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December 22, 2015 6:07 pm

The Truth About Islamophobia

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The morning after the Paris attacks. Photo: Wikipedia.

The morning after the Paris attacks. Photo: Wikipedia.

The drumbeat has been non-stop since the destruction of the twin towers. Progressives insist that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Hillary Clinton says, “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” President Obama claims “ISIL is not Islamic.” He insists that “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism — it is an important part of promoting peace.” After the San Bernardino terrorist massacre, Obama lectured Americans not to stereotype Muslims.

Progressive elites have accused those who condemn Muslim extremism of being extremists themselves — claiming that censure of radical Islam is an indiscriminate criticism of all Muslims. The increasingly pernicious Progressive meme of “Islamophobia,” dubbed by Andrew Cummins “a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons,” is popularized by Western elites who insist that any linkage of Islamist behavior to Islam is racist and that people with such thoughts have a mental disorder, “Islamophobia.”

In reality, there is a wide gulf between true Islamophobia and recognizing that the 21st century’s acts of terrorism are primarily based on a belief in a radical version of Islam.

A phobia is defined as the persistent, irrational, unrelenting fear of a situation, activity, or thing that causes one to want to avoid it. Islamophobia is an exaggerated, inexplicable, and illogical fear of people who believe in IslamAn Islamophobe irrationally fears, distrusts, blames, or avoids all Muslims indiscriminately.

Using the term “radical Islam” or “radical Islamic terrorist” is not Islamophobic. The fear of  radical Islamism may be persistent and unrelenting, but it is logical and evidence-based.

Twenty-three percent of the world is Muslim, amounting to 1.6 billion people. Most terrorists today are Muslims, but most Muslims are not terrorists. An Islamophobe would not recognize the difference, but most Americans do.

Muslims, whether terrorist or bystander, are immersed in an environment that not only tolerates, but also nurtures and sustains the core beliefs that terrorists cite as reasons for their actions. According to a 2013 Pew Research Survey, 10% (160 million) Muslims worldwide support religiously motivated violence against civilians in certain situations. 70% of Muslims in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa and 18% of European Muslims believe that Sharia law should be official national law. 230 million Muslims believe that execution is justified for apostasy. 340 million Muslims justify killing women who have extramarital sex.

Suicide bombings against non-Muslims are supported by 30% of Muslims aged 18-29, in France, Britain and the US. 280 million Muslims support whippings and cutting off hands as punishment for crimes and 280 million are in favor of stoning unfaithful wives. Obama’s statement that 99.9% of Muslims oppose extremism is obviously untrue.

Since 9/11, there have been well over 20,000 global terrorist attacks connected to Islam. These numbers dwarf all other terrorist attacks by non-Islamic groups. Despite this, there has been no real backlash against Muslims in the US. According to the FBI, hate crimes against Jews are 4 times more frequent than those against Muslims. Are there people who irrationally hate all Muslims? Of course. Is there rampant, irrational, uncontrollable Islamophobia? Of course not!

So why do Progressive elites like our president accuse critics of radical Islam as being Islamophobic and labeling them racists? French Prime Minister Valls said this tactic is often used as a weapon by Islamism’s apologists to silence their critics. It is a cudgel used by those espousing political correctness and multiculturalism to exempt the Muslim religion from the kind of scrutiny that Christianity and Judaism have experienced over the centuries. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Taylor writes, “‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Islamophobic’ are bludgeoning terms of political jargon wielded to suppress free speech and render Islam off-limits for anything but accolades, or, at least, neutral acceptance.”

It’s time to recognize that the accusation of “Islamophobia” is part of an illiberal agenda to silence voices that recognize the truth — that radical Islam has declared war to the death on us. Americans must reject this ploy.

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  • If we apply Obama’s logic, then in 1941 FDR would have declared that Nazis are not German. I’m sure he would have been admitted to an asylum shortly thereafter.

  • Yale

    Readers should consider the larger context: If one non-Western culture is determined to be more violent, aggressive, and militaristic than Western cultures, then the fundamental premise of multi-culturalism, that all non-Western cultures are inherently superior to all Western cultures, which are deemed to be violent, militarist, and aggressive, has been disproved.

    Maintaining the myth of Islamophobia in the face of the evidence is necessary to avoid the cognitive dissonance that follows facing up to reality.

  • John Pouyes

    This article is a joke. Wow.

    • lee

      You are absolutely correct. She publishes mostly favorable comments, mine was excluded.

  • Max Olivier

    Why the implied distinction as between a “radical Islam ” and an “Islam”. In 1941 , there were about 15,000,000, card holding Nazi party members in Germany. MOST of these people were personally non violent , never killed any one, beat anyone up , or were sadistic. So what. It’s irrelevant. Sometimes the American apostles of the “Islamaphobia” mantra will proceed to a distinction as between “radical extreme Islam” i.e. Islam perverted into badness, and “true” Islam i.e.”good”Islam . Are they qualified to make this distinction.What equips President Obama , John Kerry , news anchors , to bazoo ,to regurgitate this distinction. Do they know more about true Islam than say-Osama bin Laden , Nasrallah, Al Bagdadi , all of whom have practiced Islam from childhood, and are profound Koranic scholars who have studied the Koran and Hadriths from age ten.

  • Josephine Bacon

    A recent debate in the UK House of Lords highlighted the ridiculousness of those who claim that Muslim beliefs are “peaceful” and that there is such a thing as “Islamophobia”. A phobia is an irrational fear, there is nothing irrational about fear – or rather dislike – of women’s whole faces and even their hands being covered in black and of their random attacks resulting in the deaths of more of their fellow Muslims than of anyone else. A member of the House stated that the Koran is full of threats of murder against anyone who is not a Muslim. The response was allowed to be given by Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon who is a close ally of the dreadful Baroness Jenny Tonge who is viciously anti-semitic. I have seen him with her at meetings of various Islamists and their supporters in the committee corridor of the Palace of Westminster, he usually chairs her meetings. Of course he denied that the whole philosophy of Islam is to murder the infidels or forcibly convert them. He would, wouldn’t he?

  • viarto

    This article is truly ignorant and politically correct B.S.

    Islam as such is genocidal, antisemitic, anti-woman, imperialist, colonialist, slaving, Arab supremacist, fascist ideology.
    Yes ISLAM not some “radical Islam”, or “Fundamentalist Islam”, or “Political Islam”. No it is Islam.
    This terminology is just obfuscation of the fact, just like it would be idiotic to talk about moderate versus fundamentalist Nazism.

    Islam is defined by Muhammad, just like Nazism was defined by Hitler.
    Stop this charade and have the courage to speak truth as it is.

  • Michael Mayben

    Would any sane person who has paid any attention at all to credible news reports in America and across the world believe the pathological liars Obama and Hillary Clinton statements that Muslims aren’t disposed to terrorist. Muslims will play the peaceful game only as long as they’re not told to become active terrorist. This has been their method of operation in every nation they infiltrate. Once their population reaches a level that’s large enough for them to secretly network their terrorist organization and stockpile a large enough cache of guns, ammunition, and explosives in multiple locations within the nation where they plan to execute multiple terrorist acts at once. Until then they will lay low and show no aggression until they are ordered to attack well scouted specific targets that will result in large numbers of deaths and casualties. Obama and Hillary Clinton have everything to gain by allowing mass murders of Americans, it’s called Martial Law. It allows the President the right to become the sole decision maker on his or her actions without any consent of Congress. They basically become dictators as long as Martial Law is in effect. Based upon Obama’s Iran Deal and his push to resettle over 300,000 Middle East “Muslim Refugees” throughout America does any intelligent American really want to trust Obama with their lives and the lives of thier children, grandchildren, and the future of America? I don’t, how about you? If you pick to trust Obama you deserve to be one of the first to face a terrorist attack!

  • Uriel Priwes

    This article is right on target. It should be read by all people who believe that stereotyping any religion is unacceptable.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Thank you Ms.Dahl for exposing the lies of Obama and the truth of so-called “Islamophobia”.This word and its perverted connotations is being used by Muslims and their Far Left supporters to silence any criticism of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism and to demonise anyone who dares to link Islamic terrorism to the religion of Islam – even though these terrorist acts are committed in the name of Islam!By the way Prime Minister Valls of France has emerged as a friend of the Jews and Israel and an honest critic of Islamic terrorism – unlike President Hollande.

  • The truth about “neo-libs” is they are scared to death of offending Muslims. No matter how much “neo-libs” appease Muslims, it will not exempt them from the wrath of the Islamic State. Progressive intellectuals must realize Koranic Islam is intolerant toward everything they believe.

    • Wencel Daniel

      Excellent article. Exactly as it is. We are being deceived by our politicians and mass media saying that just a tiny percentage of Muslims are radical and great majority is exactly like all the other people. The truth is very different.

  • steven L

    The liberal mass media complicit. No different from the western world war against the Jews. See Evian conference 1938.
    The supporters of PC will commit suicide with their own sword. But first they will sell the Western world.

  • Jack Madison

    Excellent commentary. Not politically correct, but right on the mark.

  • Geoff Mizel

    The corruption of language is daily aging momentum.. George Orwell wrote 1984 decades ago but it impact on what is happening today is universal. The Left is 100% driven by their ZIDEOLOGY. It is their Religion. Their perspective is defined by the IDEOLOGY. Their narratives encompass every aspect of the IDEOLOGY and defines it. Only that which aligns with the IDEOLOGY is valued and use. Everything else is discarded, ignored or whitewashed.

    The corruption of language is daily gaining momentum.. George Orwell wrote 1984 decades ago but it impact on what is happening today is universal. The Left is 100% driven by their IDEOLOGY. It is their Religion. Their perspective is defined by the IDEOLOGY. Their narratives encompass every aspect of the IDEOLOGY and defines it. Only that which aligns with the IDEOLOGY is valued and use. Everything else is discarded, ignored or whitewashed.

    The Blind Sheik who masterminded the first World Trade Center bombing said the following about Islam and terror:

    “Why do we fear the word terrorist? If the terrorist is the person who defends his right, so we are terrorists. And if the terrorist is the one who struggles for the sake of God, then we are terrorists. We … have been ordered with terrorism because we must prepare what power we can to terrorize the enemy of Allah and your enemy. The Koran [said] “to strike terror.” Therefore, we don’t fear to be described with “terrorism.” … They may say, “He is a terrorist, he uses violence, he uses force.” Let them say that. We are ordered to prepare whatever we can of power to terrorize the enemies of Islam.”

    The question then arises, “Is the Blind Sheik an Islamophobia.?”

    Corrupt the language, give words new meaning, and/or discard words that don’t align with your thinking is Doublespeak.

    It is time for reasonable people take take back the language.

  • Excellent article. Ziva outlined the issues extremely well. This is a very important article that should be read by all especially those who do not truly have a good understanding of this topic. Kudos to the author. Hope to read more from her.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Where on earth do you get the concept of a “progressive elite”. Progressives are anti-elitists. The idea that Clinton is a progressive is ludicrous. She would only be described as anything other than “conservative” in the USA.

    Progressives are not just critical of one religion . They reject the entire religious view, and frequently regard all of it as a source of prejudice and violence – and of the social divisions that lead to conflict.

    America is so far to the Right that it sees “progressives” in what the rest of us see as far right conservatives. That is a major sickness in American politics, and why ultimately America, as it presents itself, is doomed through internal division and collapse, and its foreign policy viewed as bad-tempered lack of understanding.

    Progressives are secular. Start there in understanding the world as it really is. Progressives see Islam, Christianity, and Judaism as examples of misunderstanding the nature of mythology, and of utilising that superstitious ignorance in pursuit of personal power and territory. To the progressive there is nothing ultimately more “materialist” than institutional religion.

  • Listening to these politicians is rather like watching perpetual reruns of the Stepford Wives.

  • Rigobert

    Excellent and succint article.