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December 21, 2015 12:42 pm

Washington Post Accuses Obama Administration of ‘Fecklessness’ for Sweeping Iranian Provocations ‘Under the Rug’

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and US President Barack Obama. The Washington Post is accusing the administration in Washington of not holding Tehran accountable for its provocations. Photos: Wikipedia.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and US President Barack Obama. The Washington Post is accusing the administration in Washington of not holding Tehran accountable for its provocations. Photos: Wikipedia.

The Obama administration is letting Iran get away with provoking the United States and its allies with impunity following July’s nuclear deal between the country and world powers, according to a Washington Post editorial on Sunday.

The Islamic Republic, the piece says,

is racing to fulfill those parts of the accord that will allow it to collect $100 billion in frozen funds and end sanctions on its oil exports and banking system, while expanding its belligerent and illegal activities in other areas — and daring the West to respond.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s response … [has been to] downplay them … thereby encouraging Tehran to press for still-greater advantage.

The Post points to the unjust imprisonment of its Tehran bureau chief, Iranian-American journalist Jason Rezaian; the arrest of two businessmen with US citizenship or residence; and the October and November test-firing of long-range missiles.

The editorial then rips into the White House and State Department for a total lack of response to the above human rights and UN Security Council resolution violations – going so far as to refer to this inaction as “fecklessness,” and to bemoan what it considers to be the cause of it.

President Obama is reluctant to do anything that might derail the nuclear deal before Iran carries out its commitments, including uninstalling thousands of centrifuges and diluting or removing tons of enriched uranium. The same logic prompted him to tolerate Iran’s malign interventions in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, along with the arrest of Mr. Rezaian, while the pact was under negotiation.

The editorial concludes:

Iran is clearly testing the will of the United States and its allies to enforce the overall regime limiting its nuclear ambitions. If there is no serious response, it will press the boundaries in other areas — such as the inspection regime. It will take maximum advantage of Mr. Obama’s fear of undoing a legacy achievement, unless and until its bluff is called. That’s why the administration would be wise to take firm action now in response to the missile tests rather than trying to sweep them under the carpet.

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  • Joel

    When Obama came to power he promised to change the way the US looked. Pity no one understood what he really meant. All the sheep heard was the word HOPE not aware of the wolf disguised as one of them!

  • Richard

    From an American perspective, I believe the nuclear deal was too weak in that it did not stop Iran from developing long range missiles – the type that can reach the U.S. So does that mean that once the restrictions on nuclear development expire, Iran will be threatening the U.S. with nuclear weapons? Look to me like they will have that capability.

  • Simone Miller

    I am just so disgusted by this. There is no ‘legacy’ just a gigantic fraud against mankind. Shame.

  • Larry Andrews

    The Washington Boast is much too late in its criticism of President Osama. Last July, President Osama said these exact words in an interview with Thomas Friedman of The New York Whines. “The truth of the matter is that Iran will be – AND SHOULD BE, a regional power”. So, why
    is The Washington Boast surprised by the complete inaction of the Osama administration? It is perfectly clear that President Osama believes and wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to be a regional power. And, what better way to accomplish that than by giving the Islamic Republic of Iran nuclear weapons??!!

  • Edward Holland

    This is OBAMA’S BROTHERHOOD and he’s not going to take action against them if all possible. We need to take heed to this MUSLIM Problem domestically and abroad.

  • Lauren Goldman

    What ‘legacy achievement?’ Every red line, which Obama sent with Kerry to the nuclear deal talks, was dropped almost from he first day. The only legacy he will get will be that he set the stage for nuclear war in the Middle East (and as far beyond as Iran’s missiles can reach).

  • Jonah

    See that smile on Obamas face, ” gotcha now Israel and their ain’t nothin you can do about it”. Same smile he will have on his face when yellow cake dirty bombs start shutting down schools , football games and basketball games, ” gotcha now America and theirs nothing you can do about it because I am protected by the veiw, the degenerate, and Mily, along with the liberal nutcases, gotcha.

  • Martin Bookspan

    “Feckless” is hardly strong enough to condemn the Obama position. How about Treasonous………

  • Dov

    And Mrs Clinton talks openly about her support of a President who seems to be a total loser. Why are Democrats quite about Mrs Clinton? We should be deserting the party at least to boycott the upcoming Presidential elections.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Where are the ” 7 Comments” hidden. I would like to read them.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Obama is either one or the other or both a Muslim or coward.

    If, after two terms of his perfidy and lies, anyone doubts that he or she is as much a traitor as Obama.

  • nelson marans

    The Washington Post editorial was right on the mark with reason to attack an Iran unjustly imprisoning one of its reporters. Incidentally a letter expressing similar views appeared on the same day in the Washington Times.

  • shloime

    it’s sad to note the state of the american press, when only a single paper prints such a story, apparently because they’re the only ones with some “skin in the game”, in the form of one of their own. otherwise, papers like the ny times are so much in the white house’s lap that they can easily be mistaken for the president’s press office.

  • Avi

    Keep in mind Iran did not sign the “agreement.” It’s simply a gift. To killers.

  • Paul Grad

    What else did they expect from the Jew-hater and enabler of Iranian Fascism?

  • President Obama’s overriding goal is to diminish American power. The Iran “deal” is simply a step toward the Obama goal. No further explanation needed.

    • Patrick

      Some things are just so obvious. If the majority of the American people were even somewhat informed of the facts around them there is no way he could have been elected once! People who are well informed need to start spreading the word instead of just thinking it will all work itself out. The time is now!

    • Barry

      Well said William. I’ll go you one further. The only ” legacy” Obama cares about is that he will be the one who brings Israel and America to its knees. This will allow him to go down as a hero in the part of the world that he really cares about. He is untrustworthy to the max.