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December 23, 2015 3:17 pm

UK Survey: Jews Considered Among Best-Behaved, Least Sexually Promiscuous Ethnic Groups

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Yeshiva students. Brits think Jewish men in their 20s get as much bedroom action as Chinese men in their 60s. Photo: Matanya via Wikimedia Commons.

A group of yeshiva students. British people think Jewish men in their 20s are as sexually active as Chinese men in their 60s. Photo: Matanya via Wikimedia Commons.

Members of the British public believe Jews to be among the best-behaved and least sexually active ethnic groups, according to a survey released last week in the UK, The Jewish Chronicle reported on Wednesday.

The YouGov poll presented more than 1,500 respondents with a list of nationalities and ethnicities divided by age, sex and religious affiliation and asked for their views on each group’s positive and negative traits, such as honesty, intelligence, politeness, tendency toward violence, drunkenness and drug-taking.

Results showed that Jewish men in their 20s are thought to be especially well-behaved and unlikely to be promiscuous. Respondents believed the young Jewish men to be about as sexually active as Chinese men in their 60s. Most Brits listed white people as the most likely group to have several sexual partners, while elderly Muslim women were considered the least promiscuous.

Respondents also categorized British Jews be the least violent and least likely to take drugs; the most intelligent and polite, after the Chinese; and the least likely — after Muslims — to get drunk frequently, according to Jewish News Online. Young Jewish women were believed to be the most honest and helpful.

Other findings revealed that British Jews were among the most well-liked minorities in the UK, with a score of 54.6, compared to the lowest score of 44 for “white” Britons.

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