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December 24, 2015 11:02 am

Shin Bet Claims Jewish Terror Cell Working to Overthrow Israeli Government

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A Jerusalem scene. The Shin Bet said the group's vision is "overthrowing the government of Israel through violent means." Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A Jerusalem scene. The Shin Bet said Jewish terror group it is investigating envisions “overthrowing the government of Israel through violent means.” Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency made a second rare public statement on Thursday responding at “slander” attempts they say are meant to discredit and disrupt the organization’s probe into an “anti-Zionist organization” that “believes the state of Israel has no right to exist” and is working to violently overthrow the Israeli government.

The Shin Bet, which is carrying out an investigation into “a Jewish terror cell…which is behind severe terror attacks motivated by an extremist, anti-Zionist ideology,” the group’s vision is “overthrowing the government of Israel through violent means (including the murder of Palestinians), starting a rebellion in order to crown a king, undermining relations between Israel and other countries, kicking out non-Jews and harming minorities.”

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  • מקום נשרף יושף רם

    Wait just a tick…are some of you suggesting that the fulfillment of our Prophets would “not be Jewish”? Truly our biggest threat is those people who are secular and immigrate in droves, thus changing the Jewish character of our ONLY homeland…so if we cant be TRULY Jewish in Israel, where CAN we be? Anyone who does not believe in Judaism is not Jewish.

  • dante

    the Shabak might be right. but, the credibility of the Shabak has been compromised by the persistent political bias of its upper echelon. it is not a secret that the agency has, for many years, been run by politically-motivated, morally-obtuse morons. they savor subversion of nationalists but often only lethargically move against incipient Arab violence. [yes, yes, Shabak does some excellent work.]

    if one wants an irrefutable demonstration of the foregoing, watch the film, “The Gatekeepers,” in which a number of former agency directors share their largely idiotic reflections on history, Zionism, the threat to Israel, their work, etc. one of these clowns said that, after touring Yesha, following the 6-Day War, he saw the hardship of refugee life, what it meant to be a refugee. THE MORON GREW UP IN ISRAEL AND SAW ISRAEL ABSORB MILLIONS OF REFUGEES, AND THIS MORON HAD TO LEARN ABOUT REFUGEE LIFE FROM HIS LITTLE TOUR!!! the moron saw enemies of Israel who refused normalization, whose descendants still refuse normalization: they preferred and still prefer hate and war to reconciliation and peace. but that fact was lost on the moron from Shabak.

  • Stein

    I would feel more at ease if Shin Bet responded, with at least as much seriousness, against Islamists who incite against Jews.

    It is evil to teach others to murder human life in the Name of the Divine.

    For this same reason, Islamism is evil.

    Shin Bet characterizes these ideological extremists as ‘Anti-Zionist’. At the same time, the article suggests, they want Jews to live in Jewish aboriginal Land, the Land of Yisrael, in freedom and sovereignty. They even want a Jewish state. By definition, it seems they are Zionists.

    The State of Israel can show more good will toward its Jewish residents of Judea-Samaria, to help reduce their temptation toward extremism.

    Jews have a human right to live in Jewish sacred ancestral Land. It seems counterproductive for the government to make Jewish life there difficult.

    It seems to me, the situation in Judea-Samaria would be more healthy and more peaceful, when the State of Israel encourages more Jews – in all the varieties of Jewishness – to reside there. There will be more tolerance, more respect for human life, and more well being, when the Jews of Judea-Samaria resemble more the Jews of Jerusalem, Haifa, Bet Sheva, and Tel Aviv.

    Facts on the ground help stabilize the region.

    Moreover, easier real estate development in aboriginal Jewish Land, helps ease the cost of housing and the costs of living for all citizens in the State of Israel, both Jewish and Nonjewish.

  • Emanuel

    IF they are Jewish please be very rough with them we don’t need people like that making us look bad. And I suggest interrogating them until they reveal the source of their funding because we have a pretty good idea of who would pay for such things. They belong locked up with the other enemies.

    • Peter Nathan


      These people do not have a Jewish identity. They are murderers, plain and simple. Lock them up before they hurt more people and Israel.