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December 22, 2015 7:35 am

The Real Reason Jordan Bars Entry of Religious Jews

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Arava-Aquaba checkpoint along the Jordan-Israel border. Photo: wiki commons.

Arava-Aquaba checkpoint along the Jordan-Israel border. Photo: wiki commons.

couple of weeks ago:

The Foreign Ministry is investigating several incidents in which Jordanian authorities have denied entry to the country for observant Jews, with the latest incident coming Wednesday evening, when Jews who were wearing kippot and other religious garb were told they could not enter the country.

In the wake of the incident, the Jordanian ambassador to Israel was asked to provide explanations at the Foreign Ministry Thursday.

The family attempted to enter Jordan through the border crossing from Eilat to Aqaba, with the intention of spending a few hours on the Jordanian side of the border in the southern vacation destination. But at the border they were told that if they wanted to enter Jordan they needed to remove their Jewish religious garb.

The family agreed not to wear kippot or other religious symbols while they were in Jordan, but the soldiers demanded that they surrender those items before crossing the border.

The incident echoed others in the recent past in which Jordan has refused entry to religious Jews who were carrying tefillin (phylacteries) with them. They were told that they had to leave them at the border if they wanted to enter the country. In the past Jordan has said that the reason was that they were afraid of unrest.

The official reason that Jordan gives is that this is for the safety of the Jews themselves, because Jordanian security services cannot guarantee that angry Arabs would not attack any identifiable Jews. But that doesn’t explain the confiscation of tefillin or talitot, which would not be worn in public but rather while praying in hotel rooms.

The real reason for the effective ban on religious Jews traveling to Jordan is revealed in this article from Al Khaleej.

Jordanians accuse Jews of trying to take over parts of Jordan because sections of that country were part of ancient Israel, and apparently they believe that only religious Jews are trying to implement this scheme.

Residents of Petra and other sites claim that Jews visit the area to furtively bury forged items — manuscripts, coins and the like — that would prove Jewish history there.

Locals are also suspicious of Jewish tourists who stay for days camping in the mountains.

Dr. Salah al-Khalid, an “Islamic thinker,” said in an interview that “the Jews have great ambitions on Jordanian territory, based on their alleged religious texts, and they can not forget or abandon them; they are part of their religion and faith.”

Khalidi said that a religious Zionist youth group has a song they sing about their ambitions on both sides of the Jordan river.

He added that Jews visit Mount Nebo, considered the place of the tomb of Moses, and say, “This is an Israeli land inside Jordan.”

So it is a little more than antisemitism. They are afraid of Jews claiming the land in the name of religion.

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  • Sherlock Holmes

    When Eretz Israel was divided among the 12 Tribes, two and a half Tribes were given land on the East Bank [Modern Jordan] and the majority of Tribes were on the West Bank, the heartland of Biblical Israel. When the British Mandatory power gave the Arabs 77% of the Mandate for the Arab Kingdom of Jordan it was understood that the Jewish national home would be on the 23% which formed the West Bank.Befoe Jordan was created there were discussions about Israel including part of the East Bank, using a major train line as the boundary, but this idea was scrapped.For details see Sir Martin Gilbert ‘Churchill and The Jews’.

  • Abbushuki

    And Islam has no claims on land because of the Koran? Ah, yes. Only Koran is the truth, and it’s claims are justified, while forged Biblical sources are lies to begin with. That’s the ticket.

    • Sherlock Holmes

      You raise a very good point. The Koran itself says that G-d gave Israel to the Jewish people, as is well known. See Koran 17:104. See also Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi, ‘What the Qur’an Really Says.’

      • Barry

        The Egyptian philosopher and expert on Arabic and Islamic studies says:

        ” “Beit Hamikdash is a Hebrew term,” Ziedan insisted in his interview. “Hence, in my opinion, the al-Aksa mosque isn’t legitimate. Al-Kuds, the temple, is an ancient Hebrew word, and Muslims adopted the word.” He turned to his Muslim brethren and said: “You’re annexing the city, annexing the word, and claiming that it is holy to you. But from where exactly? Can you tell a Jew that Jerusalem is not his?” ”

        ” “Al Aksa mosque didn’t exist back then,” said Ziedan, “there was no city named al-Quds and modern teachings claiming this are disastrous.” “