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December 25, 2015 2:23 pm

Israeli Buses, Trains Targeted With Paint, Rocks in East Jerusalem, West Bank Attacks

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A shattered window in the Jerusalem light rail, from a rock-throwing incident in Shuafat. Photo: Screenshot

A shattered window in the Jerusalem light rail, from a rock-throwing incident in Shuafat. Photo: Screenshot

Israeli public transportation vehicles were attacked by Arabs in east Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday, in addition to an attempted car-ramming attack near the Israeli settlement of Ofra, also in the West Bank.

According to Israeli news website 0404 news, one bus was pelted with stones on the cross-West Bank Route 60 highway, near the Karmei Tzur settlement.

A few hours later, an iconic green Egged bus was attacked also near Karmei Tzur, this time with a bottle of white paint smashed on a passenger window.

And in east Jerusalem, the light rail came under a hail of stones in the mostly Arab Shuafat neighborhood of east Jerusalem. One of the train’s windows was smashed.

No casualties were reported in any of the incidents.

In Friday’s car-ramming attack, a Palestinian woman attempted to ram her car into a Border Police patrol stationed near Ofra. Israeli security personnel at the scene were able to intercept the West Bank woman and shot her dead. No casualties were reported.

Israel has been facing months of almost daily terrorist attacks against security personnel and civilians, especially in the West Bank. Many of the terrorists have been killed on the scene of the attack, and some have been subdued and apprehended.

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  • Julie Weiner

    Israel has used terror to expel Palestinians since at least 1948. What do you expect from them?

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Break their bones before they break ours.

  • Since the world cites with the PA by condemning Israel for defending themselves why bother and apprehend the attackers as their objectives was to kill, so shoot them on the spot rather than feed them in Jail. They want to by Martyrs so help them to get to the afterlife they want.

  • VictorMc

    Police/IDF – shoot to kill. Make the terrorists CERTAIN of death.

  • zadimel

    The daily encouragement by the PA towards violent actions against the citizens of the Jewish State must stop. The instigation of such violence by the media,education, and the government do not promote peace and stability in the daily lives of its citizens and those of the Jewish State. Such antipathy by the Palestinians will only result in the removal of their independence.

    • Julie Weiner

      What independence? “Palestine” has had no right of self defense against home demolitions, water expropriation, extrajudicial executions, bombings and invasions by the IDF since 1967 and earlier. Israel has taught Palestine fear, helplessnes and terror since 1948 and earlier. Now it is teaching hopelessness.

      We reap what we sow. That’s life. With no hope that any authority can protect them, Palestinians are taking matters into their own hands and imposing on Israelis the fear and despair they are feeling – at the cost of their own lives. Want more of the same? Keep sowing despair. Want a change? Change your policy to close, via genuine negotiations, most of the settlements and negotiate geniune independence; or protect the safety, human and economic rights of all the people living in your territory. The world recognizes the right of self defense – not just for Israelis, but for Palestinians as well.

  • Mayven

    Time to narrow the noose on those who dare to behave in reckless and shameful behaviour.
    Know that there are consequences for mindless acts. Time is never on the side of deranged and bottom feed dwellers.

  • presence not pretense. oopsie

  • This saddens me so, that the present Likud government is not acting with strength and determination to stop a ll of this- i Defensive moves don’t really cut it, as we have s een. There is only one way, and it means throwing them all out of our lands. We the Jewish nation don’t occupy, we reoccupy what is rightfully ours. We don’t have to prove ourselves to anyone We have had a continued uninterrupted pretense in the land for 4000 years.

  • dante

    charge ALL the damage to the p.a. the. p.a. encourages the attacks, honors the attackers, and rewards them and/or their families. CHARGE THE p.a.! GET IT? deduct ALL the expenses of repair, of damage, of injuries from the sums remitted to the p.a.

    AND, make no payments for medical care, for rehabilitation, for disability, etc. to the attackers or their families. on the contrary, withdraw all aid from any state agency to the attackers and their families, if the families were complicit in the attacks or if they approve or celebrate the attack.

    LET THE attackers and the families that collaborate STARVE. and, if they don’t like it, let them go to sweden or norway, where they would enjoy a warm welcome; those states like the terrorists; let them live with the terrorists.