 pm

Brazilian Lawmaker Likens Israeli Ambassador to Nazis

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Brazilian MP Carlos Marun, pictured, compared Israeli ambassador to Brazil Dani Dayan to a Nazi leader. Photo: Facebook.

Brazilian MP Carlos Marun, pictured, compared Israeli ambassador to Brazil Dani Dayan to a Nazi leader. Photo: Facebook. –  A video has surfaced of a Brazilian lawmaker comparing the new Israeli ambassador to Brazil Dani Dayan to a Nazi leader because of his affiliation with Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

“To send a settler leader to represent Israel in Brazil is an insult to our country. We can’t accept such provocation,” Brazilian MP Carlos Marun said in a video in August, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday.

“It would be like Germany sending to Brazil a former concentration camp commander as an ambassador, like Chile sending to Brazil an ambassador who is a prison guard from the dictatorship, or South Africa sending a prison torturer from the apartheid regime,” Marun said.

Marun also said he has no problem with the existence of Israel but referred to settlers as “agents of Zionism that the world can’t accept. They are thieves of others’ land. In what is an insult to Brazil, an insult to the government, and an insult to millions of Brazilians whose origins, like mine, are from the Arab world — Israel chooses to send the leader of these settlers to represent it in our land.”

Prior to his pending appointment, Dayan served as head of the Yesha Council, an umbrella organization of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

A Brazilian official hopes Israel will get the hint that they have rejected Dayan’s nomination after months of silence.

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  • Uriel Priwes

    I hope that this “legislator” joins Hitler in whatever department of hell the latter resides.

  • José Fajtag

    In Judea and Samaria who are living in a kind of Ghetto, are the jewish settlers!Those settlers does´nt surround nobody,They are surrounded by enemies and they can’t leave those settlements and cross by foot any place in Cisjordan. They have no citizenship in Cisjordan, no public services, nad hospitals etc. They have to go out to Israel, to buy everything and they have to use special reinforced and bullet proof buses!On the
    other hand, israeli arabs lives freely in Israel, have Israeli citizenship and they can go anyplace. They can be elected for senator or even mayor on some cities.

  • Mario S

    Here’s what one of the most important Brazilian paper says about this abject character:

    “The ‘ competence ‘ for the sake of good conduct is a rare quality nowadays. In fact, what you see are countless cases of smart people or with reasonable intelligence , using it for evil , trailing unethical behavior, wandering in crooked ways .
    Other , less endowed with intelligence only can climb stairs by way of adulation .
    It is exactly the case of Carlos Marun , Congressman , stubborn sycophant of the former governor André Puccinelli .
    Maron doesn’t even have his own free will. It is the authentic ‘ stooge ‘ .
    And so it has been his position in Congress . Obeying superior orders , he is part of Eduardo Cunha’s shock troops, shamefully collaborating this spurious figure to continue presiding over the House of Representatives .
    It’s the result of voters elect a citizen without commitment to population. Maron only owes obedience and subordination to the ‘ hood ‘ . He does what he is said to do and promptly”

  • Jonah

    I have heard of Brazilian nuts, never seen one though until now.

  • rbockman

    doesn’t much matter, brazil is a mongrel country and a toilet

    • Kit Bonde

      It matters to the Palestinians whom Israel is starving in the open-air prison called Gaza and continuing to keep checkpoints for every km in The West Bank, so they can delay and harras the Palestinians.
      An example of Dani’s ‘wit’

  • L. King

    I hate to break it to you Mr. Marun, but you’re a “settler” too. As for the Nazi analogy, that’s way out of line. Enough Nazis escaped to South American so that you should know better.

  • Jerry Hecht

    I thought that Brazil had already welcomed the Nazi concentration camp commanders in years ago. Remember “The Boys From Brazil”

    • Yvonne Ingle

      The Brazilian opened mouth and put foot in. We would send muzzie to him, with no credentials of course. Mr Marun must have thought there wasn’t any people left who remembers the Nazis and where so many went, to SA, especially Brazil. Just go ahead and play footsie with ISIS. We won’t bother you in US.